Just A Thought - The Weather Report

On Monday evening, there was endless coverage of the pending onslaught winter was about to deal Chicago. I seldom bother with weather reports but this time I decided to be proactive and take a sick day and save my self the trouble of commuting during a blizzard. I awoke Tuesday morning, not blistering cold temperatures and blowing snow, but to sunshine and sub-zero wind chills.

This is not the type of weather that Chicagoans worry about. And its certainly not the type of weather I deem fit for a sick day. No, a proper sick day is used in the summer to extend a weekend when the temperatures are in the mid-80’s. A sick day is for a drive to Wisconsin Dells or spending the day at Lincoln Park Zoo.

It seems as though the weather reports look to scare the crap out of people any time we get more than 2 inches of snow as though we’ve never had snow before. Unless the temperatures falls to 20-below or 12 inches of snow is on the way, there is no need to make a big fuss about the weather. C’mon Chicago, lets get it together. Cowboy the f--- up and save those sick days for the Taste.


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