Friday's Top Ten - Celebrities I Aint Feelin

The world famous Friday’s Top Ten returns to the blogaspere. I was talking with a co-worker about actors and actresses and we got to talking about Taye Diggs. I wasn't a big fan of this guy but over the years he’s grown on me. I can stand him now, and in fact, I think he’s a cool cat.

But, there are those celebrities that I just can’t wrap my head around. There is something about them that just irks me. Maybe it’s their talent (or lack thereof), attitude or persona. Either way, I just ain’t feelin’ ‘em.

So, today I present to you the Top Ten Celebrities… I Aint Feelin’

10. Joan Collins – I know she’s funny and Johnny Carson thought highly of her, but I have never enjoyed listening to the cackle-bag. She’s overbearing and I hate the sound of her voice. The fact that she has the audacity to leave of with a second generation of cackle-bags makes her worthy of this list.

9. Rosie O’Donnell – What’s the big deal about this woman. She has mediocre comedic skills, so-so acting skills, and overall, has a horrid personality. I’ve never liked her in anything and I certainly don’t give a damn about her opinion. I can’t even give her credit for being a liberal.

8. Jada Pinkett-Smith – I hate that she is on the list because I loved her when she was on “A Different World”. But over the years she has morphed into something that I find unrecognizable – and disturbing. It seems that she is always “on”. Tavis Smiley interviewed her several years ago and she came off as though she was the second coming of Angela Davis. I haven’t dug her since. The rock band thing doesn’t help.

7. Bill Bellemy – He was funny on the Def Comedy Jam – and then he made Booty Call. That diminished him in my eyes. After a few interviews and his role in “The Brothers”, he fell out of favor with me. In fact, subsequent appearances have only solidified my unraveling fandom.

6. Shemar Moore – I tried several times to give this brother the benefit of the doubt. I didn’t want to seem as though I’m hating on him because of his looks. But over the years he has proven himself to be void of any talent. His not being able to keep his shirt doesn’t raise any confidence in me that his career will last beyond his ability to keep himself in shape.

5. Everyone in G-Unit – It’s no surprise that I don’t like these guys. I don’t like the image they present and I don’t like their music. I wish they would go away.

4. Marques Houston – I have no idea what’s going on with this guy. He has no talent to speak of and lets face it – he’s a bitch of man. I may trip on the metrosexuals - but this cat takes it to a different level. How he keeps putting out albums is beyond me. He has never made a song that I would listen to and cannot act worth a damn. I’m far beyond not feeling this guy – I genuinely can’t stand the sight of the guy.

3. Ann Coulter – If you read my blog you know why she’s rated this high. I’ve learned to tune her out and take what she says with a grain of salt. I’ve gotten to the point where I won’t even waist time consuming airwaves when she is present.

2. Rush Limbaugh – Wind bag. What else can I say about this jerk? I don’t even have to go into details with this one.


1. Nancy Grace – How Miss Tweetie Bird ever got a show is beyond me. She is consumed by her own hate for the world and it comes across the airwaves every night. She is a bitter hag that could use some serious counseling. Under no circumstances will I ever watch her show. Hopefully, CNN will come to their senses and pull her show from the air.

Your Turn:


27 Responses to Friday's Top Ten - Celebrities I Aint Feelin

  1. Mr. Grey Ghost Says:
    This one's easy: Britney Spears because she's an idiot and Linday Lohan because she's a whore. Normally, I'd say Parisite Hilton, but then she's really not a "celebrity".
  2. Shimmy Says:
    Ann Coulter thinks about dead people when she's making love.
  3. James Manning Says:
    LOL @ shimmy, i've never heard that one but i may have to use it one day.
  4. Little Miss Chatterbox Says:
    I would agree about Rosie also but I would add Alec Baldwin, Sean Penn and Al Franken.
  5. Diane S. Says:
    Could I write a long list for this one...

    Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, any former American Idol, Bill O'Reilly, Rush Limbaugh, Imus, Ann Coulter (who impersonates dead people while making love) and Nancy Grace (with you all the way on that one).

