Friday's Top Ten: Greatest NFL Quarterbacks

Yo... after two years you assholes are still calling me an asshole about this list. Ok, that's cool. But I've created a new sports blog and now you can go there and get at me about how stupid I am. We have some new Top Ten list coming and if you want, you can submit your own and I'll put it on the blog. Holla at me.


62 Responses to Friday's Top Ten: Greatest NFL Quarterbacks

  1. Dell Gines Says:
    You gotta put moon up there!!
  2. Anonymous Says:
    u suck
    man troy aikman should be atleast b4 manning u suck asss

    go fuck ur mom

    bitch mutha fucker
  3. Anonymous Says:
    aikman should be at least 5 or better
  4. Anonymous Says:
    what about roger staubach
  5. James Manning Says:
    Aikman is a great QB but this is my opinion. I find it hard to put him over Bradshaw and I definitely can't put him up to number 4. He probably would be as high as five on a lot of folks list.
  6. Anonymous Says:
    Even though the Packers are now
    Favre is still the greatest!
    End of story!
  7. Rell Says:
    I just found this post from whenever man and I'm sorry, Favre at three is ridiculous at best.

    I hate to disagree butthere is NO WAY Favre should be ahea of marion, super bowl ring that reggie white got for him, included.
  8. Rell Says:
    I agree that Troy should be in the top 10 as well.

    Three rings and great stats... Fran Tarkenton? Roger Staubach?
  9. James Manning Says:
    I gave Favre the nod because of his mobility. Marino is sick and I wish he would at least gotten one. Heck, I didn't even put my favorite, Terry Bradshaw on the list.
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  11. Anonymous Says:
    fuck bret farve hes not # 3 o n another thing u got montana n elway mixed up montana was alot better then elway get it the fuck right next time ass wipe
  12. Anonymous Says:
    o n 1 more thing FUCK TROY AKMAN payton maning is so much better o n Marinos under rated he is #2 n elway should be #3 with montana #1
  13. Anonymous Says:
    where the fuck is Boomer or how about Carson Palmer hes the next great
  14. James Manning Says:
    Boomer? I don't think so. Give Palmer a couple of more years. I think he will be a great one.

    oh, and for all of you guys cussing me out...

    Fuck you too.

  15. James Manning Says:
    Boomer? Will never be on any top ten list. Let's give Carson a few more years. But I do think he will be great.

    And for all you guys talking shit and cussing me out...

    Fuck you too.

  16. Anonymous Says:
    what the hell happened to tom brady? ass wipe!
  17. Anonymous Says:
    Fuck all yall. If you don't believe Marino is the best ever, you are a communist. The numbers don't lie you cheeze dick mutha fucka
  18. Anonymous Says:
    Its Marino you communist heathen. The numbers don't lie.
  19. Anonymous Says:
    61,361 Career passing yards
    420 TD's
    5084 yards in a single season.
    You better recognize commy.
  20. Anonymous Says:
    It's Marino...Bitches!!!
  21. Anonymous Says:
    You're an idiot Broadway Joe was tottaly in the top ten. He predicted the Super Bowl game and made it happen. You're a terd.
  22. Otter Says:
    okay, Tom Brady... sucks. that man's career will stop short of getting him on a top 50 QB list.

    Troy Aikman is definitely NOT #3... look at Marino, never had a running game. what about Aikman's wide variety of receivers, running backs, and an amazing defense to boot?

    Marino is the best because, Montana and Bradshaw had the best defenses known to man. (especially Bradshaw, right?). Marino's defense could have always been alot better. Alot of these guys are only so great because they had all the tools and the big wigs at the front office moving things for them.

    In Montana's credit, he went to any team and made things work. Steve Young took alot of hard, hard hits.

    Favre is not three, because again... he wouldn't have gotten anywhere without Green Bay's defense.

