Tuesday Morning Rant: The DNC

Sometimes my political party pisses me the hell off. I've ragged on the right and deservingly so. But now I have to get on my leftie officials. It seems as though they are intent on pulling defeat from the jaws of victory. We have a chance to make gains in the Congress and the Democrats are throwing it away. It is a shame that a layman must come to their rescue and show them what should be so obvious.

There are several things that must happen that will enable us to win back the Congress and eventually the White House in 2008. First, Howard Dean... MUST SHUT THE F*%K UP!!! Where the hell did this guy learn to play politics? Howard!!! A quick lesson here, buddy.

Political Science: (n) The study of the processes, principles, and structure of government and of political institutions; politics.

Politics: a) The activities or affairs engaged in by a government, politician, or political party.
b) The methods or tactics involved in managing a state or government:

Let me translate this to you Howard. Know what to say and to whom. Know when to what and to whom. Know who should say what to whom. Basic principles of politics. It's like a Tampa Two defense. You can create a lot of blitz packages from it, but you have to have the basics down pat to be successful.

Know what to say and to whom: Howard, your job as the DNC chairman is to get money. You should only be talking to corporate types. The head of Ford only cares about one thing. Who's going to be in power and how will that impact my bottom line. You need to convince him that the Dems will be in power and it is in the best interest of his bottom line to make sure he has a seat when the tables turn. Oh, I know you think those $10 donation mean a lot - but you need the big bucks. And no one in corporate America is going to talk to you if you sound like a lunatic on "Meet the Press". Shut up.

Know when to say what and to whom: You don't go on the radio and college campuses talking about Bush. That's not your job. Get a grip man and work behind the scenes. Don't jump on every scandal that comes out of the White House. Be smooth - play the game like Stealth Bomber. Your focus is getting folks elected. Assess the vulnerability of your targets. Choose your approach. Select the proper ammunition. Then drop bombs so bad on them in November it'll take until March for them to figure out what hit them.

Know who should say what to whom: Howard, you should not speak to the American people unless it is about an overall strategy for the election. Let Kerry, Clinton and Kennedy bash Bush. Why? Because they have safe seats. They're already hated by the right and you don't lose any political capital. And it is all about capital. Money. No one gives money to a lunatic. But people have come to expect certain thing from certain political figures. It's the unknown that worries people. So you have to always be smooth... and get that loot.

Final Word

Good grief. Am I the only lefty having a problem with what's going on here. We have a shot and they are wasting it. This should be like taking candy from a baby.

Discussion Starter:

1.What advice would you give to the DNC?
2. Do you think the GOP will lose any seats in the next Congress?
3. What Democrat would you like to see run for President?
4. What Republican would you like to see run for President?


28 Responses to Tuesday Morning Rant: The DNC

  1. Dell Gines Says:
    lol I agree with your assesment of howard dean
  2. Drew Says:
    1. This one is legitemate. Stop bitching about what's going on and come up with some answers or ideas on how to fix things. The number one reason we Democrats have a problem recruiting Conservatives is the fact that no one on this side seems to have a real agenda in place. Oh, and Howard's rants do not help any.

    2. They will lose seats, but I don't know if it will be the landslide sea change that the Democrats are hoping will occur.

    3. I would like to see Barack Obama run. I know he's still relatively new on Capital Hill, but I think he's a guy that says what he does and does what he says. I don't think I can vote for Hillary if she runs though.

    4. I am hard pressed to think of any Republican I would vote for. Maybe McCain, but he was such a lap dog for the Bush's during the 2004 campaign, I can hardly stomach him now.
  3. Diane S. Says:
    What advice would you like to give the DNC?

    Excuse the profanity. This, quoted verbatim from The Rude Pundit: "At some point, Democrats have to give something to their base, something to keep the faithful from throwing up their hands in disgust, from shaking their heads and mumbling, 'What pussies, what godforsaken pussies.'"

    I apologize to anyone who is offended by language of that quote, but it pretty much sums up my feelings about the current Democratic leadership (or rather lack of leadership).

    Do you think the GOP will lose any seats in the next Congress?

    If they don't, it's time to abandon the Democratic party altogether and form a real opposition party.

    What Democrat would you like to see run for President?

    Diane pauses for a long minute and says, "Uhm... Uhm... James Manning?"

    What Republican would you like to see run for President?

