Random Thoughts

After listing to Bush’s yawning farewell address, I couldn’t help but wonder exactly what the hell is he talking about. He made Iraq it sound as though Iraq was going swell and Afghanistan isn’t on the verge of complete chaos. He made no mention of the current economic crisis but to his credit finally vanquished the “52 straight months of economic growth” line.

I’m sure Bush’s point was to have the speech be one that historians can look back on and discover how right he was. I doubt that will happen but just in case I’ll keep the blog up so people can google and re-discover just how inept of a president he was.


The movie comes out today and my fellow blogger TopMack has an interesting take on what was really going down behind all the bling. I have no intention of seeing the movie but not because I don’t like Biggie. In fact, the opposite is true; I am a big fan of his music. However, I can help but look at the previews and believe this movie will fall well short of my cinematic expectations. For people who thought Friday After Next was a good movie, this film is their Casablanca.

I, however, am a harsh critic of movies and do not suffer mediocrity lightly – especially considering the cost of movie tickets and popcorn. I’ve read the reviews of reputable critics but I recall that these same critics thought American Gangster was a great movie when it just barely passed for being good.


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