Advertising: Whoop Dat Trick Exercise Video

The following is a paid advertisement for the Whoop Dat Trick Exercise Video and is brought to you by West Mothafuckin' Side Publishing, and does not reflect the thoughts and attitudes of this blog and its commentors.

Are you looking to start your New Years off with beating a mothafucka's ass but have neither the strength nor the wind to do so. Ladies, have you been saying to yourself all year, 'that bitch needs her ass whooped?' Men, how many times has it crossed your mind to walk up to the dirty bastard that has gotten on your nerve all year and knock him the fuck out? If this scenario is familiar to you and you haven't taken action because you are either too fat or too out of shape to do so - then this product is for you.

West Mothafuckin' Side Publishing has just the product to whip your sorry ass into shape. Presenting the "Whoop Dat Trick Exercise Video". Not since the days of Jane Fonda has an exercise video revolutionized the way mothafucka's get their workout on.

The Whoop Dat Trick Exercise Video is loaded with 120 minutes of high octane, low impact, self-defense maneuvers, strength training procedures and secret pimp slappin' techniques. All demonstrated by certified trainers/pimps who have attended 600 hours of physical fitness classes and endured over 600 hours of pimpin' on the streets of Chicago.

But don't take our word for it. Check out the testimonies of satisfied customers across the globe.

For most of my life I was considered a weak bitch. Boys beat me up, girls took my milk money. My self-esteem was low and I was always afraid to be in large crowd for fear of getting my ass whooped on GP. Then one night I saw the Whoop Dat Trick Exercise Video and it stated how I had a choice in not maintaining my wuss status. After three months of following the videos intensive physical regiment and mental exercises, I became a new man. Just yesterday I slapped the shit out of the maitre d' for putting 4 ice cubes in my water when I specifically asked for three. This time last year I wouldn't have done that. Now I'm slappin tricks on the regular. All thanks to the Whoop Dat Trick Exercise Video... they can't fuck with me.
Lets hear from a female client.

Ray Ray use to beat my ass all the damn time. I couldn't do nothing about it because I was 50 pounds overweight. One day my girlfriend told me about the exercise video that helped her get her man in line and she gave it to me. Well, four months later and fifty pounds lighter, Ray Ray tried to put his hands on me and I commenced to wearing his ass out. I pimp slapped his ass like I was Gene Hackman on Mississippi Burning all the while screamin' 'Bitch, get off me.' Since that day, I got that bitch reading the "Hoe Go Fix My Grits" cookbook, bringing me hot wings from the barbecue house and polishing my toes. And I owe it all to the Whoop Dat Trick Exercise Video.
The success in the Whoop Dat Trick Exercise Video is not only in the innovative way we go about teaching fitness and pimpin' skills, but in the music that alters the mentality of the listener as they learn the technique to properly whoop ass. The soundtrack of the video is laced with the hottest mind-altering club bangers like:

1. Weak Niggaz Let Hoez Read - Osama the Don
2. No WMD's (But I Still Lit Dat Ass Up) - Killa G
3. Oh Pleaz, Oh Pleaz, Oh Pleaz (Just Gimme Just One Mo Hit) - Rodney King f/Marion Berry
4. Katrina... Aint But A Word To Me - Mike Brown
5. Coonin' For Your Heart - Jesse Peterson and the Larry Elder Quartet

and many more...

Although the music is great, it is the technique of our trainers that make the difference. The exercise video showcases the latest in physical fitness techniques divided into three different routines:

Step & Intervals....9 minute active warm up, 21 minutes of high intensity step aerobics (which teaches the art of stepping yo foot off in a trick's ass), 10 minutes of ALL CHEST pounding exercises, 5 minute pimp slap stretch.

Kickbox.....9 minute active warm up, 23 minutes of kickboxing chops to the back of the throat, 10 minutes of elbow to the mouth exercises, Abs 12 minutes, pimp slap stretch 5 minutes.

Leaner Legs.....For those who are looking to flee the police after administering an ass kicking. 3 minute stationary warm up, 33 minutes ALL LEG jumping a fence and hiding in the alley exercises, 9 minutes of ABS, pimp slap stretch 4 minutes.

All routines are presented by our specially trained trainers.

Make your New Years Resolution to whoop a trick's ass possible by purchasing the Whoop Dat Trick Exercise Video today. It has changed the lives of many and we guarantee that it will change yours. You can have this video for the New Years sale price of $14.99. That's Right, just $14.99!!! This is for a limited time only.

Don't be a fat bitch in '06!!!

Call West Mothafuckin' Side Publishing @

Operators are standing by.

Disclaimer: Please recognize that no matter how much training you've had, there are some people in the world that will fuck you up with the quickness. So if you step to some Ving Rhames type mothafucka and he goes Medieval on yo ass - then you just picked the wrong mothafucka to fuck with. West Mothafuckin Side Publishing is not responsible for any injuries acquired from any attempt to whoop a trick. By purchasing this video, you assume all risk to getting yo ass whooped when applying the techniques demonstrated in this video. We're not trying to pay because you decided to do some dumb shit. Fuck that!!!

Don't forget to check out our Cuss Out Kit now available.

And the folks at West Mothafuckin' Side Publishing welcomes you to 2006!!!


32 Responses to Advertising: Whoop Dat Trick Exercise Video

  1. Jaimie Says:
    That was good. Remember last night with the Climatique commercial? Do one like that next...our little secret...
  2. kerri Says:
    lmao.... "don't be a fat bitch in 06"... that's hilarious james! thanks for the laugh on day 2 of '06... hope you have a great new year...
  3. Little Miss Chatterbox Says:
    Alright, this is another good one. And for such an economical price :-).
  4. Diane S. Says:
    Is West Mothafuckin' Side Publishing accepting material for publication? ;-)

    Answer the phone James. It's an agent.
  5. Malik Says:
    That's classic man. Somebody needs to hook you up with a producer.
  6. Dan-E Says:
    holy crap this is hilarious
  7. DJ Diva Says:
    I'm done...I never expected that James...That was hilarious!!!

    Pimp's prayer:

    Lord guide my hand and make it strong Lord that she might know a Ho's place....(A Pimp Named Slickback, Boondocks 2005)
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