    There are two ways to take this question:

    1) What Republican would be really easy to beat?

    Tom Delay.

    2) What Republican could you live with as president?

    Colin Powell
  4. James Manning Says:
    Diane, I understand. I think that it is time for a third party. There a lot of people that are just left and right of the center that can't stand the two party system. We generally end up voting for the lesser of two evils. That is not cool
  5. MEP Says:
    I would be in favor of an opposition party if I thought it would do any good. I can't decide whether more effort should be put into (re)organizing the Democratic party and helping them get serious about taking over, or if that effort would be better served towards a new party.

    I know what I would like to see, but until then I might have to go with the Democrats.

    But then again . . . maybe there are enough of us who "settle" for the Dems b/c we DEFINITELY aren't Republican . . . maybe we really could get something started. But who's going to do it?

    Say what you want about Hillary, but I don't think she's really strayed from her liberal roots - she's just trying to attract moderates. I'd vote for her. She'd have to get liberal on us to bring back her far-left (former)supporters, but I think it could be done. I would be okay with that.
  6. MEP Says:
    And I know that Molly Ivins (and I love Molly Ivins and typically agree with her)would be disappointed in my for my Hillary support, but I just don't believe that she's as "lite" as her image says these days. I think she's lying in wait for her day.
  7. Mahndisa S. Rigmaiden Says:
    01 31 06

    James Corretta Scott King just died! OH damn, all the role models are dying! off!
  8. Mr. Grey Ghost Says:

    Glad you're open-minded enough to criticize your own party. Of course it may shock you that I'm also a Democrat....so as I've stated before on my own blog, the Dems have to start listening to wants and needs of mainstream America, be more centrist and respectful of the Christian right, come up with their OWN plans (instead of just attacking the GOP) on matters such as healthcare and how to handle terrorism and understand that a liberal nominee for President has no chance. The last 2 Democratic presidents (Carter and Clinton) both came from southern states, there's your biggest clue right there.

    I could see myself voting for Harold Ford Jr. for President. He's a conservative Democrat from Tennessee who I've always admired.
  9. Anonymous Says:
    1.What advice would you give to the DNC?

    Get your shit together.

    2. Do you think the GOP will lose any seats in the next Congress?

    Doubtful... Certainly not enough to shift power back to the Dems

    3. What Democrat would you like to see run for President?

    Mark Warner, but the Dems will undoubtedly marginalize him, just like they did Lieberman.

    4. What Republican would you like to see run for President?

    Alan Keyes
  10. jan brauner Says:
    Dems need to stop being the party of special interests..6 out of the 10 top political donors were unions...hmmmmm, not corporations... By the way, corporations give 49% to Democrats, so there is a misperception about this issue.

    They need to at least explore the issue of limiting abortion on demand at all stages of pregnancy for any reason....Many people have never looked at the horror of partial birth abortion, yet they are horrified at the prospect of a Koran being mishandled. How bizare!

    They need to allow a dialogue without demagoguing about racism....And, as far as Barack Obama is concerned, he's a pretty boy who grew up privileged, cries poor, and follows the party line. He lacks fundamental credibility.He aligned himself with Lincoln, but had a privileged childhood far more aligned with that of a Kennedy.So, if the goal is to have someone who talks as pretty as he looks, Barack is your man. As for me, I prefer substance over style any day!
  11. Rose Says:
    I believe Hilary can win. Look at all the women President in other countries. We have a chance. But
    Barack Obama has a chance too. They are going to have to work this out. I think the world is ready for a woman President but not a black one...I'm just being real...
  12. Little Miss Chatterbox Says:
    To be honest I'm shocked that the democrats voted for Dean to lead the DNC. I think he made it quite obvious that he was psycho (literally) during his campaign. He is a complete loose cannon and you never know what he's going to do and say. I understand you're frustration with him.

    For Republican nominee in '08 my dream candidate would be Condi but I'm not sure she'll run. Next to be honest I would love for Jeb Bush to run but he can't only because he is a Bush. My 3rd choice would be George Allen but I'm not sure he's charismatic enough but I love his views on the issues.
  13. PartyOfLincoln Says:
    HAHAHA! Hillary can win... girl, put down the crack pipe, PLEASE. Have you seen her numbers - just among Democrats??? Republicans are praying for that socialist to get the nomination becase the Repubs could throw up damn near anybody. She's a polarizing far left phony who is trying to pass her ass off as a centrist, but that dog ain't huntin'.

