Friday's Top Ten: Childhood TV Shows

There were so many that I loved to watch but the list here are the ones that stood out over time. Forget Dragon Ball Z or what ever it is... these are the classics that no child should go without watching at least once.

1. Spider Man:

I was always home before this show aired. It is by far one of the best cartoon series ever made. The Sand Man and the Green Gobler were my favorite vilians. I would still watch this if it came on today. Luckly, all 52 episodes are available on DVD.

2. Speed Racer

Is there anyone on the planet that don't know about the Mark V? It has to be the most famous animated car of all time. Any episode with Racer X was a can't miss. But another favorite was the Acrobat Team and the Mamonth Truck. This is out on DVD as well.

3. Batman

There were three parts to this show that made it great: 1) The Batmobile leaving the cave. 2) The fight scenes with the images plastered across the screen 3) The way in which they escaped death by some contraption that just happened to be in the utility belt. Favorite vilian: The Joker. I still remember my Batman house shoes.

4. Space Giants

This one many people will not be familiar with but it was one of my favorites. The robots would turn into rockets and save the world from Rodak.

5. Woody Woodpecker

This was an afternoon favorite. It came on between Casper and Tom & Jerry. I didn't watch Tom & Jerry at times because Space Giants came on at the same time. Didn't it seem that Jerry started most of the problem and Tom got punished for it?

6. Spectreman

It looks cheesy now but it was one of my favorite shows. It came on after Space Giants. He looks like Ultraman but Spectreman battled more monsters. We always made fun of the bad guy because his mouth would never move so his expression was seen with his hands. You have to watch it to get it but it was fun when he destroyed the bad guys and they turned to brown mush.

7. Battle of the Planets

This was my weekday morning cartoon. This show went well with a bowl of Lucky Charms. I remember making wings and a helmet and jumping off of the monkey bars. It was almost like Star Wars except a lot of times they were under water. I had a crush on the dame.

8. Fat Albert

This should be higher because I never missed this show. It came on every Saturday and I would wait to see the Brown Hornet. Rudy was my favorite character. And you could tell he was into the music by the way his head swung back and forth while he played.

9. The Thunder Cats


I was in high school when this came out and it got me right back into cartoons. You'd wait all episode for Lion-O to pull out the sword and chant, "Thunder... Thunder... Thunder Cats. Oooohhhhh!" As for any bad guy, that was their ass.

10. The Flinstones

What can I say, this is a classic. Fred was always in trouble and poor Barney would just get it in the end with him. It's basically a cartoon version of the "Honeymooners".


10 Responses to Friday's Top Ten: Childhood TV Shows

  1. MEP Says:
    I think I'm too young for some of those. I did love Woody Woodpecker and Speed Racer though.

    What about:
    1. Bravestar
    2. Jem
    3. Fraggle Rock
    4. The snorks
    5. Smurfs
    6. Punky Brewster
    7. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
    8. Ducktales
    9. Chip and Dale, Rescue Rangers
    10. Alvin and the Chipmunks
  2. jaimie Says:
    Some of these were a little before my time and I don't recognize them. I watched "Kids Incorporated" in my day. Does anyone remember that one?
  3. mealone Says:
    I am soooo glad someone finally remembered JEM. I had the Jem and the main MISFIT doll(It was all we had to work with back in the day)!

    Kids INC.was the modern day NICK! Wow. I found my niche.

    Does anyone remember "Where is the world is Carmen San Diego"

    AND when Nickelodeon had a soap opera?
  4. Anonymous Says:
    you forgot johhny socko and the giant came on before space giants. oh man I cant belive you didnt metion . ultra man
  5. Anonymous Says:
    What about Transformers or GI Joe
  6. Thawtz Says:
    damn. am i the only one who remembers the original he-man, silverhawks, and the space galaxy rangers? not to mention disney's gummi bears...bouncing here and there and everywhere?

    and speakin of kids, inc...anyone remember the great space coaster?
  7. Anonymous Says:
    what about Super Friends?
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  9. Anonymous Says:
    Where's Transformers?????
  10. Anonymous Says:
    1.Buck Rogers
    2.Battlestar Galactica
    3.Star Blazers
    6.Space Ghost
    7. Jonny Quest
    8.Speed Buggy
    9.Lost in Space
    10. The Six Million Dollar Man
    And everything that everyone mentioned