Advertising: New Album - "DA Dirty GOP"

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In 2001 you heard him on the mix tap "To Afghanistan and Back". Then he came with club banger, "I'll Saddam Ya". Then in 2005 he showed up on the "Whoop That Trick" soundtrack with the classic, "No WMD's (But I still Lit Dat Ass Up)".

Now comin this November, Preemptive Strike Records presents to you the first album by the Notorious Killa G., as he drops...

"Da Dirty GOP"

It don't get no hotter than this my niggaz. Just in time for the November elections. Killa G is puttin' all you sissy liberals and gay punks on notice with this one. With cuts like "99 Problems But ah Dem Ain't One" Kill G proves that he lost his damn mind.

But he comes back at ya, and Killa G shows his range as he politiks with Nas on "From Islam to Ex-Con".

The buzz on the streetz is that Killa G is dropping an instant classic. Expect 5 mics from this one.

Other head bangers on the album:
- Nothing But A GOP Thang
- Liberal Doggie Style f/Snoop Dogg
- Stay the Course on Dat Ass -
- Civil Liberties… What’s That? f/Busta Rhymes
- The Feds Are Watchin’

Don't sleep on this... you need to get the album. And you better believe WE WILL KNOW if you got the album or not. This shiznit iz for realz. Play games if you want to... Feel Me?

This album voting booths November 7, 2006
Go Cop That!!!

WARNING: Preemptive Strike Records and Killa G are part of an association affiliated with the CIA Clique and FED Mafia. Any unathorized duplication or downloading of this album will result in being labeled an enemy combatant and we will make a nice place for you in a cell block in Poland... FOREVER. Think we're playin'? You just try it and see if we don't go Jose Padilla on yo' monkey ass. Do something with that tax cut money - bi-yotch!!!


6 Responses to Advertising: New Album - "DA Dirty GOP"

  1. Bullfrog Says:
    So wrong...

    Yet utterly hilarious.
  2. Bushwack Says:
    Damn, ROTFLMAO.....
  3. moonlitetwine Says:
    What's he SAYING!

    I don't get it, even!

    May be it's because:
    I have a tooth ache

    A friend just got out of prison and his staph infection makes me think I will get it if I have sex with him.

    My eldest son hates me, because he thinks I made him gay.

    My only daughter set a church on fire after being forced to move to her policeman father.

    My best girlfriend is hounded by the FBI only because someone thinks she is in the US illegally.

    So, what is going on out there in mega-starz land? When did my president become a rap star?

    And, did anyone tell NWA about this new occurance?

    Wow! I'm trippin!

  4. James Manning Says:

    What the hell are you talking about?
  5. sink sink socks Says:
    The sagacity of the low creatures whomshe geile mangas had despised showed them at once that the letters must be hers,since her character had been pretty shrewdly guessed, and thehandwriting wore a more practised air than is usual among females inthe country.
  6. Roderick Says:
    Moon, you must have gotten a hold of some of that potent sh*t.