A Look Back At 2005

Top Events in my personal life
1. Moving to Los Angeles to be with Jaimie
2. Starting this blog
3. Professionally diagnosed with Adult ADD
4. Flying to Philadelphia to be the best man in my brother's wedding

My Favorite Post of 2005
The Cuss Out Kit
This is by far one of the funniest things I have ever written. The response was great and I am almost certain it will continue to be ranked as some of my best writing.
2. Killing My Cats: Would I Be Wrong
I've had this ongoing battle with my girlfriend's cats and you seem to get a kick out of it. This post started the battle and it has raged on ever since.
3. A Non-PC Discussion on Homophobia
There are two topics that generate in-depth comments. This was the first to do so. It came in the shadows of a post I called, Not Ready For the Gay Leading MAN.
4. Intelligent Design
I have an entire series of post on this topic and it never fails to generate a lot of comments. For anyone that is interested in the topic, I think this is as good of a starting point than any I've seen. It is full of references and insightful commentary by some very smart people.
5. Skin We In
I wrote this essay several years ago and it is still my favorite. It speaks of the color-struck war that still rages in the black community. It was written in 2005, but it was posted here and I think it is worthy of review.

Favorite Movies of 2005
1. Crash
2. Rent
3. Chronicles of Narnia
4. Hustle & Flow

Worst Movies of 2005
1. A History of Violence
2. Constantine
3. War of the Worlds

Favorite Album of 2005
1. Common - Be
2. John Legend - Get Lifted

Best Sports Moments of 2005
1. White Sox winning game four of the World Series to end an 88 year curse.
2. The Fighting Illini erasing a 24 point deficit to beat Arizona and advance to the NCAA Finals
3. Podesdnik hist a homerun in the bottom of the ninth to win game 2 of the World Series.

Favorite Famous People I Said Good-bye to in 2005
1. Richard Pryor, comedian and actor, died December 10 at the age of 65.
2. Rosa Parks, civil rights icon, died October 24 at the age of 92.
3. Nipsey Russell, the poet laureate of television, died October 2 at the age of 80.
4. Luther Vandross, musician, died July 1 at the age of 54.
5. Johnnie Cochran, lawyer best known for his work on the O.J. defense, died March 29 at the age of 67.
6. Sandra Dee, actress best known as Gidget, died February 20 at the age of 63.
7. Ossie Davis, actor, died February 4 at the age of 87.

Most Famous Person I Personally Saw in 2005
Countess Vaughn: I saw her at a Citi Bank ATM in Culver City, CA. I would have thought after 8 months in Los Angeles I would have seen Halle Berry by now. As of yet, no such luck.

The People I Hated the Most in 2005
1. George Bush (No surprise there, huh?)
2. Dick Cheney
3. Jesse Lee Peterson
4. Pat Robertson
5. Terrell Owens (The guy completely destroyed my Fantasy Football team)

Best Quote of 2005
"George Bush does not care about black people." - Kanye West

Funniest Quote of 2005
"George Bush does not care about black people." - Kanye West

Best Ghetto Phrase of 2005

Whoop Dat Trick!!!



26 Responses to A Look Back At 2005

  1. Cynthia Says:
    I think you're using the wrong vernacular for Kanye's quote - shouldn't it be: George Bush don't like black people (lol).

    This is classic
  2. James Manning Says:
    It's a classic either way, cynt.
  3. MEP Says:
    Great movie picks for 2005 - I agree! You forgot to mention Hitch, though. That was a fun movie too.

    And Get Lifted was clearly one of the best CDs of the last year. I actually like the Mariah Carey album too. But I'm a girl. :D
  4. chance Says:
    Chance glad to have you here in California Jay (james) thanks jaimie for getting him out here. He has been an intellectual king among the various blog that he visit you both have a happy news years. And, I will see you in the 2006 blogsphere. Nice list of events that have manifested in your life Jay.


  5. James Manning Says:
    Hitch was an ok movie but lacking. I didn't listen to Mimi's album but from what I did hear, it sounds nice.


    Appreciate the compliment, bruh. Hope you and yours have a great New Years.
  6. Peace Says:
    you forgot "In the Mix" as one of the worst movies of 2005!
  7. James Manning Says:
    I didn't see it. I just picked the movies I saw - which there weren't a lot of them to choose from. But I'll take your word for it.
  8. Rell Says:
    Honestly I was a big j legend fan but I think get lifted was a little overrated.

