Friday's Top Ten: 10 Worst Rappers

UPDATE (FEB 2009): This post was first made back in 2005 and since then my opinion has changed quite a bit. Most notably my take on Lil Wayne. In 2005, I thought he was the worst rapper of all time but he has proven to me that he does not belong on this list. So, replacing Lil Wayne as the worst rapper is Vanilla Ice. Lloyd Banks also has been removed from this list and in his place we have Tony Yayo (this after hearing more of his music and crying like a bitch to 50). The jury is still out for Mike Jones so he will make the honorable mention roll until I have time to suffer through more evidence.

I'm going to present a new list of Top 10 every Friday. There are a lot of bad rappers out there but I purged my memory of MC's and I think most of the people I mention would fall on any rap fan's list of worst rappers. But if they didn't, I don't give a damn because to me... these cats suck to the highest of sucktivity.

Top Ten: 10 Worst Rappers of All-Time

1.(3) Vanilla Ice – Hell, everything that needs to be said has already been said about this cat.
2.(-) Tony Yayo – It's bad enough he can't rap. But not being able to rap plus not having the good sense not to kill the goose that lay the golden egg is a crime. Crying over how bad he f---ed up is what got him to number two.
3. (5) Chingy – Marketing is a hell of an art. That is the only reason Chingy sold anything. Luda hooked him up. But they say never kill the goose that lays the golden eggs. Chingy didn’t learn that and for that, he has been exposed as the wack rapper he always was. Moved up the chart after hearing one of his songs on Youtube. The more I experience him, the worse he gets.
4.(-) Marky Mark - I had completely forgotten about this rapper until I say that pile of human feces he called a Max Payne. It's an appropriate title for a movie that gave me heart burn. All this movie did was remind me of just how bad of a rapper he once was.
4.(3) Lil Romeo – Ok, pops put you on the scene but you are garbage. Maybe one day you’ll grow into a respectable rapper. But right now, you suck.
5(4). E40 – The worst the west coast has ever produced (and the west has produced a lot of bad rappers). His voice is annoying and his style is… is… hell, what style? I can’t even think of one good record that I’ve ever heard from him. When I hear one of his songs or see him on TV, I just automatically say, "nigga please" and reach to tune him out.
6. Lil John – God, I can not stand this dude. How the hell did he get a record deal. His most famous line is.. Whhhaaaat!!! I challenge someone to come up with one verse the brother has recited that made you go 'damn, that was tight'. You can't because all that comes to mind with Whhhaaaaat. And the top five rappers should be ashamed of themselves that they rank higher than this bastard. Lets face it, if you have a 'Lil' in front of your name - you suck.
7. Jermaine Dupri – I give the man props on his business skills. But he still sucks as a rapper.
8. Coolio – If it wasn’t’ for the hair and the Lakeside beat, we would have never known you.
10. Young MC – This man represents everything that went wrong when white folks started liking rap. From young MC came rap in television commercials and news anchors ending the telecast saying ‘bust the move.’ He should be number 1 except the (9) rappers before him are just too inept not be where they are. Young MC single-handly brought about the demise of rap as an urban genre. I hope you are happy with yourself.

I have to do a Honorable Mention because I just want to communicate to the following rappers that I have not overlooked the fact that as rappers, ya'll suck as well.

Honorable Mentions: (Mike Jones), Nelly, Tone Loce, DJ Quick, Luke, Mase, Lil Flip, Charlie Baltimore


68 Responses to Friday's Top Ten: 10 Worst Rappers

  1. Fresh Says:
    Coolio just needs to stop.

    And I can't stand Lil Romeo's richie rich ass either. I think I could beat him up if I tried hard enough.
  2. Anonymous Says:
    That Captain-Save-A-Hoe track from E-40 must've pushed some of your buttons. You sound like one of them types... Did you try to save a hoe and get burned :(

    Is that why you got E-40 on your list....?

    One Love.

