Question: More Power In Relationship - Men or Women

Question of the Day:

I am going to change this to question of the week. The voting booth is in the column to the right. Personally, I think women have more power in a relationship. I know we wear the pants in the house but the saying, 'if the woman of the house is not happy - nobody in the house is happy', is a very true statement.

Who has more power in a relationship?

1. Men
2. Women
3. Equal Amount of Power
4. The Person With the Largest Paycheck


5 Responses to Question: More Power In Relationship - Men or Women

  1. Midlife Crisis Says:
    Wow. Hot topic. Personally, I cannot vote because I have seen many situations and so far, my tentative conclusion is that none of the details matter. I think the person who has the most power in the relationship is the one who cares the least.
  2. Cynthia Says:
    I have to agree with midlife. If people are happy, they will share the power. I know someone whose wife have the power in the relationship and she makes their life a nightmare.
  3. Zeezy4Sheezy Says:
    That's a tough one because I've seen the power transform from all aspects though..
  4. jaimie krishna & james manning Says:
    Only in an unhealthy relationship is there an issue of power over another. In a healthy relationship, the main goal is cooperation. Power can be a dangerous thing, and never beneficial in an intimate, loving relationship.

  5. MEP Says:
    I agree with jamie - I've been in relationships that were nothing BUT a power struggle and I hated it. The best relationships are power-balanced, in my opinion. Think about it: why do a person WANT power over the other person in the relationship? Because he/she deserves it? Because he/she is superior?

    That's not how they should think of their Sig-Os in a relationship.