    I still like Jada. I don't mind that she's always "on". I think the world needs some people who are always "on". I suspect I seem to a lot of people to be always "on" (I'm not, I have another secret blog in which I talk about things non-political).

    And I'm not sure why but I feel moved to mention what a great loss Molly Ivens is to the political world. I'm going to grieve Molly a long, long, time.
  6. Rose Says:
    I don't like Taye Diggs.He sucks big time. Barbara Walters bore me to sleep. Can't figure out why she made it so big, she is a horrible interviewer. Justin Timberlake didn't bring Sexy back. Timberland did, he wrote the song plus sexy was never gone. How in the heck does the media give him credit for bringing something back that was never gone?
  7. Jason Kirk Says:
    Besides the obvious Sharpton O'Reilly Lohan whatever, I can't think of anybody I ain't feeling quite like I ain't feeling Ben Stiller.
  8. Bullfrog Says:
    I hated Justin until he did SNL; who can hate "Omeletteville"and "The Barry Gibb Talk Show"?

    The list is long of the celebrities I would like to never hear from again. Largely, they are all self-deluded, pompous wind-bags who love hearing themselves talk because they think money, power, and fame makes them "important" and their opinions matter. (wow, that last paragraph was a little 'mini-rant', next time I'll use my own Blog)

    I'm gonna go with Susan Sarandon and her hubby; obnoxious.
  9. Rashid Z. Muhammad Says:
    Impersonates dead people? Ann Coulter is alive?!?! I always thought that she was a skeleton that was buried in a black dress being used as a prop by some right wing hack scared to show their face.

    Sheesh... learn something new every day...

    I ain't feeling the whole idea of celebrity. So eff em all.
  10. anonymousnupe Says:
    Interesting. I've always wanted to dislike Shemar, but dude actually seems to have quiet, subtle skilz, in my opinion. In contrast, Morris Chestnut tries way too hard. I expected Shemar to be like him, but I have been very pleasantly surprised by his performances in that Madea movie and on Criminal Minds.

    Chatterbox, Franken's book "Truth" was pretty good, though.
  11. anonymousnupe Says:
    Oh, yeah, I loathe Mekhi Phifer. My disdain for him was taken to new heights when I saw/heard him tell a woman on Punk'd who offered him money to help extricate himself from his supposed "situation": "A loan?! Baby, I'm rich, I don't need no loan!"

    What a maroon.
  12. timmer Says:
    Hard to think of ones that have not been listed...

    David Allan Grier...seriously, "Thank God You're Here"? Worse than D.A.G...if anyone happens to remember that show.

    Ryan Gosling...every time I watch a movie and he shows up I have to pretend he isn't there, which made 'Fracture' pretty hard to watch.

    Aston Kutcher...Not funny. Not funny at all.

    Any TV judge.

    I thought about reading Ann Coulter's book 'Godless'...I can only assume that it's an autobiography.
  13. DJ Diva Says:
    I'm gonna agree with you on all!

    Jada gets my top spot....

    lets not forget Paris Hilton, rhianna, beyonce, maybe I'm just hatin LMAO
  14. nosthegametoo Says:
    Welcome back James.

    The celebrity I ain't feelin is...

    Farfur, the Palestinian anti-semitic Mickey Mouse rip-off.

    I'm not feelin that.
  15. nosthegametoo Says:
    And another nod for Rihanna.

    Although lookswise... that's another topic.
  16. Little Miss Chatterbox Says:
    I did a fun meme today that I thought you might enjoy. Don't disappear again on us.
  17. P Says:

    Thank you for posting this. . Because I have a post in my drafts of blogger that is JUST like this. If you don't mind, when I do finish it, I would like to link it to your post. This is great. . .

    OMG, I don't mean to mini blog in your post, but:

    Jada: There is something about her that is not quite right. I can't put my finger on it. And you're right. People put her as successful, powerful, when I believe that she was running off the residuals of "a low down dirty shame" when she met Will. I don't know, both of them as a couple are creepy, to me. But that's just me.

