The Chronicles of Kitty

Many of you know about the two demons that Jaimie summoned from the bowels of hell and make a living tormenting my soul while eating the plants and spreading litter all over the patio. Well, I have yet to exorcise them from my dwelling but Diane has a link that captures the humor of my agony. Check this out and let me know what you think.

For those of you not familiar with my pain. Check out the following links.

1. Killing the Cats
2. Cats Won't Steal My Joy/Beer
3. Poem: Kill My Kitties
4. comic: The Cat Doesn't Catch Mice
5. comic: The Missing Cat
6. comic: The Cat & the Hare


8 Responses to The Chronicles of Kitty

  1. Mahndisa S. Rigmaiden Says:
    01 30 06

    Now THAT is too funny!!!!
  2. Petless Dude Says:
    I've never really had an animal. But I found this post funny.

    I love your blog. It has made my daily-read list.
  3. Drew Says:
    My sig. other has four cats.
    I feed said cats.
    I clean four litter boxes daily.
    I get walked on at four in the morning by hungry cats.
    I clean up cat hairballs.
    I clean up piss on our new carpet.
    I cannot let said cats out of house.

    I feel your pain.
  4. James Manning Says:
    And I thought I had it bad. Drew, I feel for you.
  5. Drew Says: gets better.

    She wants dogs now.

    Keep in mind, our house is only 1300 square feet of living space.
  6. James Manning Says:
    Drew, don't let it happen. I've been fighting the purchase of a chiauhau for a minute now. My goal is a big-boned black German Shepard named Coal. My little girl actually mentioned the name Snuffy.

    Imagine a grown black man walking around Los Angeles with a chiauhau named Snuffy. That's grounds for getting my ass whooped.

    Fight It!!! Rage againt the machine!!!
  7. Revka Says:
    Just linked you on my most recent post..
  8. Dan-E Says:
    i feel lucky. my girlfriend is a diehard cat lover but is willing to go cat-less since she knows i'm allergic. still, i feel your pain.