NFL Playoff Weekend

Of the many things that took place over the weekend, none were more important than the NFL Playoffs. I am relieved that the Giants are no longer in the running and as I predicted, Carolina is not a Super Bowl caliber team.

Today’s papers are filled with headlines of “Shock!” as three underdogs won and only one home team won. The only surprise is how badly Carolina got beat by the Cardinals. Is it that surprising that Eli Manning had trouble with the Eagles secondary? How surprised are we that the Titans couldn’t score against Baltimore’s defense? Last week there was discussion that the Chargers may not miss LT considering how Sproles racked over 300 all-purpose yards against the Colts. Um… whatever. The Colts and the Steelers are two entirely different animals and any comparisons between the two should stop at “they are both NFL teams”.

I predict the Eagles and Ravens will win next week but I will not be surprised if the Cardinals and Steelers pull it out. Either way, the Super Bowl will be interesting despite the old-fart halftime show. We’ll discuss that on another post.


2 Responses to NFL Playoff Weekend

  1. Roderick Says:
    I don't give a crap about the AFC but I was surprised that the Ravens won but disappointed that the Steelers defeated the Chargers.

    But I am really happy that McNabb and company defeated the Giants convincingly and that he can tell Andy Reid to go to hell for benching him in the Ravens game. LOL

    It would be interesting if the Eagles meet the Ravens in the Super Bowl.
  2. James Manning Says:
    The Eagles and the city of Philadelphia have never fully appreciated McNabb. He needs to come home to Chicago where he belongs and where we'll show some love for at least a couple of years.