Is It Me...

or does Nancy Grace resemble Tweety Bird. You decide.


8 Responses to Is It Me...

  1. Cynthia Says:
    This is like Alison Payne sometimes looks like a poodle to me.
  2. Maverick Says:
    Man, looks can fool you. At least Tweety is somewhat innocent. Nancy Grace is just annoying...I hate the opinions that she voices on her show. But people watch her or else she wouldn't be on as much as she is...
  3. jaimie krishna & james manning Says:
    so much...except Tweety is a boy
  4. James Manning Says:
    Tweety is a boy!!? Wow... I wonder if he's gay? He looks like a girl. Well I'll be hootin' owl, all this time I thought Tweety was a girl.
  5. James Says:
    Tweety is a boy.... and Ms. Grace is his spitting image. Wide-eyed and weird.

    That's like those XXL magazine 'a-alike' pictures comparing Lil' Jon to Animal from Muppet Babies or something.

    So funny.... 'cause it true.
  6. Dell Gines Says:
  7. jaimie krishna & james manning Says:
    He's a VERY feminine little bird, ain't he?
  8. James Manning Says:
    Yes he is. There is something with Warner Brothers because there are a lot of feminine cartoon characters. I may have to blog on that one day.