GOP Pimpin' Revisited

This from one year ago:

The Pimpin'
But not only did Ole George Bush pimp the preachers, he pimped the entire evangelical wing of the Republican Party. Now, most of us already knew that George was a business-type Republican. However, you can’t get elected to office by promoting a corporate agenda. There is not much passion for changes in trade laws and fluctuations in long-term bond interest rates. But there is passion if someone could call for a war on baby-killers and faggots… sorry, if someone call for a cultural war. And Bush does what every good pimp does – sold his tricks a bag dreams. “Baby, you need me cause I can take you places.” like the Supreme Court. “If you stick with me, I can give you everything you ever dreamed of.” Like access to federal money for church charities.

And for five years that bought the dream. Ignored those slaps upside the head and midnight beating. (Federal spending ran amuck – largest expansion of government in US history). They overlooked him taking their money after an evening of tricking on the corner (cutting veteran benefits during a time of war). They did this because they believed the dream and the president took them off of the street and put them up in a hotel. (Cronies getting jobs, Christian groups getting government funds). The tricks knew that there was a pot of gold waiting at the end of the rainbow so they felt that getting waxed seven nights a week would eventually pay off.

Ahh... I continue to amaze myself with my prophetic insight on politics. Now we have a book by an ex-Bush aid called "Tempting Faith" written by David Kuo's.

Excerpt from the book:

I began to brief the President on the pastors, recommending that he talk about the administrative reforms we had implemented, and the tax credits we were still fighting for ...

He interrupted. "Forget about all that. Money. All these guys care about is money. They want money. How much money have we given them?" I never doubted the President's own faith or desire to help those who, like him, had once been lost in a world of alcohol or, unlike him, had struggled with poverty or drugs. Because I shared his faith and his vision of compassionate conservatism, I had been a very good soldier. When members of his senior staff mocked the plan as the "f___ing faith-based initiative,"

Couple this with an article wrote by Harry R. Jackson about what was said to him at a meeting with a White House staff member:

Frankly, we wondered if we had been pushed out of the "big tent." Although our concern was universal, everyone sat quietly, hoping to be proven wrong.

Everything was going fine until one of the speakers said, "The values voters did not make the difference in the 2004 election."

I won't question the sincerety of Bush's faith but I know political gamesmanship when I see it and the Evangelical Conservatives are getting pimped to the highest of pimpstivity.

Then there is the article in the LA Times, "Latino and black voters reassessing ties to GOP" where is states basically the same thing.

What can I say... I was right on point a year ago... and nothing has changed.

Funny Stuff

Shots out to Bushwhack for this one. Very funny.


3 Responses to GOP Pimpin' Revisited

  1. Seven Star Hand Says:
    Hello James,

    Good article. Here's another aspect and viewpoint of this sad and sordid affair. Hopefully the blind are now opening their eyes to see the light. Rather than helping to vanquish the sword, they have been duped into supporting and wielding it.

    David Kuo's book, Tempting Faith, does nothing to dispel claims of an American theocracy as some are asserting. In fact, he has inadvertently provided stunning insights into their true nature and purpose. No leader of an empire ever truly believes the religions used to manipulate subjects. That would be like a drug dealer hooked on his product; its bad for business...

    Understanding why religion is strong delusion

    Christians often quote things like "know them by their fruits," yet after millennia of being duped into abetting blatantly evil scoundrels, many still don't understand the meaning or import of much of what they read. The same canon paradoxically propounds "faith," which means the complete opposite of "know them by their fruits," i.e., to discern the truth by analyzing deeds and results (works) and to weigh actions instead of merely believing what is said.

    The deceptive circular logic of posing a fantasy messiah who urges both discernment of the truth and faith (belief without proof) clearly represents a skillful and purposeful effort to impose ignorance and confusion through "strong delusion." Any sage worth his salt could understand the folly of this contradictory so-called wisdom. This and mountains of evidence demonstrate that faith and religion are the opposite of truth and wisdom. It is no wonder charlatans like Rove, Bush, and others have marked Christians as dupes to be milked as long and as hard as possible. Any accomplished con artist easily recognizes religion as the ultimate scam and fervent followers as ready-made marks and dupes.

    We now live in an era where science has proven so much about the vastness, rationality, mathematical preciseness, and structural orderliness throughout every level of our 11-dimension universe. Nonetheless, large percentages of people still conclude that these flawed and contradictory religious canons are the unmodified and infallible "word of God." People who can't (or won't) discern the difference between truth and belief are easily misled about the differences between good and evil, wisdom and folly, perfection and error, reason and irrationality, and right and wrong.

    The fact that political leaders have always had close relationships with religious leaders while cooperating to manipulate followers to gain wealth and power is overwhelming evidence that the true purpose of religion is deception and delusion. People who are unable to effectively discern basic moral choices or to reason accurately are easily indoctrinated to follow the dictates of national and imperial leaders who wrap themselves in religious pretense. Truth and wisdom are direct threats to the existence and power of empires. That is why imperial leaders always strive to hide so-called secret knowledge and impose deception and ignorance upon their subjects.

    What then is the purpose of "faith" but to prevent otherwise good people from seeking to understand truth and wisdom?


  2. James Manning Says:

    I will address you post later. You make some valid points but I do take issue with a couple of points that you've made.
  3. James Manning Says:
    I have some time so let me address some of you points. I disagree with you premise that religion is a strong delusion. You may not agree with Christian doctrine, but Christianity in and of itself is a source of delusion of practicing delusion. A belief in God or any religious doctrine does not have a relief of common sense as a prerequisite.

    Faith is not diametrically opposed to Truth and wisdom. Wisdom, as defined by the dictionary is the quality or state of being wise; knowledge of what is true or right coupled with just judgment as to action; sagacity, discernment, or insight. For a Christian, this is an understanding in the word of God and how one should walk so that their actions are an edification of their faith. That may not result in perfect people. But I don’t want to labor that point.

    My problem is with politicians using Christianity as a mechanism to secure power. And I have a problem with Christians aligning themselves with politicians for the purpose of imposing a religious doctrine on a society that purports to believe in religious freedom.

    I do not believe that a political system that is deeply integrated with religious doctrine is compatible with a free a democratic society.