    and I can't believe you people are arguing for people like Manning and Brady, their careers aren't even close to being over yet, how can you say that about them? Do some actual research, there are alot more quarterbacks than the people you see on TV today.
  23. Anonymous Says:
    tom brady is the best quarterback playing today he has shit recivers a decent running game and i good defence n he has a fucking dynasty n hes still young maning is over rated look who hes throwing to n yea put joe namoth on there hes better then steve young n marino is the best everwhen he retired he had almost every pass record holy shit dude dont u kno nething
  24. Anonymous Says:
    Good List, but Terry Bradshaw should be higher, and where is Roger Staubach or Bob Griese? Those 2 should replace Peyton Manning and Dan Fouts
  25. Anonymous Says:
    Good List but Terry Bradshaw should be higher and where is roger staubach or bob griese peyton manning shouldnt be in there where is the ring?
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  27. Anonymous Says:
    what about joe namath?
  28. Anonymous Says:
    There are only two QB's who could be considered the greatest. One's done the other still playing. I am a huge Elway fan but he has never played at the level of the two greatest. Forget Manning, Farve,and Young. I couldn't stand the 49'ers then and I can't stand the Patriots now, but Montana and Brady are in a league of their own. They are often comapared for good reason. As of today it's still Montana.
  29. Anonymous Says:
    yo yo yo ho
  30. marcus vick Says:
    damn bitches nigga please yall isnt no qb so shut the f up losers
  31. Anonymous Says:
    what about Tom Brady. He is good too!!
  32. Anonymous Says:
    listen here you ass fucks. the best quarterback of all time was deeder Brock, most of you cum bubbles don't even know who he was or what team he played for. Deeder Brock was the greatest quarterback that ever lived.
  33. Anonymous Says:
    what about broadway joe and troy aikman needs to be alot higher
  34. Anonymous Says:
    Fran Tarkenton.
    And you guys need to all go wash your mouths out with soap.
    (You fucking cunts.)
  35. Anonymous Says:
    Well I'll go against what everbody else is saying. I pretty much agree with your list, I might have a few in a different order. But overall I'll say you are pretty close.
  36. Anonymous Says:
    Someone said Broadway Joe, are you kidding you don't know football at all. He sucked as a quarterback, I'm probably better than he is.
  37. Anonymous Says:
    Brady is better than Manning--no question.
  38. Anonymous Says:
    Tom Brady should be in there Peyton Manning is not better than Tom Brady Tom=3rings Peyton=0rings nuff said.
  39. Anonymous Says:
    hey sorry to dissagree but yea brady is better that payton and please take it from me johnny U should be at least #2 and sorry but elwa isnt better than montana and weres kurt warner come on. and by the waay the rest of the comments r way to mean lol
  40. Anonymous Says:
    By the way guys, chill out. This is just a blog, don't get so pissed. It isn't hard to figure out. Dan Marino never had a running game, that John Elway, Joe Montana, or Troy Aikman had. Dan Marino was the only reason that Miami was successful. His stats are proof enough. He just needed a running game and better defense, then he would have a superbowl ring for each finger. Marino is the best qb ever for now. I predict Tom Brady to be the best ever eventually.
  41. Anonymous Says:
    Quit trippin man. How bout dat Rex Grossman? He gonna be a soupa staw sum day you jus wayt and sea. So suck me left nut.
  42. Jan Says:
    According to rankopedia, Manning is already the 6th greatest quarterback ever. Marino is firmly in the lead but Manning has many more years to play so who knows?
  43. Anonymous Says:
    wtf? this list sucks ass!
    Manning over Unitas

    Go fuck yourself
  44. Anonymous Says:
    where the hell is tom brady the man is sick if he wins his 4th ring he will go down as the best quarterback EVER!!! and troy aikman needs to be higher you cant be putting him that low.
  45. Anonymous Says:
    Tom Brady is a homer pick. He isn't top-50 in any major statistical category. Superbowls are about teams. Marino is proof of that. Had a decent running game a few years, but the defense could never carry their end of the deal. Greatest right NOW does not include Brady. Maybe some day.
  46. Anonymous Says:
    how can you have dan marino were he is he's first in td and yards thats crazy. john elway and troy aikman.aikman doesn't even have over 40 thousand yard and look at the players he had
  47. Anonymous Says:
    all you dumb ass bitches fuck john elway it should be
    dan marino
    brett farve
    john elway
    warren moon
    joe montana
    terry bradshaw
    steve young
    johnny unitas
    dan fouts
    peyton manning
  48. Anonymous Says:
    i hate ur mom man donovan Mcnabb is like wat...250 pounds?but hes still like the top running quarterback behind mcnair,young,vick but he also has a much better passing arm than those 3 and very less interceptions
  49. TY Says:
  50. kah Says:
    jon elway kicks ass go broncos!
  51. Anonymous Says:
    dont be stupid about marino...the amount of pass attempts the guy had is the reason his stats are so much better than everyone elses on the list...stats arent close to everything and he was an average qb at best inside the redzone
  52. tanis Says:
    but i think that Steve Young should at least be in the top 3
    but thats my opinion.
  53. Anonymous Says:
    Dan Marino
    Brett Favre
    Joe Montana
    john elway
    Steve Young
    Peyton Manning
    Johnny Unitas
    Terry Bradshaw
    Troy Aikman
    Bart Starr
    I am a Green Bay fan but Marino is still #1 because he never had the team that any of these other QBs had and he still put up all time stats
  54. Anonymous Says:
    what are you guys crazy. Jim Kelly shouldve been in the top ten or atleast on the honorable mention list. Think about it, 4 straight super bowl losses even though they lost all of them he deserves some credit.
  55. Anonymous Says:
    Dan Marino
    Joe Montana
    Brett Favre
    John Elway
    Johnny Unitas
    Terry Bradshaw
    Steve Young
    Rodger Staubach
    Warren Moon
    Troy Aikman

    Marino lead every major statistical category for years. He had nothing to work with. He threw a lot because that was all Miami could do, and he was good at it.

    Montana was consistent as gravity, and that can never be overlooked.

    Favre is moving up on all the stats and sits atop some. He is tough as nails. (Most Consecutive Starts)

    Elway was awesome in the two minute. He was quick and tough. One of few qb's to take a hit and try to get the extra yard.

    Unitas was a precision passer who played in the 12 game seasons. What could he have done with more.

