Rules of Engagement: Part II

This first time I went at this cat, I basically ranted with profanity. But as you can tell, I do don't a lot of cursing on this blog and it is because my pastor has a link to me on his blog and because a lot of people don't like to read it. However, I felt the need to curse him out so I did. It won't happen again, however. I will save rants like those for emails if I have them or keep it clean.

I thought I was done with him but he actually came to my blog and posted a comment.

Nice mouth, shill. Yo Momma know you talk this way? Slap the taste outta yo mouth! Proves what I knew all along, shill! (I love being right all the time) - Phantom Drive

It's third grade commentary but considering that I cusred him out like a sailor, I can't expect much. I gave him a pass. Then I go to LMC's blog and find that the guy has posted this rant in the comments area of her blog. The reason I didn't rant like this on her blog because it would have been disrespectful. But not only did he post it, he posted it using my name with a link to a profile called peaz on that. Third grade once again.

To top this all off, he post a little rant on his blog about me and how my mother must be ashamed, how I am lying about my military experience and that I probably spent more time engaging in homosexual acts in a hotel than I did in the military. I would have commented, but I was sure he would delete it so I didn't bother. I then go back to the blog to find out that he removed his little rant.

Things like this really irk me. But I've learned that is it is better and more fun to dissect and deconstruct an idiot than it is banter back and forth with them which is an exercise in futility.

Dell has a rule on his blog that you can call someone a name but you had better be able to qualify it. I think this is a good rule. Phantom Drive has called me a shill on several occasions. Lets look at the meaning of a shill and see how that fits into what I do on this blog.


A shill is an associate of a person selling goods or services, who pretends no association to the seller and assumes the air of an enthusiastic customer. The intention of the shill is, using crowd psychology, to encourage other potential customers, unaware of the set-up, to purchase said goods or services.

Usually, shills are employed by
confidence artists. Their use is often illegal, though this varies as the precise definition of what comprises "shilling" is debatable. (source)

In Chicago, you were more than likely to run into this on the El when someone was scamming at a game of Three Card Monte. There is no way to win at this game but there was always someone dropping $50 and walking away with $100 to encourage others to attempt. It is the fastest way to part ways with your money.

So, this is what Phantom Driver thinks that is what I am. A side kick for someone else. He came to the blog. I wonder if he took the time to read other post. I wonder if he noticed that I write about everything under the sun and speak my own mind. But the question is, why doesn't he qualify his statement? Because he can't. He is simply tossing out names and running away knowing that he can hide behind his anonymity and power to delete my comments.

He questions my military experience also. Again, what basis does he have for this? His profile says that he is retired military, I don't question it. How can I? But here are the facts: Served US Navy from '89 to '93. Boot camp: NTC San Diego. Aviation Election School: Millington, TN then back to San Diego and assigned to VS-41 Anti-Submarine Training Squadron. Then assigned to VS-38 where I did two West-Pac tours on the USS Ranger CV-61, veteran of the Gulf War and proudly crossed over from a slimy Pollywog to a crusty Shellback... With pride I might add. What, do you want to see my DD-214 or DD-295? Maybe I should send you the stubs from my GI Bill checks. Whatever.

The funny thing about this entire episode is that I made such an innocent comment on LMC's blog.

I have a post on what I thought of the speech and the 35-page document he produced. In a nutshell, it had a lot of holes in it. Check it out and let me know what you think. also, i have a post on heroes inspired by your post (click comment to read thread)

If someone can explain how a comment like this on a fellow blogger's thread whom I am on good terms with turns into this... I would appreciate it. But I am putting this to rest. Phantom Driver, you are free to come here and post as you please. I have no rules on commenting and I don't delete comments. I just ask that you be a man about it. If you post something about me, link me and allow me comment as I am extending you that same courtesy. If you call me a name, back it up - I've called you a host of names and your actions today have shown me that I was correct in my initial assessment of you.

There it is. You all have a good weekend. I have a Winter Wonderland to create. I'll holla during the Bears spanking of the Packers.


