The Black Blog Awards

This is very interesting thing and I'm glad that someone is doing it. The Black Blog Awards have several categories. These are the people that I nominated:

Best Political/News Blog: Independent Thought, La Shawn Barber & Cynthia's Interest
Best Entertainment Blog: Crunk & Disorderly
Best Humor Blog: Crunk & Disorderly, Nappy Diatribe, Listen to Leon
Best Writing Blog: Cynthia's Interest
Bloger of Year: Dell Gines (Independent Thought)

You can cast your vote here: BLACK BLOG AWARDS

Blogger of the Year
They blog, they comment, they trackback, they design, they meme...they do it all.

Blog of the Year
High readership? Great content? A killer design? Show us who you think has the best blog of the year!

Best New Blog
The winner of this award is for any Black blog established in 2005.
Best Humor Blog
The winner of this award is for a blog that keeps you in stitches post after post.

Best Entertainment Blog
The winner of this award is for a blog that provides great music, entertainment news, movie information, or theatre insights.

Best Photoblog
Cheese! The winner of this award is for a blog that either writes about photography or provides us with great pictures on their blog.

Best Blog Design
No pre-made templates here, folks. The winner of this award has a great design, knows their way around HTML, and isn't scared to experiment.

Best Writing in a Blog
The winner of this award has a way with the English language that is worthy of recognition, whether it's professional journalism or a personal blog.

Best LGBT Blog
The winner of this award is for a blog or blogger in the lesbian/gay/bisexual/transgender community.

Best Political/News Blog
The winner of this award reports on current events, politics or any newsworthy topics on their blog.

Black Blogger Achievement Award
For the Black blogger who's been blogging since at least January 1, 2002.


5 Responses to The Black Blog Awards

  1. The Humanity Critic Says:
    Thanks for the nod, it is greatly appreciated..
  2. Ryan Says:
    As we have a new website for the blackblogz webring, could you please change the homepage from,m=latest


    Thankin' u kindly!
  3. Cynthia Says:
    James, thanks for the shout out. Tonight I will vote too.
  4. Dell Gines Says:
    Thanks man.

    Who do you have in the superbowl this year?

    I have Eagles & Colts
  5. James Manning Says:
    Eagles and Colts? If the Colts defense steps up this year they will go. I haven't decided but I will have a break down before the season starts. The Eagles are going and I'm actually rooting for the Steelers... but I'd love to see the Colts go.