Friday's Top Ten: Greatest NFL Wide Receivers

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By the way... know matter what you guys say, I'm still not putting Lynn Swan on the list.


56 Responses to Friday's Top Ten: Greatest NFL Wide Receivers

  1. Anonymous Says:
    what about len swann
  2. James Manning Says:
    Lynn Swann is my all time favorite receiver but his stats don't add up to the guys on this list. If I based it on my heart, Lenn Swann would be number 1
  3. woodrow241 Says:
    Lynn Swann's stats are even small compared to his teammate John Stallworth. He was an exciting athlete but not among the greatest receivers to ever play the game.
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  5. Anonymous Says:
    How about Don Hutson the best ever just look at the numbers.
  6. Anonymous Says:
    i was born and grew up in michigan, and i half to say herman moore, in of the first of the new tall reciverss. 6'4" 6'5", not the fastest, but good route runner, could out jump any db in the league, i think he and even barry sanders don't gets props cause they played for theyt played for the lions, just saying lions breakes my heart. in 95 moore had 123 reps breaking jerry rices mark, randy moss broke it years later. i think of moore an moss as simalar players, moore with much less speed, also moore is not a jerk like moss
  7. Anonymous Says:
    Where is Lynn Swann and John Stallworth
  8. Anonymous Says:
    jerry rice had a short little stint with the seahawks
  9. Anonymous Says:
    jerry rice had a short little stint with the seahawks
  10. Anonymous Says:
  11. Anonymous Says:
  12. Anonymous Says:
    Paul Warfield how could you leave out Paul
  13. Anonymous Says:
    andre reed
  14. Anonymous Says:
    Where is Lynn Swann!!!!!!!!
    He took ballet to be the best and was the best. I saw T.O. lol. And if Randy Moss Doesn't retire soon get him off of there,
    JD Eddy
  15. Anonymous Says:
    Harold Carmichael belongs on this list somewhere...once held a long time title for most receptions in consecutive games & 4x probowl...
  16. richard b. Says:
    chad johnson, and reggie wayne should be on the list.
  17. Anonymous Says:
    chad johnson made it to the probowl every year, and is the best widereciver in the afc.
  18. richard b. Says:
    actualy chad johnson is the best in the nfl.
  19. Anonymous Says:
    Santana moss should be up there!!!!!! T.O sucks and so do Randy they use to be good but not great and randy moss wasnt better than art monk
  20. joe montana Says:
    hey you are a figgen retard Tim Brown should be number 2 and number 3 should be shannon sharpe
  21. joe montana Says:
    hey you figgen retard tim brown should be number 2
  22. joe montana Says:
    hey i think ur a dumbass
  23. joe montana Says:
    randy moss is nothin but an asshole your a retard and your rankings suck you dont know anything about the nfl and its players your a idiot
  24. Anonymous Says:
    u have no clue what ur talking about. neither randy moss or terell owens deserve to be in there. im questioning marvin harrison, but especially TO, leading the league in dropped passes isnt a good thing to have on ur resume and his attitude sucks too. same with randy moss. he would be better with a better quarterback, but he still definitely doesnt deserve to be in the top 10, let alone 2nd
  25. Anonymous Says:
    Steve Smith should be in there soon
  26. Anonymous Says:
    randy moss is the best in the nfl and always will b asswhips yall r all ay bitches randy moss can catch anthing that is thrown his way and can out jump any one in the nfl and dont get me started on his speed he is the fstest in the nfl

    so shut the fuck up all of you guys
  27. Anonymous Says:
    Chad Johnson is one of the best wideouts in the NFL today. If not the very best.

    Carson Palmer to Chad Johnson will be better than Manning to Harrison in years to come.
  28. Anonymous Says:
    michael irvin should be higher
  29. tom h. Says:
    Here's my top five of all time (must be retired): 1)Jerry Rice (the best, bar none); 2)Steve Largent (great hands, was smart, and a great blocker); 3)Don Maynard (Namath's receiver, was dynamite); 4)Charlie Joiner (alot of people forget about him, check out his stats); 5)James Lofton (great receiver). Honorable mentions: 1)Art Monk (was very good for years); 2)Paul Warfield (had 20 y/r and alot of tds for years played); 3)Mike Quick (probably would have been one of the elite had he been able to play longer).
  30. Anonymous Says:
    Randy and TO shouldnt be in there and either don hutson, lance alworth, paul warfield and andre reed, should be in there. but other than that not a bad list except some of the orders should be switched around.
  31. Anonymous Says:
    I can't believe none of you said sterling Sharp. If not for his neck injury his numbers would match Jerry Rice and chris carter by far had the best hands in history was a great blocker.
  32. Anonymous Says:
    ok we all know t.o. is at least top 5 and wheres lynn swan
  33. Anonymous Says:
    Jerry Rice
    Lynn Swann
    Randy Moss
    Art Monk
    Marvin Harrison
    Chris Carter
    Micheal Irving
    Terrell Owens
    James Lofton
    Tim Brown