12 Responses to Rules of Engagement: Part II

  1. bold as love Says:
    What attracts me to blogging is the free-flow of ideas and the ability to respond to other peoples thoughts as well as they to mine. When it turns into a school yard pissing contest the spirit of this forum changes into something useless and boring.

    James, ignore the detractors, and just do your thang. Your blog stands on its own, it covers a wide range of subjects and is a daily read for me- Most people don't know what a DD-214 is, and I don't require they do- I just would like for people to make comments that are true to the best of their knowledge.

  2. Jaimie Says:
    I think you handled yourself well. At first, you were pissed, so a different James came out, but hey-that's okay. Now, everything on your part seems to make sense.

    I've grown to understand that people have their "own realities." In this man's reality, he is always right. He is on the defense. You are the enemy.

    In your reality, there are two sides to every story, issue, and person. Life is filled with discussison, respect, and compromise.

    So really, in my opinion, this man is really living a life unlived.

    *Damn, I'm good. I need to go get a Phd in psychiatry.*
  3. James Manning Says:
    Your right Bold. You and I disagree on issues and we have spirited debates but it has never gotten in the gutter. Why? Because we respect each others opinion and we make no big deal of the fact that we disagree - as it should be. I won't rant on this sucker again. I'll just destroy his third grade hissy fits whenever he comes at me and live my life.
  4. Cynthia Says:
    I wouldn't allow anyone to unnerve me to the point that it makes me tell more information about myself than what I intended on sharing in the first place. I've been called all types of name. Maybe this is the nature of virtual interactions. It almost seems like anything goes unless you are on non-political sites. This is probably why they say - you should never talk to people about religion and politics.

    But, all in all, I'm fully aware that we all must purge in our own ways.
  5. James Manning Says:
    Cynt, I feel you. There is a way to engage - and this guy is on something else that I've never seen.

    But I'm chill now. DCS posted a link that cracked me up so I'm back to having some fun.
  6. Steve Says:
    You can't explain insanity. Although, you've done a good job making the attempt. Crazy people come in all shapes and sizes, and appear everywhere - including blogs.

    100 years ago, that same mentality owned slaves, justified it by quoting the Bible, and had several biracial children behind it. Move it up 100 years, and there you have it.

    Folks like that are most often cowards. The anonymity of the internet gives them a perceived power. Let them keep it. You (and I) know better.
  7. DJ Diva Says:
    Blog Drama is real..but is soo useless...That guy needs a damn life!

    Peaceful James...come on back LOL
  8. Dell Gines Says:

    James, it is like this, you know how they call Alcohol liquid courage?

    So it the anonymity of blogging. People get behind a keyboard and a screen name and the biggest nerds turn into Mike Tyson.

    That is why I don't have a problem with people having my phone number or my address. Everything I say I will say it to your face.

    The good thing though is that overall, people are pretty cool and good hearted, but sometimes man, people are just out there.

    At the end of the day, I am still from the hood after the end of all the political comments an whatever, we can still go there and sometimes people forget that.
  9. NewYorkMoments Says:
    I've recently learned that there are people out there with too much freetime who do nothing all day long but create "blogdrama." And most of the time these people have the maturity and intelligence of pre-teens. I've just had a situation recently, and my new tactic is to just cut them out and ignore them. I refuse to ever waste energy on BS like that again.

    That said, I think you handled yourself like a gentleman.
  10. letter shredder Says:
    i'd like to comment on the "peaz on that." worst thing that a person can do to anyone is to make a blog using the name of the other person, copying posts and pics from the original blog and posting comments afterwards...

    (not that i'm giving ay clue =p), always secure your passwords...
  11. letter shredder Says:
    and about opinions, every opinion is valid. it may not be right or wrong, but it's still valid. it's someone else's point of view.

  12. jan brauner Says:
    Thanks for the lessons on 'rules of engagement'. Ya never know when I'll need them. :)

    I love what jaime said about you, and it encapsulated your essence beautifully.

    Bold as love is right about the school yard thing. It is boring and it denotes a lack of class when it becomes the essence of exchange. I am glad that you are different.

    By the by, I think I was deleted before, or had a glitch. Hope this one works.