Not a Good Start

I was not very happy with what I saw from the Chicago Bears yesterday. There was a lot of anxiety about the play of Rex Grossman leading up to the game but he played well enough to win. The one interception was the result of Benard Berrian giving up on his route.

The defense did a good job holding LT but when you turn the ball over 4 times, eventually a team like San Diego is going to capitalize on it. Next week Kansas City comes to town and I expect the Bears to hold Larry Johnson in check as well. KC's defense doesn't come close to San Diego's so I expect the Bears to move the ball.

What really concerns me is the running game. I thought it was a mistake to let Thomas Jones go and my fears were realized. Cedric Benson is not a bad running back but he doesn't strike me as a premiere NFL rusher. Maybe he will prove me wrong but I doubt it. We will see.


6 Responses to Not a Good Start

  1. Anonymous Says:
    Don't complain too much. I'm a Dolphins fan!
  2. Rashid Z. Muhammad Says:
    And I'm a Falcons fan.

  3. BossMack Says:
    Until they do somthing about Rex, there will be no Glory!
  4. Dave Miller Says:
    James, you need a QB. I have Hester on my fantasy team because he's a great return man, so I hope he continues to do well, but until your offense can give the D. a rest, good luck.

    Good to see you back.
  5. Jay Cam Says:
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    btw...go raiders!!
  6. P Says:
    James: I had to rep you on my spot. I did my own version of Top Ten Celebrities I ain't feelin. And the inspiration was YOU. . . .

    @ Jay Cam: Raiders are HAWT!