    Be is that "fiyah" though.
  9. Jaimie Says:
    "Whoop That Trick"! Ha! Even I liked that one.

    I didn't know Sandra Dee died...she was kinda young (63) by today's standards.

    I miss all of those people too.
  10. Malik Says:
    I really appreciate the space you've created here James. It lives up to its name. You manage to bring together people from all over the spectrum and get them to engage one another without the conversation becoming strident and polarizing (I've been guilty of being a little of both I'm afraid). Maybe when I've been around the block a few more times, I can be as cool as you.
  11. Little Miss Chatterbox Says:
    I will have to agree that "The Cuss Out Kit" was by far my favorite of all your posts I have read to date. Classic!! Enjoyed reading your events except the W parts :-).
  12. Mr. Grey Ghost Says:
    "Crash" was also my favorite flick this past year and a must-see for any and everyone.

    I'll give Kanye credit for making people talk about race, but not much else.

    Keep up the cool writing in '06!
  13. DJBigDaddy Says:
    Best moment in sports this year - UNC beating Illinios for NCAA championship

    Loving Hip Hop Online Radio
  14. James Manning Says:
    DJ, that had to be one of the saddest moments in sports history. To see the Illini fall to that bunch was painful.

    Malik, Glad you enjoy the space. I'm not sure how I haven't pissed my rightie friends off more but they seem to be willing to give me a pass on my rants. That's cool because I give them passes on theirs.
  15. TheOneandOnlyInsanely Says:
    HAPPY NY!!!


    I think I may have ADD too.

    LOL @ Best Ghetto Phrase " WHOOP THAT TRICK" I know thats right!!

    Love the BEST QUOTE, thats mine also.

    I loved Johnny Cochran, I wanted to cry.
  16. DCS Says:
    Happy New Year, James. Give my love to the kitties. :-)
  17. Shirazi Says:
    Happy new year.
  18. Rose Says:
    Have a Happy NEw Years.....
  19. Kathleen Callon Says:
    He should have said, "George Bush doesn't like black people, Muslim people, poor people, or people smart enough to see what a lying asshole he is."

    Hope 2006 is your best yeat. HAPPY NEW YEAR, James.

  20. Little Miss Chatterbox Says:
    Happy New year!!
  21. Revka Says:
    happy new year!! The cuss out kit was the best..
    I like your movie list as well.
    EXCEPT George Bush. How can you hate him? :)
  22. Rell Says:
    "that bunch?"

    James, you know I'm a Carolina Graduate (2004) and a employee in the Athletic department right?

    Don't hate :-) lol
  23. James Manning Says:
    Rell, I can't help it. We almost had it. How are those cats doing in the NBA? I haven't kept up with them much. I hear Luther Head is doing well.
  24. Diane S. Says:
    James, I completely enjoyed the "Best of James Manning in 2005". Thanks for the list of links. And for the forty millionth time, man, you can write.

    I'm not much of a sports fan, but I got up off of my chair and screamed when the White Socks finally had their day.

    Kanye's comment may be the defining quote of 2005. Also his performance of "Jesus Walks" in one of the Post Katrina benefits concerts was just frickin' amazing.

    2005 saw the loss of a lot of lives, and we are all the poorer for their abscense.

    Happy New Year to you!
  25. Zoozan Says:
    Sorry about this James, it's a bit random but I can't find an e mail address for you. I found this poem on Labi Sifri's site and it bought your blog to mind and I wanted to share it with you

    (from the CD - "Man Of Reason")

    I learned your dates and numbers
    I learned that you were the winners
    That you were civilised, and I
    I was your burden

    I learned about your victories
    The valour and the glory that was yours
    And I The heathen had to hide
    'Cause God was on your side

    You never told me
    The thief came in the night
    And stole my birthright
    You never told me
    The empire you built then
    Was founded on the bodies
    Of my murdered brethren

    You taught me to despise
    Me seen through your eyes
    But now I clearly see
    The lies you call your history

    You taught me with your movies
    The redman was no man at all
    He could not hold his alcohol
    The blackman likes to sing and dance
    But does not have intelligence

    You said my sins would be forgiven
    If truly I repented
    He'd wash my sins away
    (Your way)
    But you have not repented
    You are just the same

    You never told me
    That Jesus was a Jew
    And still you swear
    His hair was fair
    His eyes were baby blue

    You taught me to despise
    Me seen through your eyes
    But now I clearly see
    The lies you call your history

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