    And all what women presidents are you talking about? Where?
  14. jan brauner Says:
    Hillary is shrill, devoid of dynamic problem solving techniques, long on blame, adept at hypocrisy, banal (at best) verbally, generous with the money of the taxpayers while closely guarded with her personal funds, resists surveillance of Al Queada yet raids the homes of the women her husband has raped and molested,shifts with the political winds, has no core,is married to ideology devoid of empirical evidence and would plunge us into Marxism, professes feminism and yet sacrifices women at the altar of her husband's gargantuan appetites, espouses separation of church and state except when she wishes to use religion politically, bows at the altar of human rights and bows at the altar of human sacrifice of full term infants (in case their mothers emotional health might be compromised by finding out that they cannot "afford" the child and still have a "quality" of life...

    What is so great about Hillary? I cannot even stay awake during one of her talks! The ultimate irony is that she is not more interesting than our President, and I have to force myself to write notes when she speaks to stay on task. I have often tried to think of one thing that would make her fun to hang out with, and I come up wth..NADA.....
  15. MEP Says:
    Party of Lincoln: Have you not been paying attention to world politics? Chile and Nigeria just elected and confirmed female presidents a couple of weeks ago. Andrea Merkel was elected in Germany this last year . . . . I always here people claim that the US is "civilized" and countries in South America and Africa are either "third world" or "uncivilized" but they are electing female leaders when some people in the US still try to claim that "they aren't ready." B. S.

    Honestly I've always thought that it would be easier to elect a Black president than a female one in the next election b/c what are people going to say about a Black man if the qualifications are right and he fits their views? "He's Black?" I think people won't feel comfortable doing that b/c they know there would be backlash and race cards and they might not want to hear that. But a lot of conservatives DO still feel comfortable saying that "women are born to nurture, not lead" or "a woman would be to emotional" or some such crap. Maybe I feel that way because I'm a White female, I don't know - that could be my own bias. But I STILL hear people say that stuff all the time.

    However, I do realize that people probably wouldn't say "I'm not going to vote for the Black presidential candidate b/c he's (or she's - Condi . . . ) Black, they would just find another reason to say they don't want to vote for him/her. And if it was Condi they could just fall back on the fact that she's female.
  16. James Manning Says:
    At Jan:

    I'm surprised you would mention Barak Oboma being from money considering George Bush, and the rest of Congress. Almost every elected official is from money these days.

    At MEP:

    I agree, America is not ready for a black or a woman President. They will say they are but that's because they none are running.
  17. Crack A Window Says:
    After the President’s speech, I had to let in some fresh air… Whew!!

    Until the Democratic Party lets go of some of these weird little fringe-groups, I say let the Republicans have power. I say let them have the interim elections this year AND 2008. People will learn, and then respond by ushering in 20 years of Democratic leadership.

    When Joe-Six-Pack in the Mid-West loses his manufacturing job and then winds up in the poor-house, because he thought he could “trade like the pros” in the market with his nickels and dimes after seeing some commercial on Fox, but found he couldn't tolerate the risk… he’ll learn.

    When Jan-Six-Pack’s kids can’t actually use the vouchers she is voting for and finds out they don’t cover the true cost of sending her kids to private school, and they wind up right back in an overcrowded mega-school (because of No Child Left Behind), all because she was too busy protesting gay marriage… she’ll learn.

    When the Six-Packs lose their pensions because the Republicans let corporate jack-asses off the hook after making bad management decisions, and then let them blame all the loses on “The Union” … they’ll learn.

    When the Six-Packs lose their youngest son (who went into the military because he couldn’t get into the local university and needed a career immediately after high school) overseas, and then watch as the President caves in and pulls troops out of an unstable Iraq, like he already plans to do, because his poll numbers are dropping… they’ll learn.

    Their entrenched political establishment is corrupt. They’ve been pushing their radical agenda since 1994 and now it’s finally starting to get old. Soon, they’ll be out of the excuse that these “The Liberals” are responsible for everything wrong in their lives. If you don’t believe me, go to ANY of these “Conservative” blogs. You’ll see nothing but, “Liberals are stupid,” but I have all the answers because the solutions to all problems are so simple.