    Bradshaw ran his offense. True he played with one of the most forceful teams in NFL history, but he was strong and smart as hell.

    Young took some of the hardest hits out there. Don't forget who taught this man when he was young. (Montana). I couldn't put Young higher simply because of Jerry Rice. This man was the best reveiver ever!

    Staubach played great. It was a tough road for him with Bradshaw and the Steelers in his way. But don't sell him short, he got to the show and was the primary reason.

    Moon was different from all the qb's of the time. Now his type is a sought after kind. Amazing qb who is undersold often.

    Aikman was great, but he played with the 90's Cowboys. He had the all time leading rusher, Micheal Irvin (one of the best receivers ever), a great o-line, and defense.

    Teams make it too, and win superbowls. They are great but one man can't win them all.

    Honorable Mention: Dan Fouts, Joe Namath, Frank Tarkenton, Bart Starr, Jim Kelley, Peyton Manning, and Tom Brady

    Sorry, but Manning and Brady just have to much football to play. For those of you who think that Brady is better, you're wrong. Peyton Manning will one day sit atop this list. Stats don't lie and Manning's are certainly better than Brady's, but Brady will also be here soon.
  56. Anonymous Says:
    ok this is how it should go---
    #1-joe montana
    #2-jonny unitas
    #3-Joe Namath
    #4-dan marino
    #5-Terry Bradshaw
    #6-Troy Aikman(and i hate the cowboys)
    #7-roger Staubach(keep in mind i hate the cowboys)
    #8-warren moon
    #9-steve young
    #10-Doug flutie(if they gave him the chance)
    also im not counting the quarterbacks that are still in the league such as brady, manning, romo, garcia, farve, mcnair. now there are plenty more and also i kno a bunch of u will have a fit bout me not puttin farve but they all are still playing so ill wait til he retires and then we can put him on there!!!!!!peace!!!
  57. Anonymous Says:
    dude u frakin stupid #1 Manning
    #2 Brady #3 Romo go fuck ur self
  58. Anonymous Says:
    You said that you'd rather have John Elway leading a two-minute drive over Tom Brady? John is still good at it... But Brady has lead so many two minute drives that and can't count how many he's lead! Two of them in the Super Bowl! Everyone who says that Tom Brady isn't as good as Peyton Manning is crazy. Before this year, Tom has had no top flight recievers and has won three Super Bowls. Manning has had Marvin Harrison, Reggie Wayne, Dallas Clark, and Brandon Stokley... and only has 1 Super Bowl ring! Now that Brady has Randy Moss, Donte Stallworth, Wes Welker, and Benjaman Watson. He's been putting up numbers Manning can't touch! Brady is the best of all-time!
  59. Anonymous Says:
    Whoever says that Tom Brady is the best quarterback in the history of the NFL is crazy. He is better than Manning, but no where near as good as Elway and Montana. I think John Elway is the greatest ever because he won more games than Montana with less tools than Montana. Let's not forget that Elway got to three Super Bowls with almost no help, and when he finally got a running game, he won two in a row. Elway's mobility and his rocket arm (the strongest ever) would have made him even more dominant than Tom Brady if put in Brady's position.

    Elway #1
    Montana #2
    Brady #4
    Bradshaw #5
    Favre #6
    Marino #7(his whole offense was only passing so it ran up the stats, and he never won a Super Bowl)
    Starr #8
    Young #9
    Staubach #10
  60. Anonymous Says:
    Ok cmon. All this talk about TOm Brady being the best is stupid... for now. Yes, he takes ok recievers and makes them look good. And for the current bests, yes, peyton has great recievers. But Brady has a defence that can be compared to the 00 ravens and has always had a solid ground game. Teams cant just focus on Brady because of the ground game. So it isnt fair to compare him to people like Elway, Montana, and Farve. And by the way, that list that was just put up in a comment calling Favre #6, Favre deserves to be where he is. He is the Packers. HE's still playing, and the fact that he's still good is AMAZING. He's still good despite people saying he should just hang it up. ANd stp swearing at the guy, It's his opinion, you dont like it, dont read it.
  61. Anonymous Says:
    one word for montana..rice, if it wasnt for rice montana wouldn't have done crap...look at him when he went to kc he sucked. that is why Favre is ahead of him he is still winning and playing amazing. Favre never had a defense, look at the defensive stats from when he was in the league till now. why do u thing all the announcers have been saying he gets in trouble when he tries to do too much? can u also say only 3 time MVP in a row. There is something u people should learn... it is called think before u speak, that way u wont sound so stupid. Jim Kelly should be on the list. Aikman and bradshaw had amazing teams...example for aikman possibly the best oline to ever play, emmit smith, michael irvin enough said. Marino never had a team, and winning a super bowl has nothing to do with how good u are, second place records speak for themselves.How can Elway be better than Favre either, Elway has nothing on Favre, maybe 1 superbowl. Brady is terrible, he just has an amazing team, that is why he won those superbowls with defense. notice how his career high td passes was 24 until this year, Randy Moss.
    1.Brett Favre
    Peyton Manning will be top 2 by the time he retires!!!
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