Miss World - PHEWY

From 109 countries around the world, these fluzzies touted minimal talent, average beauty and a total disregard for cleavage. It was a beauty contest worthy of its insignificance and lack of prominence.

I was forced to watch part of the Miss World contest last night. I have to say that at times, it was the worst television I’ve ever seen and at other times it was close to the worst television I’ve ever seen. To make it interesting, I started rooting for a few of the girls. My favorites were Miss Venezuela and Miss India. I was also pulling for Miss Trinidad and Miss Angola.

So for those of you lucky enough to not see this sham TV, I’d like to present to you the finalist for the Peace on The Miss PHAT Contest:

Miss Venezuela:

Rating very high on the PHATness scale, Ms. Venezuela easily surpassed 100 other fluzzies but not having a booty that is banging off the tracks may hurt her in the end (no pun intended).

Miss India

Sophisticated, smart, beautiful and funny she is every man’s dream. However, the Miss PHAT Contest places more emphasis on slut-potential and she may just have too much class.

Miss Angola

I am a fan. I am a fan. Ms. Angola has a fun spirit and is exceptionally smart. But we care about body and fineness and she has both of those qualities as well.

Miss Trinidad

The finest of the finalist who I imagine is a great site to see during Carnival.

AND THE WINNER IS!!! (drum role)

Miss Trinidad!!!

In the end, she was the only one that showed us what she got and that made all the difference in the world. As for Miss World 2008, the judges chose some KGB fluzzie to represent the globe. But I guess we couldn’t expect more from Communist.


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  1. Dave Miller Says:
    No argument here James.