What's In A Name?

I have no idea what goes through people minds when their naming their children, but it is clear that some folks shouldn’t be allowed to do it. Take a walk through the ‘hood and you will hear a host of “Afrocentric” sounding names. Though I don’t think Shaniqwa and Terenique sound very ethnic at all. Since those names have been around for some time, I think people are getting use to them.

People sometimes forget that children have to deal with the name given them throughout their adult life. Celebrities have this really bad. Madonna naming her children Lourdes and Rocco is crazy. Here are some other strange and odd names of celebrities:

Toni Braxton – Denin Cole (son)
Christie Brinklie – Sailor Lee (daughter)
Tom Cruise – Suri (son)
Richard Gere – Homer Jigme (son) where the hell did Jigme come from?
Kate Hudson – Ryder Russell (son)

There is an entire list here: Link. It’s actually pretty sad when you read it.

But the article I read today takes the cake for bad baby names. A couple has gone the extra mile by naming their children Adolf Hitler Campbell and Joycelyn Aryan Nation Campbell. That’s correct, some idiot parents actually named their daughter Aryan Nation. This is a cruel thing to do to a child because she will have to carry that for the rest of her life. (Read Article )

It is one thing for celebrities coming up with weird names after a night of puffing smoke, but naming a child after abhorrent human beings and racist organizations is tantamount to child abuse. I for one would not allow my children to befriend these children because I would be afraid of them being around the parents.

People, please… stop with the madness. I understand culturally relevant names and being a little creative. But remember, little Homer is going to be a teenager one day and Homer is probably not a name you want to carry while trying to survive high school. Can you imagine the jokes that Sailor will hear? And poor Adolf, his parents have set him up for a very lonely life. They’ll be known as “those kids with the racist names”.

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Question: What is the most creative name of a person you know.

My Answer: Stormy


3 Responses to What's In A Name?

  1. Patrick M Says:
    Well, at least I'm reminded that there are people in this world who should be hit in the head with a tack hammer and killed before they can give birth to children they will pervert for evil purposes.

    The Celebs, on the other hand, can just get their kids together to be wierd.

    Probably why I chose nice classic names for my younglings.

    And I've heard of a girl named Stormy. Has a sister named Breezy. They have another sister named Desiree, who's my nephew's evil stepmother.
  2. Deb S. Says:
    I just stopped by to say Merry Christmas. Wishing you blessings this holiday.
  3. MIB Says:
    I don't think there's anything improper about people giving their kids novel or unique sounding names. I went to elementary school with twin girls named Honey and Marnie. I had a schoolyard hoops rivalry with a dude whose first name was Cleveland. I have a distant relative whose real name allegedly is Eitherone. I've got a lot more awkwardly or strangely named family members, to boot.

    Many times, it didn't matter what a kid's real name was, they were given (or sometimes earned) a nickname. The guy Cleveland? We called him... well, netiquette doesn't permit me to write what we called him. But in time the brother embraced the nickname as a honor. I knew Ironhead Heyward. How many Black guys know other Black guys named Peanut?

    I say naming a kid Apple as did Gwyneth Paltrow gives them personality. Remember all the hotties in James Bond movies? Would you turn down a date with a woman named Pussy Galore? Plenty O' Toole? I didn't think so. 'Homer' says something about a kid that 'John' doesn't. (Truthfully, I don't know exactly what that might be, but stick with me.)

    I'm named after my father and went through my own private Hell of an identity crisis proving to everyone I'm not a younger version of Pops. And let me tell you having a so-called orthodox name won't spare you from childhood teasing.

    The good news is for those feeling put up by unusual names is you can change your name. Lots of people have done it; it's easy and inexpensive.