Rules of Engagement

Disclaimer: This post is full of curse words as I have to curse someone out. If you do not want to read this rant, please read other posts. - Management

Lord knows I try to be nice but some folks just won't let me. I posted a response the Bush speech and I go to one of the conservative blogs I have linked (The Chronicles of Chatterbox) and sees that she has a simular post. So I nicely refer her to my site so she can comment on my post and this bitch made, punk motherfucker calls me a shills. Now, I've never even heard that term before so we go back and forth and before you know it I have to curse this motherfucker out with the quickness.

He then invites me to post on his blog and I oblige but he turns around a deletes my comments. Here is what he says about my post:

Note: The last two deleted posts were A: Off Topic (Bush basing) and B: Professonally written. Apparently he did not heed the No Shill Zone warning of the wizard (dumb) and was not invited to my forum, which he claimed. Another liar dealt with.Colorado Springs, you have been ISP logged and Idented. Using a company puter for personal blogging? We may make a call. :-)

Now, I appreciate that he thinks my writing is of professional standards but if this is not a bitch move I don't know what is. Still, after deleting my post, I man up and apologize about the post-jack and state that I was just trying to start a political discourse with the bastard. Do you know this punk bitch deleted my apology. What kind of bullshit is that.

Well, Phantom_Driver, USNR, Ret, you punk motherfucker, I would just like to say fuck you and everything you stand for. I'm not normally like this but you can kiss my motherfuckin' ass. So, from this point on, I will not even acknowledge your existence. I know you post on Mahn's site and I might cuss your ass out when I see you there, but I don't want to disrespect her blog - but it just might happen again.

When you are ready to man the fuck up and engage a brother, hit me at and maybe I can teach you a few things about acting like you have a pair. Peace on That - Bitch.

UPDATE: I went back and read the comment that started this and realized that he was quoting me when he mentioned coming to his blog, because I invited him to post here. So I do stand corrected, he did not invite me to his blog. However, what type of man starts talking crap then runs and hid behind technology? If you come at me, then come at me.


22 Responses to Rules of Engagement

  1. Deb S. Says:
    And I just recommended a new reader to your site. Maybe I'll ask them to wait a day. By then, the smoke should have cleared. :-)
  2. bold as love Says:
    What's a little profanity between grown-ass, motherfuckin' people- james you got me cussing now--lol, Boy you making a lot of friends, ain't you James. lol
  3. Little Miss Chatterbox Says:
    I appreciate you trying to keep it clean on my blog :-). I left for a couple of hours and my blog became a debate forum. I did come to your defense in that you have been very kind and respectful in all our debates even though we disagree. And I appreciate that.

    I was glad to see your post on heroes also.
  4. NewYorkMoments Says:
    I LOVE rants!
  5. Little Miss Chatterbox Says:
    You'd be happy to know that Rebecca came to your defense also :-).
  6. DJ Diva Says:
    man oh drama is a muther...ignore him James...
  7. Deb S. Says:
    NYM, you're bad! LOL
  8. Malik Says:
    Easy brother easy. Best way to deal with insincere folks: ignore them. They're lookin' to get a rise out of you because they get a perverse kick out of it. Don't give them the satisfaction, and don't give out free publicity.
  9. Malik Says:
    Free publicity to fools that is.
  10. Malik Says:
    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
  11. James Manning Says:

    I wanted him to know who was cussing him out. It's funny to me now.


    Thanks, I was trying to be cool but some folks just want to see the westside of Chitown come out.

    This is the last time I will ever rant like this - I hope :)

    I'm cool now.
  12. Jo Says:
    That was great! See, I find both you and Jaimie unbelievably intimidating. Y'all are tooooo damn smart and grown-up. I almost feel like you're down to my level now ;-)
  13. Rashid Muhammad Says:
    Damn James, tell us how you really feel. Don't hold back now!
  14. Dell Gines Says:
    Get him brother. That is why I try to keep my blog as open as possible.

    Only fools and pussies run from true discussion on their beliefs.

    It would be different if it was an invite only board.

    But blogging seems to tell you alot about a person and their personality, I know I have learned alot about folks.
  15. Cynthia Says:
    I went and read the comments. From my experience on Republican sites, those two guys are consistent. I think Mahn, Miss Chatter Box, and Rebecca understands that you just like debating with them. That was nice to see. Regardless of our politics, they are willing to listen to the other side. I need to learn diplomacy.
  16. James Manning Says:
    Cynt, what I do is not step on people toes about their beliefs but engage them with my own thoughts. But LMC and Rebe know that I don't start crap with them.

    I noticed that the guy never came back, but he makes little slight comments on his blog. What a punk.
  17. Phantom_Driver, USNR, Ret. Says:
    Nice mouth, shill. Yo Momma know you talk this way?

    Slap the taste outta yo mouth!

    Proves what I knew all along, shill!

    (I love being right all the time)
  18. James Manning Says:

    I'm not going to delete your post because I want people to see your ignorance. I did some research to find out exactly what a shill is.

    Well, I know what you are talking about and basically it further shows your ignorance. I'm not even going to bother with commenting on your blog since your are not man enough to leave my comments up there. I'm done with you, bitch.

    Now go to his blog and look what he writes about me. This dude is out of his mind.
  19. Mahndisa S. Rigmaiden Says:
    12 02 05

    Whoa James: I guess I am late to the fray. And interestingly enough I find that you and I really don't disagree on all that much, then I again I don't disagree too much with Ms. Chatterbox either. Rebecca and I disagreed once, but I love her passion so it was no biggy. But I have never had shill wars on my blog. This is crazy funny! And Rebe and LMC did come to your defense! I don't know why PD had such a strong reaction to you. Then again, your cussing is so ridiculously infantile here. I know it must have been a release, but come on, you are far more dignified than this funny, ridiculous nonsense! I am laughing my ass of right about now! But I don't like to see disagreements though for real and am saddened that PD feels such a negative surge of emotions for you. But he did compliment your writing, as I have. You are hella funny (The CA gal in me!!!:) :)
  20. James Manning Says:
    Thanks Mahn, I don't like to curse and I won't let it happen again. I have another post about him so we'll see what he has to say this time.
  21. jan brauner Says:
    Well James;
    Two things..I have always appreciated your receptiveness to views that differed from your own, though in fact, I think we agree on most things (For some reason, people have made erroneous assumptions about what I think based on a lot of NOISE)..AND..

    Better to be called a shill than a 'party pimp'..LOL..
  22. James Manning Says:
    LOL @ Jan,

    That is true. You are correct, we do agree on a lot of things except you have still not come around to accepting that Bush is a spawn of the devil.