NFL Draft

This is one of the most important days of the year. Right now,

1 1 Oakland Russell, JaMarcus QB 6-6 263 Louisiana State
This is a good pick. JaMarcus is by far the superior QB and I think he should be very good.

2 2 Detroit Johnson, Calvin WR 6-4 237 Georgia Tech
I’m not sure if they will keep this pick because they’ve drafted several wide receivers over the past couple drafts, but they could package Mike Williams with someone else and get a defensive guy.

3 3 Cleveland Thomas, Joe OT 6-6 313 Wisconsin
I thought they would take Brady Quinn but they couldn’t run the ball last year so maybe this is a good pick.

4 4 Tampa Bay Adams, Gaines DE 6-5 260 Clemson
I don’t know much about him, but they say he is a little lazy on the run but is a great pass rusher. He will have to improve if he plans on staying in the league past his rookie year.

5 5 Arizona Brown, Levi OT 6-4 328 Penn State
They had to do this. They have the receivers, they have the quarter back, they have the running back. Now they need to protect them with an offensive line.

6 6 Washington Landry, LaRon FS 6-2 205 Louisiana State
Washington has a lot of holes to fill. This is a start but they will need a good free agent session to get that team in position to win.

7 7 Minnesota Peterson, Adrian RB 6-2 218 Oklahoma
The Vikings had a decent running game last year, but with this pick they are looking for a franchise-type running back.

It's 10:38am, I have to get in the shower, will be back. Atlanta is on the clock.


Ok, I ran out of time so I'll just look at some of the more interesting moments in the draft. The big one being Brady Quinn's fall to pick 23 by the Cleveland Browns. I thought BQ was an ok quarterback but there was a lot of hype around him this past weekend. He doesn't have a strong arm and when he wasn't play cream puffs, he was an average QB. The Browns were smart to deal with their most pressing issue - the line, figuring that BQ would be there later in the draft.

I don't think it was a bad thing for him to fall to 23. Hell, the number 1 pick in the draft will have to prove himself just as well.

Trades: New England is stocking their receiving corp and there is no bigger stock than Randy Moss. This is a perfect move for Oakland and New England. Moss is not the type of receiver you want with a rookie QB. However, Tom Brady needed a deep threat after the loss of D. Branch. It will be very interesting.

Bears: They continue to piss me off. But at least they are working on bring Briggs back and I think picking up Archeletta. My beloved is in chaos and will need to do some things to get the situation under control.

Ok, that's it. Sorry Diane... I have to discuss football. We'll hit the Bush boys later.


7 Responses to NFL Draft

  1. Bullfrog Says:
    Do my eyes deceive me? Good to see yu back in action!

    What do you think of the Chargers' upcoming season?
  2. Bushwack Says:
    welcome back James,

    Carolina took Jarrett!!!! YEAH baby....

    IF Carr can get the ball out, and we can find a running game and the gravitational pull is slightly off.. we got a shot.
  3. Diane S. Says:
    Wait a minute. Wait just a darn minute. I was promised Bush Bashing, and what do I get? Football! I want Bush Bashing! Bash the Bush man! Put up or shut up!

    (you know I adore you, right?)
  4. James Manning Says:
    Draft day Diane. I'm not sure if there is a more important day in the year.
  5. Dave Miller Says:
    Good to see you back James. My question is this. Did Miami just do a Portland Trailblazer by passing on Brady Quinn?
  6. Bloviating Zeppelin Says:
    Holy crap, a 6'6", 263-lb QUARTERBACK? He could play darned near any other position with that size!

  7. derek Says:
    I think the Bears got a steal picking up Leak as a free agent.

    I think he will be solid. He's a smart ballplayer with a decent arm and legs that will get him out of trouble.

    The Bears should be in decent shape. Grossman gave away mad opportunities for y'all.