Sunday Football Talk

Update Monday: It was an outstanding weekend for football. My fantasy team killed. This is the first time I've played a league where the defensive players are just as important as the offensive ones. Generally, I would just pick a team defense and not individual players. I revamped my team and went from 55 point in week 1 to 111 points in week 2.

The Pigskin Challenge is fired up and my picks came through. The confidence points adds a little more to the game and as it stands now, I have 111 points with only 5 points on the line in tonight's game.

Arizona didn't pull off the upset but San Francisco did. I believe both teams are much better this year and are on the road to improvement. I thought about going with Buffalo but I chickened out. Miami needs some help.

The Giants, wow, what can I say about that. Philadelphia went to sleep in the 4th quarter. That was surprising. I don't expect that to happen again and look for Philly to smash from here on out.

We have six players in the Pigskin Challenge. I'll post the results of this past weekend on Friday. Happy football folks. Y'all have a great Monday, because I sure am.


It is a great weekend to be me. First, Michigan dogged Notre Dame and now the Bears kill the Lions.


It is 11:04 am, Los Angeles time and I am loving it. The Bears are killing the Lions. The passing game is looking good. The running game is looking good.

Around the league: The Colts and Bengals are doing what I expected but the Saints... well, they're just being the Saints.

Atlanta is smashing the Bucs as I expected.

Robert, what the hell is going on with your Panthers? The ar just not doing it for me in these first two games. I had to bench Steve Smith.



21 Responses to Sunday Football Talk

  1. Bushwack Says:
    Steve and Keyshawn and Delhome are killing me!
  2. Bushwack Says:
    Congrats to your Bears, man they are going to be tough this year.
  3. Rose Says:
    Dag the Rams lost today....
  4. mark Says:
    The redskins suck and to lose to dallas this way. The year is over with already. Damn.Damn. Damn
  5. Dan-E Says:

    (oh, hey james. long time no, uh, comment :))
  6. Bushwack Says:
    Mark the skins let me down too.
  7. Roderick Says:
    To Bushwack and Mark, 'F' both of you.

    What is it like to root for teams that haven't won a game,huh,huh?

    Go Cowboys!!!!
  8. James Manning Says:

    We're going to have to rethink the Panthers going to the Super Bowl.


    I thought the Redskins might do it this weekend. I feel for you.


    It's been a while. Glad your back around. Holla.


  9. mark Says:
    Same back at you Rod. Go Redskins
  10. Timmer Says:
    Alright, so yesterday I was actually watching the Lions game and the Lions actually get down near the red zone after a pass interference call. I think to myself that I am entirely sick of being a Lions fan, especially when we get absouletly crushed by the Bears. So I say to myself: "If the Lions do not score on this drive, it is over. I am no longer a fan." Suddenly there is a ray of hope when the field goal unit comes out..."Good. I can keep my jersey. Hanson is one of the most solid kickers in the league, he's automatic. 3 points will restore my faith." The kick is up, it's wide-right.

    "That's it, I give up."

    "Go Bears."

    (For those of you who think so, this is not being a fair-weather fan. You try being a die-hard Lions fan for 13 years of your life and see how much you love them after that. I am still a Cub fan, though.)
  11. mark Says:
    @ timer

    For those of you who think so, this is not being a fair-weather fan. You try being a die-hard Lions fan for 13 years of your life and see how much you love them after that.

    mb: Yo timer I have no sympathy for other than the fact that your team lost. But stop whinning you guys had the best running back of all time for 10 years. Count your blessing. Go Skins
  12. James Manning Says:
    This is so pitiful. A Lions and Redskins fan dropping tears in thier beers over two sorry excuses for football franchise.

    I just have to sit back while visions of Super Bowl Shuffle dance in my head and watch you two suffer. I pity you two. But I celebrate you pain. Not because I don't like you - but because you have not come into the age of enlightenment where the love of the Bears purifies the soul.

    Tsk, Tsk, Tsk.
  13. Rashid Z. Muhammad Says:
    I can't think of any better way to start the season than first class b*tch slappings of Carolina and Tampa Bay. If we can get the Trifecta next Monday night against the Saints (first post-Katrina game in NO be damned), I might mistake this place for heaven.
  14. Timmer Says:
  15. Bushwack Says:
    James, Alright man don't start gloatin yet, its a long season and Carolina has always been a late starter.
    (Congats anyway they do look pretty good)

    Rashid, Atlanta looks pretty good right now but two bitch slappings in a season does not make a superbowl team.
    Enjoy your teams success as one injury turns it from gold to shit...
    Smith and Morgan and a lineman put us on the ropes. Adjustments will be made and we will turn this around.

    Timmer, Man that is a sorry way to go out IMO, the lions are a storied franchise and if they get rid of a few problems they can make a run. it is 2 or 3 years away at best. But when they become good, It is a sweet feeling to know you stuck it out.
    Hang in there man, It is tough when they suck.

    James I've been doing the football picks backwards, so I lost several points in the last 2 weeks, (I've been under some severe pain due to a knee injury and the meds have got me a bit dumber than usual) I'm going to make a comeback.
  16. Roderick Says:
    mark said: Same back at you Rod. Go Redskins

    Roderick: It looks as if your 'skins will need some Viagra to get the job done.

    I will take you seriously once your 'skins win a game which may be sometime next season.

    Oh yeah the Cowboys play the 'skins in MD on 11/5 get ready to shed more tears. LOL
  17. The Best [ Ghostface ] Says:
    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
  18. The Best [ Ghostface ] Says:
    What's up James (jay) came by to see what you had on the plate (blog). I will be back thru.

  19. mark Says:
    Its 8:38 pm dc time and the Notre Dame is getting punished by Michigan state 14 to 0 in the first quarter. Thats talking bout. Go Redskins
  20. mark Says:
    Notre Dame ended up winning Damm. Go redskins even though I think we may loose tomorow
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