  3. James Manning Says:
    Come on kid, you know E40 is garbage. There is nothing about the cat that says... rapper. If you think E40 is all of that, then come with some something other than insignificant innuendo... I bet you like West Side Connection too.
  4. Anonymous Says:
    You went a lil too far when you mentiond Dj Quick.. his lyrics are creative and i like him.. .everyone else you mentioned IS garbage!
  5. STYLE+GRACE Says:
    what about fat joe?? hes the worst guy ever
  6. James Manning Says:
    DJ Quick didn't make the top ten because I did like his fisrt... but Fat Joe... I'm not sold on hime but he's not top ten bad in my book.
  7. puresincerity Says:
    lloyd banks and wayne aren't the worst, they are far from the best, but not the worst. What about celly cell, marky mark? lol
  8. James Manning Says:
    Oh, I think marky mark is worthy of the list. never heard of celly cell.
  9. Anonymous Says:
    WESTCOAST HATER ALERT you cant feel the raps unless you can relate maybe you need to listen to britney spears?
  10. Anonymous Says:
    I think this list is completely accurate. I can't still lil' fuckin' John and his bitch ass crew. Lil' John, the ying yang twins and the rest of his crew don't got a straight understood sentence in any C.D combined! About time somebody said it!
  11. Genesis Says:
    if you're goin' to put rome, you have to put bow. he's older, and he doesn't even write his own lyrics. he aint even that much better.
  12. Rocky Says:
    Fuck any body who said that lil Wayne is wack nigga you wack and Lloyd Bank$ is a lyrical genius and u can understand him if you ears to hear good rap good rap when you hear it. Get at me!!! C.4. stand up.
  13. DCS Says:
    James, you had to hear me in L.A. I couldn't help but laugh out loud for a long time as I read this post. I was cryin'.

    Anyway...I'm on board with you on most of your top 10. Thank you, thank you, thank you for what you said about Chingy! And you are the man for that last sentence you wrote in the paragraph about Lil John.

    Now, James, I have to differ with you on Lloyd Banks. I do think Lloyd Banks is at his best when he collaborates with other people. But I do have a special place in my heart for this brotha. Maybe it's his presence. :-) Of course, if you talk to my daughter, she'll agree with you 100%. LOL

    I am emailing this to my kids. They will disavow any knowledge of me, but that's another story. :-)

    Excellent post and funny comments.
  14. Anonymous Says:
    Banks Wack? lol Wayne Wack? wtf is u listenin 2 then? What about M.O.P, Mase, Puffy, Juelz Santana, Cam Ron, and Jim Jones? I like Dipset beats and there old flows but now those motherfuckas is trash. Cam said "i keep heat, cuz in these streets, u hear woo woo whaa whaa Beep Beep" thats not rap its comedy.
  15. James Manning Says:
    Nah, I listen to Common, Mos Def, Jay Z, Beanie... Cam'ron is cool at times but he slips more than he strides. I'm just not feeling a lot of stuff that is coming out right now.
  16. blackcaesar Says:
    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
  17. blackcaesar Says:
    i wish that you would have replaced dj quik with anyone dipset related. dj quik's music is edgy creative, and contains relative social commentary, which is what i wished gangsta rap would have evolved to. i envourage you to obtain a copy of dj quik's last offering, trauma and judge for yourself
  18. james manning Says:

    I havne't listened to DJ Quick since the early '90's. I didn't even know he was still making music. I will check him out.

    And you are correct. Dipset does belong on the list because outside of Cam'ron, they are garbage.
  19. nosthegametoo Says:
    MC-ing is an unbelievable performance art. I used to go to Hip-Hop shows with my friends when I was younger. And you hit the nail on the head with all of these clowns.

    Personally, I don't even listen to the radio or watch videos anymore. I'd like to believe there's a new young kid out there, who is on the horizon, with serious skills; someone who won't drop a weak album with 2-3 guest on every track. True MCs hold down ALBUMS alone, not just tracks.

    When was the last time an MC came out without 5-7 people around him begging us to buy his weak album?