    Honorable Mention: Chad Johnson, John Stallworth, and Steve Largent

    Lynn Swann is 2 because he was more athletically capable than any other receiver ever. He played with another great receiver and a great receiving running back.
    Moss and Owens have earned there spots here. Moss can catch anything, outrun almost anything, and jump higher than anyone in the league's history. Owens is bar none the most physical receiver ever. END OF STORY!!
  34. Anonymous Says:
    Are you watching this year? Randy Moss is clearly a super athlete and the best wide-out still. Think what you want about him a a guy. You can't deny he's simple the most feared, dominant receiver ever. I'm a Jerry Rice fan, i grew up in bay area during the 80's. Randy Moss deserves #2 spot, & I hate this next line I say. One day we'll look back, & Randy Moss will be the best ever. But it's like choosing between Coke & Pepsi between Rice & Moss. I take Coke.
  35. PeteSake Says:
    some of you guys are morons...
    rice was the best, moss is great, chad johnson shouldnt even be in this conversation at this point. he 's like the 5th best playing now...moss, owens, smith, harrison and then johnson. there have benn a ton of very good receivers but this list is the best ever.
  36. Anonymous Says:
    Torry Holt and Issac Bruce should be on the list!
  37. Michael Smith Says:
    some of you people are absolute morons.Randy Moss clearly deserves to be on that list,people need to stop stereotyping him as a hypocritical ass hole,the guy is the most tallented player ive ever seen,and had it not been for oakland he would have(by the end of his career)surpassed a lot of rices records.

    my top 10 list is as followed.


    those are not in any order but there are so many everyones is going to be different,i mean you have the andre reeds jimmy smiths people like T.O. of today i mean there are just so so many its hard to just name a top 10 in any order.
  38. michael smith Says:
    i dont know what i was thinking,isac bruce and tory holt do deserve to be mentiond also,holt is as consistent a WR we have ever seen in this league.
  39. Anonymous Says:
    In my opinion, Here is my top 10:
    1.Jerry Rice
    2.Lynn Swann
    3.Art Monk
    4.Chris Carter
    5.Tim Brown
    6.Chad Johnson
    7.Randy Moss
    8.Terrell Owens
    9.Marvin Harrison
    10.Torry Holt
  40. AeroKiller Says:
    This list is completely idiotic. It's missing some of the greatest receivers in history. My list:

    1.) Jerry Rice
    2.) Don Hutson
    3.) Raymond Berry
    4.) Lance Alworth
    5.) John Stallworth
    6.) Steve Largent
    7.) Lynn Swann
    8.) Cris Carter
    9.) Tim Brown
    10.) James Lofton
  41. Anonymous Says:
    ok heres the deal.. the eras that these guys all played in were completely different. it is impossible to compare rice to monk to carter to moss to swann.. all of these guys had their own unbelievable talents and also had different quarterbacks. look who rice had throwin him the ball every year, and then look at who moss had in oakland.. as far as athleticism and talent, moss is the best. as far as stats, it has to be rice, even tho moss will pass him up some time in the future
  42. Anonymous Says:
    DON HUDSON. Any list of greatest nfl receivers without Don Hudson in the top 5, is a bs list.
  43. Anonymous Says:
    In my opinion youre all morons. All-Pro selections tell whos the best of the best. The top 5 are Rice(10), Marvin Harrison(8), Steve Largent(6), Terrell Owens(5), and Randy Moss(4). But thats for recievers who recieved All-Pro selections past 1970. Which is only what I researched in a seperate project Im doing. If you all wanna do your own research, go here:
  44. Anonymous Says:
    Whenever I read a list like this, it's obvious the person doing the writing is very young. When people mention stats, it also shows they are clueless about the game of football. Most NFL offensive lineman today would not be able to make a NFL team in the 60s & 70s. Prior to 1978, it was only ten times more difficult for a receiver to catch a pass, offensive lineman were not allowed to use their hands. The way NFL linemen pass block today, every passing play would result in a offensive holding call if you were playing by pre-1978 rules. The defensive backs could agressively bump the receivers until the ball was in the air. As for stats...the NFL played 12 game seasons, then increased the schedule to 14 games. I'm not old enough to have seen Don Hutson play, but based on what historians say he was fantastic. As for the players I have seen play. Alworth, Warfield, Biletnikoff, Charley Taylor are all better than Owens. Rice, Largent, Swann, Stallworth again all better than Owens. By the way his name is Michael Irvin, not Michael Irving. Sure Moss is great and so is Harrison and when their careers are over you will be able to make arguments that these guys belong in the top ten. Aero-killer mentioned Raymond Berry, he was fantastic as well. Just wait and see young men, when you are as old as I am you will hear some punk kid say "so and so is the best receiver ever" and you will know he is wrong and that Jerry Rice was way better. But of course the kid will think he is right even though he never saw Jerry Rice play. I've been covering the NFL since 1961. The best I've seen...