    Anybody remember their ridiculous Balanced Budget Amendment to the U.S. Constitution? You haven’t heard anything about that anymore, now have you? They made all this noise about how “The Democrats” didn’t want a balanced budget, but now I’m sure they’re thanking their stars they didn’t pass that mess. The President would have had to create more fictional powers to fight and pay for this war if they had actually gotten what they wanted.

    Selling budgetary and now military lies is what the Republicans have been best at since 1994. The President started a war with bad intelligence (and has admited that) and then let his administration mock the entrenched and career military establishment when they warned him that we were undermanned to handle security in Iraq. How many have died because he put theory over the practical experience of our experienced military establishment?

    The country will only stomach their lies for so much longer. And after they give illegal immigrants amnesty for breaking the law AGAIN like they did in the 1980’s under Regan, people will start to feel different.

    So keep voting Republican, a new generation of militarily competent Democratic leaders are on their way. Democrats should be grateful for the wonderful gift.
  18. MEP Says:
    I don't know I can (or want) to be patient enough for that to come . . . .
  19. PartyOfLincoln Says:
    MEP: 3... Wow! Let me catch my breath.

    Liberia: A country that has been ravaged by two civil wars in the last decade and a half because its government has been totally corrupt. Mickey Mouse could have gotten elected there.

    Chile: I've got $500 that says you can't even name either of the two candidates or their platforms without looking it up. Bachelet won because she was the centrist.

    Germany: Merkel ran primarily on two platforms: Religion and labor reform to increase free trade. Gee… sound like anyone we know, like the dude currently occupying the White House?

    Democrats aren’t winning back jack until the distance themselves from the leftist who have hijacked the party and have turned it into a party of abortion and gay marriage and
    the point about Hillary had nothing to do with her lack of a penis. She is too far to the left and her rhetoric is nothing but criticism. Where the hell are her ideas? Did you listen to the drivel coming out of Moseley-Braun. Her entire campaign was “elect me because I’m Black and I’m a woman.” Uh, NO. Carol! How about I’ll vote for you when you can articulate some damn solutions.
  20. jan brauner Says:
    I don't have a problem with anybody coming from money, and one can't really say that Barack does. The problem I have is that he portrayed himself in several speeches as someone who struggled from poverty such as Lincoln. The truth was quite different. I do think he is very charsmatic, brilliant, and adept at handling himself. I find him to be charming, and he handles himself elegantly. There is no doubt that he is compelling, but much of that is his style, rather than his substance.However, I'd vote for him any day of the week over a Clinton or a Kerry, or many others that I could name from either party. That's all I am trying to say.

    To me, there are others on the scene who have wonderful atttributes AND have substance as well. J.C.Watts comes to mind.

    And to Crack a Window..I was amused at your characterization about school vouchers. The school my daughter was supposed to attend has been failing for years, despite receiving more money per pupil than the best performing school in the city.She was not allowed to transfer, though they acknowledged that they could not guarantee her safety. Two kids have brought loaded guns to school this month. Only 40 out of 320 kids were able to even pass the TAKs test to graduate last year. So, how many more years of failure do they get to have before they actually decide to start teaching? How many more kid's lives do they get to destroy on that road?

    And,James, everyone I talk to thinks that America IS ready for a black president!
  21. James Manning Says:

    Jan, you support Bush and not only does he lack substance, he lacks a brain. So, Barak Oboma would be a welcomed relief from the idiocy of Bush.
  22. Crack A Window Says:
    @ jan brauner:

    When people blindly follow pseudo-news commentary to get their information, they are tempted to think in broad open-ended terms. This kind of labeling puts life into simple terms for people who need simple answers. For instance, one such term is this: “they think they can throw money at everything.” This could be why you found the seriousness of my comments “amusing.” I made no statement concerning the funding of public schools, or per pupil dollar ratios.

    I spent time helping children learn and volunteering with public school children, and I have a great appreciation for how difficult teaching can be. Take time to talk to any teacher that teaches in a difficult learning environment. On your best day, you could do no better. And if you believe you can, by all means, go to your local district and develop a workable plan.

    I will guarantee you that the kids who found themselves failing to graduate had parents that didn’t come to parent/teacher conferences. A classroom is for instruction; most learning takes place in the home. This is the reason for homework. I would like to see anyone attempt to solve discipline problems that occur in the home, during a 45 minute class, and then elevate a classroom with students ranging from A’s to F’s and bring them ALL up to par.

