What I Did for Thanksgiving

It’s been a while and I hope you all enjoyed your holiday weekend. Jaimie and I went to San Diego for Thanksgiving. We had dinner at a great restaurant in La Jolla called George’s at the Cove. If your every in the area, make sure you check it out. I was actually surprised at the portions. Some times those fine dining restaurants charge an arm and a leg for snack-size portions. It’s a beautiful restaurant overlooking the ocean.

We also took mini-mom to Wild Animal Park. I’ll post some pictures later this week. It’s a great zoo. They had some very exotic animals that you wouldn’t find at other zoos. One of the most interesting animals is the Okapi. It’s a cross between and zebra and a giraffe. The park’s main function is breeding animals for the San Diego zoo and returning others tot the wild. It’s a worthy cause, although the $4 pop still sent my system into shock.

We saw “Happy Feet” as well. It’s a fun movie with good music. Mini-mom is tap dancing now. She’s so cute.

On the drive back to Los Angeles we stopped at the San Luis Rey Mission in Oceanside. The Missions are a very important part of California’s history and the San Luis Rey Mission is the largest one. It has a museum, cemetery and the church is a sight to behold.

Finally, we ended the weekend with a visit to the Museum of Tolerance. The museum’s purpose is mainly to educate people on the holocaust but it explored all aspects of hate and racism. It was very sad to see such inhumanity. It’s even sadder when you realize that crimes against humanity are taking place even as we speak.

It was a good week except that I forgot to make my picks and the Bears lost (cost me a six pack). And it doesn't look like Michigan will get that rematch against Ohio St. I have to give it to USC, they took care of the Irish in good fashion. Oh well.

As for politics, I'm not into it. But Christmas season is upon us and as always, it is time to create my Winter Wonderland. I'll post pictures once it is complete. Hope everyone was blessed. HOLLA!!!


9 Responses to What I Did for Thanksgiving

  1. Little Miss Chatterbox Says:
    Sounds like a great thanksgiving!! The kids and I went to see Santa Clause 3. My youngest really wanted to see Happy Feet but we didn't make it to that one.
  2. The Best [ Ghostface ] Says:
    The Museum of tolerance on PICO BLVD I went there in the early 1990s and it was incredible, there was an elderly lady and was Jewish. And she survived the holocaust of Nazi Germany she was in the concentration camps. I liked how I walked by the different scenes and the scenes would talk and give reference to the history of Germany during that time period. Many more people should go there it will enlighten them. Glad to see you enjoyed your thanksgiving Jay and you got some history lessons in too with the places you visited.
  3. Bloviating Zeppelin Says:
    Thanksgiving appears to have been a good time for you and your family! I hope you and yours are healthy and happy!

  4. James Manning Says:
    Thanks all. I too hope that you guys enjoyed your holiday.

    Chance, that was an interesting part. I am hoping that they do something like that for the African American History & Culture museum in D.C.
  5. Bullfrog Says:
    So you spent your holiday in MY neck of the woods. Glad you all had fun, and as I am in the habit of telling folks who marvel at the wonders of San Diego, "...and I live here!" (eat your heart out!).

    The oldest mission is actually in San Diego in Mission Valley, it's pretty interesting, you should stop by next time for a tour.
  6. The Best [ Ghostface ] Says:
    To Jay (James)

    You know Jay I hope they do too for the African American Museum in Washington D.C. to walk by those scenes and they start to talk giving a little history about the event. You know that would be nice, and it would encourage people who came to come back and bring friends.
  7. Brotha Buck Says:
    I think we've eaten at that same restaurant, outside if it's the same one.
  8. Rashid Z. Muhammad Says:
    Glad you got to do the family thing James.

    The Falcons are intent on destroying every 4th quarter holiday for me this year.
  9. Diane S. Says:
    I love that mini-mom is tap-dancing. Wish you could post a video.