    Damn, I miss the art of Hip-Hop.
  20. nia Says:
    FIRST OFF you gotta get off the K_I_D Lil Wayne! Talk about goin hard look at some of the verses he spit
    Fireman Vs. 3

    Ridin' by myself well really not really
    So heavy in the trunk make the car pop-a-wheelie
    Who? Weezy Baby or call me Young Baby
    My money 360, you only 180
    Half of the game too lazy
    Still sleepin' on me but I'm bout to wake em
    Yep! I'm bout to take em to New Orleans and bake em
    Yeah it's hot down here take a walk with Satan yeah
    Come on mama let The Carter make ya
    Toss ya like a fruit salad strawberry crape ya
    They ball when they can and I'm ballin' by nature
    Addicted to the game like Jordan and Peyton
    Yall in a race and me I'm at the finish line
    They running foot too long it's time to gimme mine
    Straight down ya chimney in ya living room is I
    Weezy allergic to wintertime

    Now come on dude give tha kid his props!

    As for lil Jon:
    Dick suck my dick suck
    Shawty want you to put it on me
    Rough sex, fuck fest
    Let me put ya to test
    Up & down in and out
    Put that dick back in yo mouth
    You take the cream I'mma make you cream
    You dick fiend I'mma pussy fiend
    Role play, fantasy, Hennessy, ecstacy
    Hard fast not slow after this they ain't gon want no mo'
    Lay you down, pick you up, speed it up you wit me boy
    Doggy style buck wild I'll leave yo ass screaming aahh!

    now please find someone else to add to yo list
  21. nia Says:
  22. Lisa Gilliam Says:
    I stopped listening to hip hop in the mid to late 90's.That is when we started getting a bad influx of wack mc's and you know what I mean by wack.I would like to add everybody who was connected to Master P's "No Limit Posse"Kanye West(dumb dumb)and especially 50 cent.
  23. Anonymous Says:
    How is lloyd Banks a wack rapper hes the best out of G-unit his lyrics are dope as fuck e.g you gotta respect ours we got more 4,5's and 9's than a deack of cards! Mayne fuck nigga watchu tlkin homey!
  24. James Manning Says:
    Dude, Banks may be the best in G Unit but that says more about the wackness of G Unit then it does about his skills. He is bunk
  25. Domite Says:
    You forgot Lil Flip' The supposed freestyle king...Lil Kim too...Lil Weebie.

    Anyone who raps about Material shit Period is Wack. What were they talking about before they got famous?

    So basically your Lil prefix goes without saying.
  26. James Manning Says:
    Exactly, Domite. No one has provided any evidence proving my theory otherwise.
  27. Scooter Says:
    I agree with your east coast bias as I rarely listen any rappers not from NYC.

    But I have to disagree with your addition of Vanilla Ice on this list. To even label him a rapper is an insult.

    Scooter McGavin's 9th Green
  28. Anonymous Says:
    yall can get up off my nigga lil wayne he is the truth. but all them other rappers or so called rappers they suck true that but my niggaz lil wayne young jezzy webbie and bosie they the truth and bow wow lame ass he fine but the dude CANT rap at all.
  29. Anonymous Says:
    yall better take LIL wayne off yall tripping. that's the proplem get it right!!!!!!!!!!
  30. Anonymous Says:
  31. maya Says:
    Dj Quick should not be on that list anybody who listens to his music should no he a legend of great rappers
  32. Poetic Diva Says:
    Well personally I think you are hating.Don't hate on the black brotha, encourage them. Don't tear them down with your critism. You don't have to like em' but please respect all of them. (And i'm black as black can get.)

