Ohio State vs. Michigan.

The biggest game of the year will take place this weekend: Michigan vs. Ohio State. I'm torn because I love both of them. I'm sure my heart will be with Michigan but not completely.

I do wonder how this will impact the BCS. If Michigan loses, will they be given a chance for a rematch in the national title? If Michigan's only loss comes at the hand of the number one team in the nation that would me that any team with a loss will rank below them... that's my logic. USC is not a number two team and neither is Florida.

Michigan beat the hell out of Notre Dame so they can hang it up. And can we seriously consider Arkansas or Rutgers for the national title? I think not.

The coaches and writers might drop Michigan far enough to ensure that there is no rematch for the national title, but that would not be fair to Michigan.

Now, what if Michigan wins? Is there anyone out there that thinks USC, Florida or Arkansas is better than Ohio State? Not if you're a real football fan.

In conclusion, tomorrow's game should be a preamble to the national title game unless one team blows out the other. It will be a beautiful Saturday afternoon. But to ensure both Big Ten teams make it to the national title, I need Cal to beat USC, then USC beat Notre Dame. Then I'll need West Virginia to beat Rutgers. That game will take place in a couple of weeks.

Let's get together and cheer on the greatest football conference in the country.


RIP BO (Greatest of all time) :(

Michigan football coach Bow Schembechler is shown in this 1975 file photo in Ann Arbor, Mich. Schembechler, the winningest coach in Michigan football history, died Friday. (AP/Richard Scheinwald)


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  1. Anonymous Says:
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  2. nosthegametoo Says:
    I met Bow Schembechler some years back. He was pretty cool and tough guy.

    He'll be missed if you ever knew Big Ten football.
  3. James Manning Says:
    Hey, spammer. No one gives a damn about Detroit's economic situation. Talk about the game or go somewhere else
  4. Dave Miller Says:
    James, James, James...no one will want to see a rematch. If USC wins out, not a certainty, they will deservedly play for the National Title against the Big Ten Champion. At that point they will have wins against a highly rated Arkansas, Notre Dame, Cal, and Nebraska, most certainly the toughest schedule in the nation. You are correct in that Notre Dame is out unless they kill SC, Ohio State wins, Fla and Arkansas lose and so does Rutgers.

    Bo was great, but not the best. He never won a National Title, losing all three times his undefeated teams played Ohio State. For me, i will always remember him pacing the sidelines in Pasadena at the Rose Bowl. Win or lose, Bo was classy. I wish there were more like him.

    In honor of Bo, Go Big Blue!
  5. Roderick Says:
    I am not a college football fan but I did catch most of the game while I was at the gym.

    It was one damn good offensive show.

    It's too bad that Michigan came up a little short, but from what I understand they may get another chance to defeat OSU.
  6. Timmer Says:
    Go Big Ten indeed.
  7. woodrow241 Says:
    I think it is safe to say that Ohio St. is the best team in the country but to say that Michigan is obviously the second best team is a stretch. How can you ignore a one loss USC with the schedule they play and how could you ignore a one loss UF team that played a much more difficult schedule than Michigan did. And to put Arkansas in the same boat with Rutgers is wrong too. They play in the SEC not the whack east. The would have beaten a lot more competitive teams than Michigan has if they win out. And Michigan has had a one game season in beating an OK Notre Dame team that would have lost to michigan st. if not for one of the biggest meltdowns in NCAA history.
  8. Bloviating Zeppelin Says: