Quick Take on the Headlines

Bush: US Overcoming Iraq 'mistakes'

This is the second speech in a series of four that Bush will give before his State of the Union speech. It is a rehash of everything else but there was something odd about it. He tried to hype the good news coming out of Iraq - most notably the economic progress. However, Bush concentrated on the advanced made in Mosul and Najaf, cities in the Kurdish and Shiite territories. That's like saying that we can measure the progress in the Gulf region by looking at the economic progress in Seattle and Detroit. The speech was another dud but even worse than the first. I can't wait for the third one.

Hastert Seeks to Postpone Start of Congress

If all of the scandals weren't enough. Now Hastert wants to reschedule the first House session to Jan. 31 to give Tom DeLay time to end his legal problems. What they are saying is that one man is more important that the business of the American people. Imagine if the Dems were to pull a stunt like this. Fox News would have a fit. Not to worry Hastert, you'll have your time in court when Abramoff drops and they find out how much of that gambling money he gave you.

He Must Have Wanted To Die

Why this man made a bomb threat then ran through the airport is beyond me. Either he was having a very bad day or off of his meds. It will be interesting to see the background of this fella. Folks, do yourself a favor. Don't make idle threats at the airport. It will get you arrested if not killed.

House Moves to Cut Taxes

So how are they going to pay for this 95.4 billion price tag? Not to worry, Medicare, Medicaid, head start programs, and other social programs will be cut. When they realize that they've cut those to the bone already, they will just add it to the deficit which is projected to be $330 billion in 2006.

S.F. Police Suspends 20 for Video

That bastion of liberalism, San Francisco, has yet another tape that showcases how they really feel about black folks and gays. What's the defense for such idiocy by San Francisco's finest, "It was an artistic spoof about life on the force." Well, there you go.


8 Responses to Quick Take on the Headlines

  1. stuffle Says:
    Either he was having a very bad day or off of his meds

    I'm going with either "off his meds", or "victim of a really stupid bar bet"...
  2. Malik Says:
    It's pretty tragic actually. The guy really was mentally ill, and he basically killed himself out of delusion.
  3. stuffle Says:
    This story confirms that he was mentally ill and off his meds.

    I feel sorry for the air marshals who now have to live with this even though they absolutely did the right thing. Not a position that I would want to be in, which is why I have nothing but respect for them folks.
  4. James Manning Says:
    I read the story. I feel sorry for the guy's wife.
  5. Revka Says:
    Sorry about leaving this comment on this post.. Gotta get off the computer quick..
    Hey, I just posted a comment on Chatterbox's blog. You are mentioned..
    I have an idea.. with your cuss out kit, you forgot to include a personalized booty kicken, by the man himself.. James. For a mere $19.00 if you buy 2 cuss out kits.You ought to consider this to poor people who need more than what one cuss out kit can offer.
  6. Cynthia Says:
    Nice wrap up.
    It's unfortunate about the guy being shot. I like the way your side bar is broken down.
  7. James Manning Says:
    Thanks cynt,

    At least now folks know what they are getting into when the click the links. Rebe, I responded on Chatter's blog.

    I'm not one for fighting anymore. Much too old for it. But I may add a free brick with each purchase.
  8. Little Miss Chatterbox Says:
    I like what you've done with your sidebars also. I agree with not causing problems at the airport. The air marshall did his job and the outcome was unfortunate but with terrorism being the issue there is no other option.