Friday's Top Ten: Archive

I've decided to link all of my Top Ten in one place. Enjoy

1. Worst Rappers
2. Best Comedians
3. Luther Vandross Special: Favorite Songs
4. Best Black Movies
5. Celebrities Who Should Go Away
6. Favorite Childhood Shows
7. Best Running Backs of All-Time
8. Best Receivers of All-Time
9. Things Found Only in the 'Hood
10. Favorite Old School Candy
11. Best Quarterbacks of All-time
12. Superheroes
13. Black Actors We Should See More Often


2 Responses to Friday's Top Ten: Archive

  1. Revka Says:
    I have a picture of Ann Coulter and the Rev. Al Sharpton standing rather close together taking a picture.
    I tried to post it on this comment, so I could get on your nerves a bit! :)
    But I am not as computer saavy as you.
    I may just have to write a post on it. I wouldn't know what to write because it is such an oxymoron. She is the oxy and he is the moron!! ha!!!
  2. James Manning Says:
    Ha, that's good one Rebe