Nerd Quiz

I took this quiz and got a 68. Meaning that I am nerdier than 68% of the people that took the test. That actually surpised me. Take the quiz and let me know what your scores.



3 Responses to Nerd Quiz

  1. Chris Roberts Says:
    I scored a 28%. I thought for sure I was nerdier than that. Enjoy the site, even if we are often contrarian in our arguments.
  2. jaimie Says:
    I scored 91% (91% of people are nerdier than me). I am "cool" according to that survey. That was fun! Oh no...does that mean I'm stupid?
  3. James Manning Says:
    It doesn't mean you're stupid... it just means that you don't spend as much time trying to find cracks for software and pinging websites...

    and that you're 59% cooler than I am.