Trent Lott’s Return No Big Deal

When it comes to politics, my new approach is of pragmatism. That’s why I think much of Jack Murtha going down and it is the reason why I don’t think Trent Lott’s new role as minority whip is cause for concern.

The fact is that the Republican Party will have no say in any legislation that comes out of the House. The Republicans ran roughshod of the Democrats in the House and it’s the Senate’s job to restore some sanity to legislation.

I believe the reason Trent Lott is back is because he has a lot of experience and knows his way around Washington. The Republicans will need this because there is a sect of the GOP that is hell bent on focusing on nothing but getting back the majority. However, there is still work to do and if the Republicans want any say on any bill, they are going to have to work with Democrats.

Trent Lott is a good politician and tactician; his tendency to put his foot in his mouth notwithstanding. I’m sure some on the left will make a hissy-fit about Lott but his Strom Thurman comment is not big enough of a deal to invest much time in it.
The simple fact is that the GOP needed some experience in the leadership roles and Lott is a good pick on that point. That’s Political Pragmatism 101.


16 Responses to Trent Lott’s Return No Big Deal

  1. Bullfrog Says:
    The Democrats will NEVER let Lott live down the now infamous (and made so by the Dems and liberal media) Strom Thurman comment, which was made tongue-in-cheek with absolutely no reference specifically to Senator Thurman's segregationist past just to make the old guy feel good.

    That being said, Lott is a solid guy and sticks to his guns, something BOTH parties need to do more of.

    Enjoy the Democratic majority for the next 2 years Big J.
  2. Roderick Says:
    Bullfrog said: infamous (and made so by the Dems and liberal media) Strom Thurman comment, which was made tongue-in-cheek with absolutely no reference specifically to Senator Thurman's segregationist past.

    Roderick: Still living in denial and blaming the media,huh, Jeremiah?

    Yeah the evil 'librul' media hypnotized Lott and made him make that stupid (but revealing) statement about his fondness for what could have been--a country based on segregation.

    I just don't understand how anyone could misinterpret Lott's words (and body language) as to what he meant.
  3. Bullfrog Says:
    roderick: either Lott is a complete moron and made that statement outright, and in the context you believe it was made, or it was taken out of context to make him look evil because he is a conservative. You believe what you want, I give him the benefit of the doubt given the context whether it serves me politically or not.

    Please don't tell me you think the media is unbiased in it's reporting of the issues...
  4. The Best [ Ghostface ] Says:
    I agree Trent Lott is harmless at this point.
  5. James Manning Says:

    I believe Trent Lott meant what he said. I don't give him the benefit of the doubt at all. After all:

    As a young congressman, Lott was among those who urged Reagan to deliver his first major campaign speech in Philadelphia, Mississippi, where three civil rights workers were murdered in one of the 1960s' ugliest cases of racist violence. It was a ringing declaration of his support for "states' rights" — a code word for resistance to black advances clearly understood by white Southern voters.


    Lott is a racist but his role and minority whip isn't about race, it's about navigating the halls of Congress. On that point, I agree with Chance... he's harmless. He's a racist... but he's harmless as minority whip.
  6. Roderick Says:
    BF: Please don't tell me you think the media is unbiased in it's reporting of the issues...

    Roderick: It depends on what you mean unbiased.

    Are you saying that the media picks out and misquotes people purposedly- I doubt it.

    Are you saying that the media picks out stories because they provoke strong emotions of course they do.

    What do you think about the local stations that like to concentration on inner city crime?

    Are they being racist too?

    As for Lott I spent my first twenty-nine years in Mississippi and the Gulf Coast where Lott was raised and where he still lives is very racist.
  7. Mr. Grey Ghost Says:

    I just came by to admit that seeing your Bears beat my Jets yesterday really impressed me. Tho, my QB has no arm, that defense of yours could be as strong as the '85 team. Your guys just came to Jersey and took it to both the Jets and the Giants, if you end up with home field throughout the playoffs this year there's no excuse for you guys not making the Super Bowl.
  8. bold as love Says:
    A political party is in really bad shape when it goes the recycling route. Trent Lott should be out of politics, or quietly representing his constituients- not in any kind of leadership capacity.
    The Republicans are on the verge of utter ruin and they still don't see the light- it's time for new blood, lead by the few uncompromised Republicans left.
  9. Chelle Says:
    I have a tendency to think both Democrats and Republicans need new blood. Both parties have forgotten their real differences and the platforms the parties hold.

    I agree everyone should look for the exact context when the media uses quotes. Speakers usually makes qualifying follow up remarks.

    That said, Lott maybe harmless, but why is he still in Congress?
  10. Mahndisa S. Rigmaiden Says:
    11 21 06

    Hello James:
    I disagree. I think Lott is an idiot. If the GOP was really interested in infusing itself with new blood, then they would've chosen someone else. Why not Steele or some other person with sense? His ST comment was out of line and I still take offense that the GOP supports such jerks, which is why I remain an Independent. If they really want to be seen as a party that cares about ALL Americans, then they will have to seriously reevaluate their choice of spokesperson.

    Their 'pragmatic' choice is not so pragmatic after all. They run the risk of alienating the up and coming Black Middle Class and also other minorities. The fact that they didn't pressure Allen to step down in Virginia was a testament to how screwed up their priorities really are.

    Macaca, Trent Lott, Strom Thurmond and all those guys can kiss my ass. Trent Lott KNEW what he was saying and doing, and so did Allen the Macaca man. That type of behavior is not to be tolerated under any circumstances.

    I wonder what Condi thinks of all these jerks.
  11. Mahndisa S. Rigmaiden Says:
    11 22 06

    Happy Thanksgiving James!
  12. Bloviating Zeppelin Says:

    Advanced PolPrag 102:

    Go with what you know and who you know. When Mad Jack won't fly despite your strongarming, take the down to step back and punt. It'll be worth it in the end. No road is perfectly paved; someone will always come back to dig it up for more cables, a water main, the new sewer project.

    Trent Lott's return IS in fact no big deal. Pelosi's loss of Murtha is No Big Deal.

    But when Big Decisions have to be made I'll always refer to one of my all-time favorite quotes:

    "If you sit by the river long enough, you will see the body of your enemy float by." -- Japanese Proverb

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  15. Diane S. Says:
    Personally, James, I'm with you. Trent Lott's comment to Strom Thurman was an attempt to make an old man happy. I don't think it belied a segregationalist agenda. I don't think he keeps a white hood in his congressional office. I think it was just a stupid mistake.

    It's been a long time since the Dems have had control of both houses of Congress. My real fear is that they won't be equal to the challenge. I expected to be elated if we took back either house (I didn't dare hope for both), but instead what I've felt is fear. Our moment is here. Will we blow it?

    What if you had a revolution and nothing changed?
  16. mark Says:
    I dont know very much about Trent Lott but I do know that sh#t he said was foul, and he knew exactly how foul he was and was just being himself which is a racist prick.