    from the Poetic Diva
    Sassy. Sexy. Smart. Seductive.
  33. Anonymous Says:
    Anyone listen to Coldplay?
  34. Anonymous Says:
    YOU NO WHAT!! I DONT THINK U EVEN NO WHAT MUSIK SI.. SO IF U WERE U ID SHUT THE FUCK UP! R U THE ONE WHO IS MAKING MILLIONS OF DOLLARS A DAY! NO ITS LIL WAYNE.. and incase u didnt no u prob have no life makin this site so just get a life becuase lil wayne is better then you at anything... && dont try to say thats not true because if it was true ud be the one makin millions but your not ur on ur computer at home making a gay little site to bash the best rapers alive!! so fuck you because lil wayne is da man and he have billions of fans who agree so go fuck off you basterd!
  35. Anonymous Says:
  36. Anonymous Says:
  37. Anonymous Says:
    I do disagree with a lot of those, lloyd banks was a very good rapper before he started mumbling, and lil wayne is def not one of the worst, nor is dj quik, however i think ur list is missin d4l, dem franchise boys, and possibly young jeezy and kanye
  38. Anonymous Says:
    LIL WAYNE?!?! Come on now? Are you serious? He's gotta be one of the best cats in the game right now! I mean, seriously, name 3 rappers out right now better than Lil Wayne... can't do it can you? Nope. Have you heard his freestyles on the mixtapes? He's SICK!
  39. Anonymous Says:
    the maker of this list is a complete dumbass
  40. Anonymous Says:
    Oh y'all can just get off Lil Weezy baby and stop hatin'
  41. Bushwack Says:
    Hey James, I have got to disagree with your honorable mention. How can you put Nelly on it?
    Original and funny not to mention some real hotties on the videos.
    Just a white guy over 40's opinion.

    Vanilla Ice? Cmon man, Ice Ice Baby you kow you liked it when it dropped.
  42. Anonymous Says:
    i dont know what is wrong with you because there rapping and your not are you "jelous" or something. or are you just hattin.?
  43. Anonymous Says:
    Please do not forget Lil Webbie

    "Tell me what you know about me
    W.E.B.B.I.E A.K.A trill E.N.T
    young S.A.V.A.G.E nigga
    In the streets that where I be thats where im at cuz
    Thats where I was way before the fuckin' rap cuz
    Tryin' loud cap get yo ass capped cuz
    Or in the muthafuckin' trunk behind the speakaz
    I pack gatz like them old school beepaz Bitch you got that work but you workin' them people
    Talkin' shit like a hoe about me huh
    So like a man i'ma murk you when i see ya
    Catch yo bitch on that cell phone shoot up her nokia
    You ain' stupid you got ears bitch you know i'm for
    Get that chainsaw and let you feel that pain that I feel
    Slice yo ass all the way down from yo brain to yo ear"

    Now tell me this is not weak!