    I was once speaking to an assistant principal, who was both a good and tough man who cared about the children, I see more and more what he was speaking of. Your irreverent attitude toward the ability and authority of teachers is seen by your children. Teachers spend more time on discipline than teaching; that is not a problem with the quality of instruction.

    Unlike that non-sense about the troops hearing us and getting discouraged, your children actually do hear you and take that disrespect into the classroom. They’re hearing on TV and from their own parents how stupid teachers are so they have no compelling reason to respect the authority of a teacher. After finally seeing this with my own eyes, I was might shocked myself.

    Shutting down schools that can’t possibly fulfill these new requirements in within the structure of these new time-frames will only create mega-schools, or increase children’s desire to drop out. This is what happened in Houston, Texas, which was considered a “miracle” until the numbers were exposed. And where will these new “competent” teachers come from?

    The problem is this: while the THEORY of this so-called accountability for schools and new regulations for teachers sounds good, the structure of this administration’s plan is crazy. It’s nothing more than, a threat to make the numbers look good, or else. And of course, there are no real suggestions of how to make children retain what is taught better.

    And by the way, how were the teachers at that school supposed to prevent some kid from a broken, spoiled, or irresponsible home from waking up and deciding to bring a gun to that school. How would YOU have prevented that from happening?
  23. jan brauner Says:
    Crack the Window;
    I simply found it "amusing" given that you posed a theoretically negative school scenario, based on a failed voucher system, when I had already encountered a negative scenario in which vouchers played no role.The situation had a huge impact upon our family, as we were not allowed to transfer our child. I'm sorry you found it annoying.

    On a practical level, obviously, the school could not have prevented two individuals from bringing guns to school, and I looked in my post to see where I may have implied that prevention by myself or the school in those two instances would have been plausible. I simply noted the gun issue to indicate that the school was really problematic.When I visited it, there was a notable serious discipline problem apparent in most of the classrooms, with little productive activity taking place.

    And, yes, I think that there are teachers who are heroic, and struggling against massive odds. I also think that schools of education woefully underprepare a certain percentage of our graduates to do a competent job of teaching.

    Lack of respect for one another is an enormous problem in our society at every level.
  24. jan brauner Says:
    Do I support Bush? Thanks for informing me...I thought that I had voted against Kerry. You know, a lot of the time, when I write on this post, I people respond to things I haven't said and don't think. I'm a bit baffled by it, actually.

    As to Bush, he is extremely inarticulate, but after looking at his aptitude tests from the military, his SATs, and other indicators, I don't think it is strictly accurate to state that he is unintelligent (even if he IS the "spawn of the devil"). :)

    And, as far as picking presidents goes, I am tired of picking the lesser of two evils, and would prefer to vote for someone that "had it all." I'd love for you to suggest an individual and tell me why you like them.
  25. James Manning Says:
    Jan, I think most of us are picking the lesser of two evils. That is why I would love to see a third party but we know that neither party wants that so they develope a structure that makes it almost impossible to make it so unless a viable candidate emerges to run for President. Had Ross Perot had all of his marbles, he could have sustained a viable movement. That is what it will take.

    And I just don't see vouchers being a viable solution right now. Chicago tried it and they found out that there were more children the seats in good schools available. Maybe if we were up for ending public education and starting over, then vouchers could work. but right now, we need to find a way to improve schools, improve accountability and improve parental involvement.
  26. jan brauner Says:
    The only way that vouchers will work is if we go "all the way" and truly provide real choice for everyone.Right now, when we say we have tried choice, the experiments have been on such a limited basis, with no true market forces entering in, and many factors weighing against their success. Ultimately, my belief is that public schools will get better when they are forced to do so, and most people will "choose" them.

    We just checked an ISD here that was paying its administrators $17 million dollars, while underpaying its teachers. Another one gave 1,800 administrators car allowances whether they used their cars for work or not, and asked for no receipts....They are not going to stop this behavior until they stop being a monopoly.

    I just think that too many schools are in emergency mode, and that the kids can't wait until they figure out how to fix the problem. These kids lives are at stake.

    But, for sure, we ought to be able to talk about various solutions without "diatribing" the dialogue.
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