Are You Kidding Me

I just read this:

BALTIMORE – A city housing official pleaded guilty Thursday to stealing gift cards meant for needy children, becoming the latest public figure snagged in a probe that led to Mayor Sheila Dixon's indictment last week.

Lindbergh Carpenter Jr., 44, of Owings Mills pleaded guilty to stealing $140 worth of gift cards bought with city money for a Christmas program.

The cards never went to needy children. Instead, Carpenter used them to pay for part of a Nintendo Wii video game console for his own family, prosecutors said. Read

This is the type of crap that make people hate public officials. To some, $140 may not seem like a lot of money but it is the principle of the matter. To steal from poor children is about as low as one can go. It is especially low when you consider that he stole from needy children to buy A GAME!!! Not to feed his children; not to keep the heat on in the house; not to buy groceries. He purchased a game.

Someone needs to kick his arse!!!!


1 Response to Are You Kidding Me

  1. wintergurl32 Says:
    the city of baltimore,md is corrupt as can be ,if your not a police officer,or city official you mean nothing ,baltimore does not care about its people. we are being swindled and taken advantage of by those who are supposed to protect us,they not ,sheila dixon and her staff should be removed,asap she is a fraud ,always has been and always will be,now she wants our money to pay for her lawyers ,"someone show mayor dixon the door please"