How Is Your Health

I went to my annual eye exam for my contacts. The doctor looked into my eyes and asked me about my cholesterol. I was taken aback a bit, but responded that it was ok. Actually, my total cholesterol number is 217. A bit high but not high enough for medication, or so I thought. Apparently, there are two eye conditions that alert doctors to impending heart disease: arcus senilis and Hollenhorst plaque.

Arcus Senilis causes a thin white line to form around the cornea. This condition is seen in mostly older people but it can happen with young people with very high cholesterol levels. The second condition occurs when cholesterol deposits break and get lodged in the blood vessels of the retina.

I have neither of these conditions. The eye doctors saw cloudiness in my eyes and he said this is the beginning stages and that I should talk with my doctor because diet alone may not be enough to get my cholesterol down.

What I find funny is that I never would have thought about any of these things 20 years ago. But as I get older, health and retirement issues are looming and I can’t ignore them. I’m still in good health and I am planning on getting back into the gym next week. I’ve changed my diet, and I do look to take care of every aspect of my being beyond weightlifting. I still want the guns to look good, but what’s the point of having great arms and a heart that won’t beat?

A toast to living.

What Do You Do To Take Care of Yourself


5 Responses to How Is Your Health

  1. Bullfrog Says:
    I went in middle of last year and was told I had high cholesterol, high triglycerides, and was obese (this according to the Body Mass Index, which I think is rather inaccurate as it does not take into account bone structure or muscle mass). It scared me, mostly because I am a daddy and I want to watch my babies grow, so I started a diet.

    I have lost 40 pounds (15 more to go) and I feel great! Sleep better, more energy, better impulse control when it comes to eating.

    For exercise, I walk, stretch (alot) and do body weight exercises like push-ups, hindu squats, and hindu push-ups. Much easier on the joints than weight training, which I have done for years.
  2. Bloviating Zeppelin Says:
    No kidding. I think it's a miracle I've almost made it to 60, the way I've abused my body. I'm not on any meds but I innately sense something ugly lurking around the corner.

    "If I'd know I would have lived this long, I'd have taken better care of my body."

  3. Little Miss Chatterbox Says:
    I work out a lot but not so great at the eating healthy thing. Right now I'm keeping my calories down and I'm losing the last little bit of weight I want to lose but it doesn't mean I'm eating salads.
  4. Anonymous Says:
    Recently, I went on South Beach Diet and lost five pounds right away. I am 6.0 and down to 200 pounds but have 16 more to go to get to my "normal" weight for my height. I wish I wouldn't have let myself go like this in my 20's, or catching up would be much easier.

    Weight training is very important to one's health. I applaud you for staying strong. For some reason, I always show really lower overall cholesterol and I can't quite explain why. I am 31 years old and don't eat a diet high in fat, anymore, but am not sure why my cholesterol doesn't even show up on the radar screen. I view this as a good thing.
  5. Cynthia Says:
    I just eat really healthy. I eat like I'm going to live to 100.