    George Clooney: I don't know, maybe I just can't get past the "Facts of Life" factor. However, I just don't think he's a VERY GOOD ACTOR. I think he's a dude that gets by on his looks. Period.

    Kathy Griffin: I think that, behind her (horrible) comedy mask, lies a hateful, spiteful person. I have seen her make comments about particular religions, people, etc (found out later she was an atheist). I don't like her.

    Angelina Jolie: I think she is an unbalanced woman, who hides behind her (very nice) humanitarian efforts. I also KNOW that she stages pictures with the children, in exchange for money, or exposure in magazines. I just don't think she is as stable (or nice) as she is being portrayed to be.

    Rosie: I'm with you on that one too. She is a mean spirited lady who hides her mean spirited beliefs under the cover of being an outspoken lesbian.

    Erykah Badu and A lot of the Neo Soul Movement: I know I am going to get flack for this, but I think her philosophicizin, Kinte Cloth wearing, incense waving, shaving the head routine is more of a manufactured image than who she really is.

    Honorary Mention: Justin Timberlake. Rose said it all. . .
  18. The Phoenix aka ThatGirlTam Says:
    Hmmm...let's can I weigh in on this conversation?

    I am WAAAAAY over Shitney Spears and Kevin Fed-by-her. I'm also over Shar Jackson and her appearance on these little VH1 who made her the authority on ANYTHING?

    I'm over Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton...I'm REALLY over Al's hair.

    I'm over Randy Jackson and every time he's ever said the word "dawg".

    I'm over Jessica Simpson's Proactive commercials too...I hate the way her mouth moves (or doesn't) when she's talking.

    I used to REALLY REALLY dig Shemar (cuz you know, I likes 'em hi-yella like myself), but when he got on Soul Train, he lost ALL credibility with me. He sounds SO STUPID speaking without a script. And somehow, that just made him not-so-cute.

    Death to Lil Kim's stylist...

    And Janice Combs...

    And Usher...

    And O.J. Simpson...
  19. CortneyGee Says:
    I HATE NEW YORK and I aint talking bout the city or the state feel me
  20. mark Says:
    " I'm over Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton...I'm REALLY over Al's hair."

    mark bey: No preacher should have hair like Al Sharpton. Also I despise r kelly.
  21. Cynthia Says:
    R Kelly should go hide under a rock. I like Rosie O'Donnell. I like her spirit.
  22. derek Says:
    I would say Paris Hilton but that's too easy (I still can't believe ya boy Urlacher was on that...and I can't believe my boy Leinart did too..)

    My pick is Ronald Reagan. I grew up during the 80s. Cleveland wasn't a nice place in the 80's. What did Reagan do? Trickle-down economics, cutting funds for mass transit, crapping on unions...

    Reagan was our worst president...until the Coke Chimp took over.

    Good list, (other than Jada).
  23. JustMeWriting Says:
    oh well...I hate all the one's you've mentioned, but so many others...
    I can't stand Gabbie Union (she overacts way too much). I can't stand Taye Diggs...just don't like him. Puffy, and Flava Flav for starting this Ny nonesense.
  24. Malik Says:
    Happy Father's Day Bro. James.
  25. Maverick Says:
    I gotta give it to R. Kelly also for ushering in the worst era of R&B...the era of singing conversations. There used to be a time when you could quote songs because they had a sort of poetic quality to them...if you wanted something smooth to say, quote an old R&B song. However, R. Kelly's lyrics seem to be just random conversations that he recorded and decided to harmonize as he was saying it...
  26. Lucy Says:
    (Feel free to delete this comment as it does not pertain to your original post---I couldn't find your email so I opted for a comment.)

    Just stopped by your blog for the first time. What happened to it? I hope you get a chance to revive it. I found your list of Top Ten Comedians, which I for the most part disagree with. But to each his own.

    I'm a budding standup comedienne in NYC. Hope you get back to blogging. Nice to see professional sports star express himself verbally--very unusual, yet very intriguing. Come back soon!
  27. The OE Says:
    Intelligence reports suggest that Taye Diggs is sugar