Advertising: The Cuss Out Kit

The following is a paid advertisement for the Cuss Out Kit and is brought to you by West Mothafuckin' Side Publishing, and does not reflect the thoughts and attitudes of this blog and its commentors.

Advertising: Do you have troll that you would like to curse out but haven't the street vernacular to do so? Maybe you have a friend that pisses you off to the highest of pisstivity and would like to curse them out but lack the courage to do so. Don't worry, you are not alone. Many people go months, years, even decades without properly cursing out some deserving idiot with the quickness.

Well, now all of your problems are solved. Presenting the world first ever Cuss Out Kit. Brought to by West Mothafuckin' Side Publishing, the makers of the Check Yo Man Dictionary and the Whoop Dat Trick Exercise Video.

The Cuss Out Kit, will equip you with the necessary courage and verbiage to curse out any Blog Troll, Baby Daddy, or friend that borrowed something and never returned it. But you don't have to take our word for it. Read what satisfied customers across the country are saying about the Cuss Out Kit.

"I was having problems with my baby's daddy and I didn't know what to do. Err time I called that son of a bitch he hung up on me. I wrote letters but he never responded. But thanks to the Cuss Out Kit, I found out that I was communicating with the bastard in an ineffective manner. The Cuss Out Kit enabled me to cuss that sorry bastard out so bad that not only did he come off the loot, but he even gave me the keys to his Range Rover. I couldn't have done it without the Cuss Out Kit. Thank you "West Mothafuckin' Side Publishing." -
Shanikwa J.
Tampa Bay, FL

Not only is the Cuss Out Kit designed for personal use, but it makes a great business tool as well. In those instances when you are dealing with rowdy customers or suppliers, you can use the Cuss Out Kit to get your point across and stop all bullshit at the door. Again, you don't have to take our word for it. Check out, Nathan Rickenbocher's testimony. Nathan is president of an Insurance company in Denver, Colorado.

"I had problems with one particular client that wanted us to pay a claim on his fire insurance policy. His home burned do to faulty wiring. Sure, we could have and should have paid but when I found out his home was worth $4 million I was like, 'fuck that.' Because of that, he called our offices relentlessly. I sent several professional correspondence that were written by the people in my legal department stating that we wouldn't honor his claim. The guy made my life miserable. Finally, an associate told me about the Cuss Out Kit and how it helped her. I purchased it and when I found the letter in Chapter Ten, on How To Threaten Bodily Harm Ghetto Style, I knew I had the right book. After sending the letter to the gentlemen and his family, I never heard anything from him again. Thanks to the Cuss Out Kit, I'm harassment free and sitting on $4 million. "West Mothafuckin' Side Publishng," you're the best... and I'm rich, bitch."

Nathan Rickenbocher
Slight Of Hands Insurance

The Cuss Out Kit is a perfect tool for those of you with beef, drama, grief or just in the mood to cuss a bitch out. You can't go wrong with this kit and if you order now, we'll throw in the Hoe Go Fix My Grits cookbook. It is loaded with exceptional phrases you can use to motivate that lazy ass man or that sorry ass tramp that is sitting on your sofa and smokin' all of your bud to get up and do something around the house.

The normal cost for both the Cuss Out Kit and the Hoe Go Fix My Grits cookbook is $49.99. But you can both for the special blog price of $19.99. That's Right!!! Just $19.95. Act now. It makes a great gift for the cussing challenged on your shopping list!!!

Call West Mothafuckin' Side Publishing @
Operators are standing by.

Fine Print: This product is intended for adults only. West Mothafuckin' Side Publishing is not responsible for any chin checkin' that may occur from the use of any of our products. Side effects of our products may include getting yo ass whooped, ran over by a Cutlass, shot in the ass or pimp slapped. Use extreme caution when applying to humans larger and angrier than yourself. Remember, some dirty bastards may be out to whoop yo ass on GP. In those cases, our products may not stop the beat down. Consult our manual, "How To Run and Not Look Like A Bitch" for assistance.


36 Responses to Advertising: The Cuss Out Kit

  1. Malik Says:
    ROFL. You've got a career as a comedy writer, seriously.
  2. stuffle Says:
  3. nikki Says:
    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! now THIS is the perfect start to my day. that was BEYOND hilarious.

    btw, do those kits come giftwrapped?
  4. SRH Says:
    Okay, you cannot advertize without delivering. I cannot curse like I am street, and I need to be able to.
  5. Bloviating Zeppelin Says:
    Damn, I think I need one. Do you guys take Pep Boys cards?

    BTW James, just thought I'd let you know that your site is great, wonderful detail, beautiful construction, great photos -- you must either know HTML or have some kinda Confuser Guru Wonk (CGW) working for you. In any event, it's how I'd like MY site to look some day. EXCELLENT job, great construction, great layout, sir!
  6. James Manning Says:
    I'm glad you folks are enjoying this. I may have to come up with a few more.

