Friday's Top Ten: Celebrities Who Should Go Away

You've seen them. I've seen them. And now I'm ready for them to go somewhere and sit down. I'm amazed that some have been around for as long as they have. I'm putting this list up today because I am leaving for Philadelphia this afternoon. I'll holla at ya'll on Monday.

1. Owen Wilson – Has this man ever made a good movie. In case you don’t know this actor: I Spy, Shanghai Knights, Starsky & Hutch and the upcoming Wedding Crashers. Everything about this man annoys me. His look, his non-acting skills, his comedic timing. I’m too good of a man to pray to have the Lord smite him… but casting him to the world of “straight to DVD” would be nice.
2. Clay Aiken – Enough of this dude already. Isn’t there an extended running of Hello Dolly or West Side Story where he can get a role and leave us alone? American Idol my foot. Go open for the Pirates of Penzance and take Kelly with you.
3. Lil Jon – You’re still here?
4. G-Unit – Where would they be if not for 50 Cent. Oh, I know… not on my radio.
5. Marques Houston – It’s like the night of the living dead with this guy. Every time I think his career is dead, he reappears on my television screen to torture me with his mediocrity.
6. Omarion – I’ve been annoyed by this guy for so long. It must be something in the family genes that rub me the wrong way. On second thought, maybe it’s lack of talent that makes me not want them around. That could be it.
7. Katie Holmes – Ok, you got Tom to make an ass of himself on Oprah for you. You got some pub and you were in a $100 million movie. Now leave.
8. Paris Hilton – So all it takes is coming for a billionaire family and a mediocre sex tape and presto, you’re a star.
9. Ying Yang Twins – The Whisper song irked me. I don’t like it. I don’t like them. They can’t rap. Go away.
10. Lindsay Lohan – I don’t know what happened because you started off so well. I’m going to go easy on you and say it’s a maturity thing. Take a break and come back later.


9 Responses to Friday's Top Ten: Celebrities Who Should Go Away

  1. Dell Gines Says:
    I like Owen Wilson!

    Ok, here is my list:

    1. Lil John and everyone he affialiates with.

    2. Eminem

    3. 50 Cents - Kill the head the body dies

    4. Jessica Simpson

    5. R Kelly

    6. Mariah Carrey

    7. All American Idol Winners (& Clay)
  2. James Manning Says:
    I feel you with #1 and #3. I don't pay much attention to Eminem so he hasn't gotten under my skin yet. I wouldn't put Mariah on the list because I like her... she's good people. I would like to add Mike Tyson to the list.
  3. MEP Says:
    I like Mariah too and I actually used to love Lindsay Lohan because she's a fellow redhead (we have to stick together, clearly). But she has certainly gone downhill since she bleached her hair and stopped eating (or started some other substance). Ugg.

    Your list is spot on though: Paris needs to GO, she is annoying.

    I would add: Britey Spears and Kevin Federline. Who cares anymore!
  4. muffin Says:
    #5 & 6 wanna be ushers. lame!!!
  5. Mealone Says:
    I have some people to add to yourlist. You can either extend or replace with others (your list is on point though)

    Nicole Kidman-your movies suck

    Tom Cruise-you left her and now America feels sorry for her.

    Shar Jackson-I know she has not even begun to be overexposed and I already can't stand her.

    BET-on the whole
  6. kosmicslop Says:
    1. I like two movies that Owen Wilson was in (independent flick snob that I am): Bottle Rockets and The Royal Tennenbaums.

    2. Completely on point with Clay Aiken. Serious Liberace Syndrome going on among the housewives of America.

    3. Hate Lil' Jon's music, love his energy drink.

    4. G-Unit (including 50 Cent) does for hip hop what Clarence Thomas does for black judges.

    5. &. 6. Marques Houston & Omarion: Since when did the DL, fake thug, gay hustler look become so popular?

    7. Didn't care about or watch her on Dawson's Creek, don't care about her or watch her now.

    8. Make a porn and people think you're hot. I can't decide whether Paris looks like a horse or that rat dog she carries around all the time.

    9. Ying Yang Twins, I hear Jam Master Jay rolling in his grave as we speak. If this was the 20's, you'd be lining up to the watermelon eating sambo's in "Birth of a Nation" because you got a little pocket change.

    10. Lindsay, I beg you to eat a cheeseburger . . . with fries . . . super-sized.
  7. Lisa Gilliam Says:
    I agree with your choices of Paris Hilton(famous because of the name)I haven't listened to hip hop in almost 10 years so some of these guys I might not be to familiar with.Don't know who Omarion is.But I'm surprised you didn't add Kanye West to this list(he is a moron)and especially Beyonce Knowles;enough already.Lil Kim(I forgot she is jail now)R.Kelly with all his talent.I hate to say but most of these younger celebs are boring there is no mystique of any kind with them.Jessica Simpson and her sister Ashlee(don't know why the blond job though)They have very little talent to speak of as the person who said BET I feel ya,the network now only promotes trash.I feel the same about MTV.Lindsey :Lohan is okay I just don't think she is all that great looking,she gets in more trouble and parties more than she does doing films.Brad and Angelina ,Vince saga.I'll stop here but thanks for letting me vent a little.
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  9. Anonymous Says:
    Owen Wilson Is funny!