    And this has nothing to do with rappers or anything but what the hell is going on with India Arie's Ahir. what is the purpose of that curl in the front. She look stupid.
  44. DIRTYJERZ Says:
    little wheezy for sure is one if not the wackest rapper i have ever heard but let's not forget e-40 that dude is horrible . who the hell understands all that san fransico shit he be talkin? there are a few that i din't see up there too like -BABY,ANYBODY FROM THE SOUTH THESE DAYS,WEBBIE,AND ANBODY WITH THE NAME YOUNG. THEY ARE ONE HIT WONDERS AND WHEN IT 'S ALL SAID AND DONE WE'LL SEE "WHAT'S GOIN DOWN" IS THEIR CARREERS
  45. Anonymous Says:
    You are hilarious, refreshing and on the money! What's really funny is the people who are commenting and can't spell. While you are sucking lil wayne's ass you need to write that mofo and ask him to send your ass some hooked on phonics you illiterate fools. As for the negative comments about the guy who wrote the list it's called an opinion you jackasses. Now put the blunts down, wipe that cat butter out the corner of your eyes and start reading.
  46. boo Says:
    i think that ll cool j is a good singer and hoes be hatin bacause he has a body and hes good looking. and i like remy ma she a good as rapper and lil kim
  47. Anonymous Says:
    What happened to them days when you listen to good rap and you proud to be black, and you wanna get up and go.Most rappers these days are whack whack whack.I still think lil wayne is alright n should be given some respect for his work.We need to step up da game.
  48. lyric reyale Says:
    This person who posted this top ten list is a clown, plain and simple.
    Let me break it down to all yall that don't know...I analyze music! If you even sit down and listen to LIL' WAYNE'S lyrics you wouldn't put him on the top ten "worst" don't get it twisted he isn't the best but far from the worst...listen to music don't hear we have LIL' ROMEO...he's a kid...he doesn't even count yet but more than likely he'll have a few good songs like his father MASTER P and go behind the scenes producing of some sort. Now VANILLA next we have E40...there is a saying "people are scared of what they don't understand" you just don't understand his flava, he's no "ill mc" but he's a damn good entertainer and if you "listen" to his lyrics he'll have you laughing and might inspire you in a few of his songs, i personally like the song "Happy To Be Here" off his latest album...check it out...Next is CHINGY, bad name first off, but i gave him a chance, bought his first was ok...second album was less than ok and the third well they say "third times a charm" well with me that's the "third" strike and he's out! LIL' JOHN...WHAT? he isn't trying to be an "ill mc" he is just trying to entertain, get you crunk which i feel he does bottom DUPRI..that lucky guy is doing JANET...what is the world coming to?..but him and your boy DIDDY fall under the same umbrella....terrible, so i agree with that are you wasting your time dissing him? You should make a new list of current "10 worst rappers" cause no one cares about is a quote "he's ok but he's not real"...but top ten MC...well on the fact that i like to analyze before i speak about something, i'm gonna pass because i really don't know much about the guy...for real you need to sit down and do a little more analyzing and come up with another i'll help you with a few that i'm surprised you left out...
    chicken noodle soup?? are you serious..if that gets air play i'm coming out with "new england clam chowder" as the beef record to chicken noodle soup...who drinks soda with soup? most people i know when they are eating soup they are sick and either have orange juice, hot tea or thera-flu on the side.
    he's trying too hard to be black it's sickening...marshall mathers is and will be the only creditable white rapper period, yeah he fascinates about being black but he doesn't try as hard as most.
    3. JIBBS
    know i will admit, i don't know much about him but his first single didn't help, i mean how many more songs can you make about your bling?..talkin bout his chain hangs low...well, hood mentality just means that makes it easier for me to snatch it off your neck when you come around...i sure hope he steps his game up with the next single..
    4. LIL' FIZZ
    his fizz wasn't even fizzin' when B2K were still a group, his first single gave me nothing, but he's young so i hope the young brotha gets some knowledge from someone and steps his game up...
    Now that was four to consider, i'm not gonna say they would be on my top ten "worst rappers" but they would be considered....there are many more out there but that is all i could think of at this point and can holla back at me at anytime to discuss whatever, hit me at or hit me on myspace...lyric reyale is the name and analyzing lyrics and writing r&b lyrics is my game. Peace!
    p.s. you must know how to understand and recognize the difference between a "mc", a "entertainer" and a "b.s. artist".
  49. Anonymous Says:
    I think its funny how you criticize all these rappers but yet all you do is make top ten lists on the internet while alot of them have been on the Top 10 List on Billboard....Who are you too judge them? I'll tell you who you are...A nobody...Lets hear some of your skills? At least their doing something with their lives other than pety Internet Top 10 lists...
  50. Anonymous Says:
    y in the world would lil wayne be at the top.....hes one of the best rappers of all timw
  51. Anonymous Says:
    where is young jeezy amongst this? Hes came out with 2 albums and already formed a habit of repetitive rhymes, fake style and uncalled for beefing and calling names.(like the incident "Who is nas to say hip-hop is dead) shit.) nas is a king of hip-hop jeezy is a want to be pac.
  52. Anonymous Says:
    "Anonymous said...
    I think its funny how you criticize all these rappers but yet all you do is make top ten lists on the internet while alot of them have been on the Top 10 List on Billboard...."

    We all know that some of the WORST songs ever made have appeared on BILLBOARD charts; simply not enought to spell T-A-L-E-N-T !!!

    "Who are you too judge them? I'll tell you who you are...A nobody..."

    Now look who's judging!!!

    "Lets hear some of your skills?"

    The debate is NOT about his/her is the opinion of one individual.

    Now WHO needs to do something with their life???
  53. Anonymous Says:
    e-40 sucks but dont diss the west when the east puts out rappers like loyd and mase. shout out to brotha lynch and the sgv. dj quiks cool too
  54. Anonymous Says:
    Young Jeezy. Anybody with young in front of their name.
  55. Anonymous Says:
    Also anybody with yung in front of their name.
    Yung Joc, Yung Berg
  56. Anonymous Says:
    I like Young MC and Vanilla Ice, because it brings back the variety in Rap, not like today rappers. I'm old school all the way. At least my parents could listen to some of the rap back in my day.
  57. Anonymous Says:
    soulja boy #1 on that list no doubt!
  58. Anonymous Says:
    E-40 says the most amazing shit if you stop being lame and just listen to the man. He is one of the best rappers alive.
  59. Anonymous Says:
    E-40 says the most amazing shit if you stop being lame and just listen to the man. He is one of the best rappers alive.
  60. Anonymous Says:
    Lil Sci is good. If you like mos def and common you should check him out. And his name is the only one i could think of to break the "Lil" theory.
  61. Anonymous Says:
    50 cent needs to b on dis list n nick cannon and jay z....lil wayne dont belong on dis list!!!!
  62. Prolifik-Don Says:
    fyn the list is funny find something to do playa
  63. Deb S. Says:
    I remember your original post quite well and what you said about Lil Wayne. :-) What a difference a few years makes when it comes to this hip-hop artist.
  64. Hachiman Says:
    Anyone who throws up today's just ignorant of the artform. Wayne is the worst rapper alive. Why? Not only does he NOT write him own rhymes, but he stills whole verses from R & B pop singers (Aliyah), and the rhymes that he does write..are simple and lousy. Saying "yeah" 3 or 4 times in a line ain't rhyming. Until real rap comes back, I'll keep pulling out my dusty-ass c.d.s
  65. Anonymous Says:
    Lil Wayne is a wack rapper! He is successful though I couldn't tell you why. He is better than Drake so perhaps by comparison he is the most listenable on the airwaves right now. Entertaining/creative lyrics with terrible delivery outside of being a guest appearance.
  66. Anonymous Says:
    If somebody wants to make a list let him make a list. He's not a "Hater" because he has different opinions then you.

    P.S. E40 is the fucking man, west coast hits. Just look up Sideways and This Shit Pound. His lyrics aren't profound but there pretty dam cool. Same reason niggas like Snoop Dogg.

    P.P.S. Wayne is a piece of shit, he used to be good but the whole fucking Young Money group sucks more dick than a hooker in a gang bang.

    P.P.P.S. Some on this list aren't bad enough to be here and I actually wouldn't even put Wayne here because he is better than most right now, the only problem is rap has turned into a disgusting conglomerate of shit. Somebody tell me what happened to rappers like Nas, Tupac, Biggie, Jay Z, Immortal Technique, Busta Rhymes, The Game, Ice Cube, Dr. Dre, Wu Tang Clan, Mobb Deep, Big Pun, Big L, Eminem, DMX, Luniz, Geto Boys, Jadakiss, Big Daddy Kane, Gang Starr, Snoop Dogg and Ghostface Killah. I guess Nas was right when he said Hip Hop was dead.
  67. Same guy as above Says:
    O Im the same guy who made the last comment and what is the point of defending these rappers as if they were your best friends, they don't give a fuck about you or me and we are all just a bunch of losers who don't have a life you looked at this list, decided that they needed to comment and it made us happier as we got into a fight over text because then we wouldn't have to show our faces because we all love making asshole remarks on the internet. The only difference between me and many of these people is that i posted at 2 in the morning when there is nothing to do, while many of you posted in the daytime when you could be having lives. Shameful lmao
  68. Anonymous Says:
    Your lists sucks. Coolio,young mc,tone loc,and dj quik aren't garbage.
    Ten west actually has some good rappers lie ice cube eazy e,etc.
    I bet you're just soon lil wayen/soulja boy faggot