178,000 Trained and Equiped, huh?

Part of the lie that the Bushies continue to communicate to a duped public (although polls show that many are starting to wake up) is that we are training the Iraqi security force to replace American troops. Well, I presented this lie in an earlier post but for those on the right who refuse to acknowledge the lie why don't you read what a U.S. Commander is saying about the training of the Iraqi army.

Just to let you know... a battilion is around 500 to 800 troops. Source

The United States has determined that fewer than five Iraqi military battalions were capable of fighting Sunni insurgents alone.

U.S. officials said the battalions came from special forces units in the Iraq Army. They said the units were deemed Level 1, or capable of completely independent combat operations.

U.S. coalition commander Gen. George Casey said "less than a handful" of Iraqi battalions were at Readiness Level 1, or totally independent of coalition forces. In an interview to the U.S. Army publication "The Advisor," Casey outlined for the first time the readiness level of Iraqi troops.

"You don't build an army overnight," Casey said. "They're not going to be independent for a while. But we purposely set it up that way so we could get
them into the lead in operating independently sooner, so they will learn faster."


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