If The Democrats Take Office

I believe that the Democrats will take over at least the House in November. The GOP is trying to put out scare tactics to say that the House ran by the Democrats would mean higher taxes, a terrorist attack... blah, blah, blah.

The truth: Legislation still has to get through the Senate and past a President's veto. Even with the GOP running both chambers of Congress getting bills pass the Senate proved difficult.

If I were leader of the House, this is what I would do and I think it's a good way to start a session.

1. Put social security and medicare reform back on the table for debate.

2. State that any action on Iraq will come after the Baker Commission's report.

3. Debate an immigration bill.

4. Put a panel together to look at ways to reduce government spending.

5. Submit a bill funding the development of alternative energy sources.

Basically, what the Democrat House should do is take a leadership role rather than a partison one. I would investigate the energy panel Dick Cheney put together but after some legislation has been introduced on developing alternative energy sources. I know the House wants to investigate Iraq, but I would leave that for another year.

This country is already split, if the Democrats want to establish themselves as leaders, then they will have to show the country that they have ideas outside of bashing Bush. Even if no bills are passed, they should put forward some alternatives to what we've been getting over the past six years.

What the Democrats should have learned by watching the Republicans flop is that it is dangerous to overplay the hand you're dealt. The Dems will have to govern if they want to be seen as a party that can get the job done.

Essentially what a win for the Democrats does is solidify George Bush's already solid lame duck status. There isn't a single Republican that is going to run for president with the goal of keeping George Bush's policy in place.

The Dems have to put forth legislation and govern from a position of maintaining some control beyond this election cycle.


2 Responses to If The Democrats Take Office

  1. Cynthia Says:
    If they come out of Iraq and stop stealing all the money, government spending would be curtailed.

    If I was the leader of the house or if I was the president, I would uphold the constitution and that includes taking the printing of the money out of the hand of the Federal Reserve (a cartel of banks) and using the income taxes to pay the interest on the money the U.S. government has to pay to borrow money to operate the government from this cartel of banks.

    Btw - the commercials that the Republicans are running are silly. If you look at it, gas prices have tripled, interest rates have increased, the Rich got more tax breaks, and all of this means that our living expenses have increase. One can say this is a type of tax increase especially if you look at the gasoline tax that this administration has put in place. And how about all of the jobs that have been lost since Bush has been in office?

    If the Dems just reverse the things that the Republicans have done, the government would be in a better position. I don’t think the country is at split now as you think it is.

    The latest CBS news poll finds President Bush's approval rating has fallen to an all-time low of 34 percent.
  2. James Manning Says:
    You noticed that they've retired the phrase "stay the course".