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Here is the lastest that I read on AllHipHop.com

According to unverified sources, Rihanna and Chris Brown broke up two weeks ago. Rihanna didn't want to break up with Chris, but he was reportedly done with her. Management forced him to act "lovey" for the Clive Davis' pre-Grammy party. He didn't want to. Rihanna's publicist, in confidence, asked him to the same. He agreed. They attended the Clive Davis party together. Management allegedly asked for Chris to drive with Rihanna in his car after the event was over for paparazzi pictures.

According to my sources, Rihanna started acting like they were in a relationship still, not realizing that it was indeed completely over. Chris told her he wasn't really with her, it was for publicity and that she needed to get it through her head that it was over. Adding insult to injury - like my previous source said - Chris picked up a girl he had a date with that night WHILE Rihanna was in the car. So, the girl was in the car like a third WHEEL.

It would appear that Chris has completely moved on from Rihanna from this new girl. My source tells me that Chris was actually acting very childish for doing his in front of Rihanna. Suddenly, Rihanna snapped and that's the situation got crazy, my sources say. Rihanna allegedly punched Chris in the face while she was screaming, and then he hit started hitting her back. Noticing there was blood, somebody called 911 and my sources say "the girl" is the one that made that call.

Here is my take. As I posted yesterday, Chris Brown has seen domestic violence in his personal life. Understand, when you are continually exposed to something as a child, it becomes a part of you. It may manifest in different ways, positive or negative, but that experience becomes a part of your DNA. So, if the story is true and Rhianna started dropping handles on CB, his reaction may not be the same as a dude who grew up in a home where he didn't see his old man going upside his moms head.

So when Rhianna started landing haymakers, instead of putting her in a chokehold, as I am apt to do - he starts treating the sister like a punching bag. And you know it's bad when the new chick calls the police. This is all conjecture on my part because we don't really know what happens. But... as it stands now, CB has some problems but at the same time, trying to get a pissed off Caribbean chick off you is a daunting task and a karate chop to the back of the throat may be you only recourse. And as Chris Rock said, Not that condone it... but I understand.

Here are some additional links and it doesn't look good for CB at all:

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  1. Deb S. Says:
    Interesting. If this is, indeed, the sequence of events, then it all makes sense. I hate to hear about stuff like this, but life goes on. The media, which has been all over this story, should back off. Thanks for sharing the info.