    Jerry Rice
    Lance Alworth
    Raymond Berry
    Paul Warfield
    Steve Largent
    Lynn Swann
    Randy Moss
    Fred Biletnikoff
    Don Maynard
    James Lofton

    When it comes to stats also remember not only is it way easier to for receivers to get open and for offensive linemen to block, but most NFL teams of today pass far more frequently than teams of the 1960s and 1970s.
  45. Anonymous Says:
    You made a typo. It's not Michael Irving, it's Michael Irvin. Irving, Texas is where Texas Stadium is.
  46. simplyth3best Says:
    steve smith should be on the list who is with me
  47. Anonymous Says:
    Lynn Swann must be in the Top 10 of all time. Sure, acheivement (statistics) is a part of defining greatness, but the most important contribution to greatness is superior talent and performance in pressure situations. Like Gayle Sayers who also had lower achievement numbers than others at his position, Lynn Swann demonstrated such superior talent and performance in big time games, he must be in the Top 10.
  48. Anonymous Says:
    Yeah,30 years after he played, Swann's catches are still shown on NFL broadcasts. 50 years from now they will still be showing his highlights. Other than Jerry Rice, none of the other on this list has as many memorable plays as Swann. This is the list of the "Greatest", not the "Best Stats". Arguing that Largent or Owens are better than Swann based on statistics, is like saying Jerome Bettis is greater than Gale Sayers or Eric Dickerson because he has better statistics. Or Curtis Martin was greater than Marcus Allen due to lifetime statistics. Greatness is about performance not statistics. Swann is a Top 5 Great.
  49. Anonymous Says:
    larry fitzgerald will be up there someday
  50. Anonymous Says:
    yaw are strait stupid randy moss is the best wide out that has ever played
  51. Anonymous Says:
    here is my order
    randy moss
    jerry rice
    Larry fitzgerrald
    cris carter
    shanon sharpe
    steve smith
    chad johnson
    reggie wayne
    marvin harrison
  52. Anonymous Says:
    Jerry Rice is by far the best wide receiver to ever play the game. Randy Moss will never pass any of his records! Randy Moss is a punk who deserves all the crap he catches! I agree that today's game is nothing but flag that all they do is throw flags all game if a DB looks at a WR was a much tougher game even as recent as the 80's. All the young know it all fans need to get over Chad Johnson, Randy Moss, and all of the decent receivers of today's era
  53. wildfirex15 Says:
    Jerry Rice is # 1 and all others have to be compared to him.
    some will say he had two pro bowl
    hall of fame quarterbacks throwing to him, well that is true but he made the catches. if Montana and
    Young had been throwing to Braylon Edwards they might not be in the hall of fame. Rice is also a good blocker and he rushed for more yards than Red Grange did. Now having said that and having watched Jerry throughout his carreer I think T.O., Randy Moss,
    Marvin Harrison, Steve Smith,
    Larry Fitzgerald and others are great receivers and some have time
    to make a run at Rice, but Jerry
    is # 1.
  54. Anonymous Says:
    Hasn't anyone heard of my Home Boy Mel Gray? Last I checked his 18,000 yards puts him around number 10. Greatest 10 of current players or all time? Check the stats.
  55. Anonymous Says:
    Oops. Bad info about Mel Gray. He was unbelievable in high school.
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