    Zeppelin, I appreciate the compliments,sir. Thank you for visiting - and I will make sure I check out your blog.
  7. James Manning Says:
    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
  8. Little Miss Chatterbox Says:
    Okay James, I am laughing so hard I have tears in my eyes. This is AWESOME!!!!!!!! And I will take credit as being the inspiration for this :-).
  9. Deb S. Says:
    Man, I am laughing so hard, you've got to be hearing me! I just lost it all when I got to the testimonials! I tell you what. I'm going to quit my day job and start manging you. I could get rich just off the 10%. LOL!!
  10. James Manning Says:
    Thanks DCS and LMC -

    I'd like to write for something like Saturday Night Live. Maybe you can make that happen for a brother.
  11. Neil Says:
    I'm still learning the system. Is calling someone a dirty bastard a cuss out or a compliment?
  12. James Manning Says:
    Neil, I deal with that subject in chapter 9, Be Sexy In Yo Cussing. There, I deal with a number of ways you can cuss your lover out during a love making session and make it sound good. But for the most part, calling some a dirty bastard is cussing them out.
  13. Little Miss Chatterbox Says:
    James: I wrote a post about trolls and mentioned you (in a good way ofcourse) and linked to you.
  14. Jaimie Says:
    That's funny. I need that for my ex-husband, and you know all the reasons why.
  15. Mahndisa S. Rigmaiden Says:
    12 07 05

    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha LMBAO James, LMBAO!!! When are you gonna follow Malik's suggestion and write some comedy eh? Oops, I forgot, you are a shill ha ha ha. I am sorry James that word is just too funny! I will get over it in time, I suppose. Hey, did you post this link on PD's site? I betcha he would love it!!! ha ha ha ha ha ah Have a nice day:)
  16. NewYorkMoments Says:
    This is without a doubt, one of the funniest things I've ever seen!
  17. Revka Says:
    That was hilarious, but I think $49.00 is a little too steep with the side effects and all.
  18. Mahndisa S. Rigmaiden Says:
    12 07 05

    Hey James. Come by. YOu will like the short and current post:)
  19. Dan-E Says:

    Hoe Go Fix My Grits???


    i'm hungry now.
  20. Berry Says:
    O.M.G. MAD TV must be looking for new writers.
  21. bold as love Says:
    James, I've been waiting to see more of the Willie comic strip character- I thought that was hilarious, now you come out with the cuss out kit. This is too much- Just Dayum.
  22. James Manning Says:
    Glad you enjoy it. I will bring Willie back this week.
  23. Cynthia Says:
  24. Deb S. Says:
    Mr. Manning, Lorne Michaels (executive producer, Saturday Night Live) is holding for you on line one. :-)
  25. Bloviating Zeppelin Says:

    I just cruised around to a bunch of other blogs, including the so-called BIGGIES in, at least, my conservative world and, quite frankly, your site puts their asses to shame.

    I MEAN it when I say: your piece of the digital domain is one of THE coolest sites I've seen constructed for ANY blog.


    So spill: do YOU do it, are you a Ringer in the midst, or do you have someone working for you?

    Mistah: I gots to know!
  26. James Manning Says:

    Thanks for the compliment. But yes, I do errthing you see here.

    I do know HTML and some java scripting. I use to do web development before Flash took over. I'm not a Flash guy yet but I might learn how to do it. It's not that hard from what I can see. I know Dreamweaver and I can do some cool things in Photoshop as well.
  27. jakejacobsen Says:
    You are very welcome for the hookup! That's some funny stuff bro, well done!
  28. Lisa Gilliam Says:
    first time visting your blog I like what I've see n thus far and will try to make you a regular pit stop on the blososphere.
  29. Anonymous Says:
    hell naw lol
  30. Kimberly Says:
    James, both you and Jaime have the BEST blogs I've ever read. Period. I am a self admitted blog ho. I love them. Before I sit down to pound out my word count for the day, I check out blogs. I rarely, rarely post. I'm getting grumpy in my old age. But I discovered yours and then a few days ago, I discovered Jaime.

    You two need to seriously team up and write a novel. I'm serious. Romantic comedy. It sells. Make it hot. That really sells. If you're interested...I know some people who know some people...LOL. I'd publish it my damn self. Been thinking of doing that for my own stuff lately anyway.

    You and your mate are talented. You have inate talent that most published so called writers would give their first born child for.

    Much love
  31. Jay Says:
    Although it is quite usefull when used correctly,This kit is probably going to be the cause of a convience store clerk, that insurance guy, and or some kid who mad at they mama's accidental ass whipin. West Muthafunkin publishin should really state that they are not responsible for any reperucussions that occur for using the cuss out kit. But that shit is hillarious
  32. L. L. Says:
    LMBAO!!! Too bad it doesn't really exist, 'cause there's a few people in my life I'd like to use some of THOSE linguistic techniques on!!!
  33. Anonymous Says:
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