Football Talk: Week 2

Welcome to Football Friday. There are some good games happening Sunday. Week 2 is always a hard one for picks because teams have yet to establish themselves. It isn’t until week 4 when you can feel confident with most of the picks.

With that said, let us look at the most compelling games for week 2 that are worthy of the DVR.

Seattle vs. Arizona: Seattle was a dog last week. Arizona looked as though they were ready for the playoffs. Seattle traded a draft pick for Deon Branch and now have one of the best receiving corps in the league. Arizona’s offensive looks as explosive as any in the league but the defense could use some upgrades.

Philadelphia vs. NY Giants: Both teams have playoff aspirations, as they should. McNabb is healthy and Manning has some experience under his belt. The only reason I’m going with Philly is because they are playing at home. Giants have what it takes to win; we will see if they can pull it off.

St. Louis vs. San Francisco: After watching the 49ers last week, I picked up Frank Gore (RB) for my fantasy team. I was also impressed with Alex Smith. The 49ers just might have something going good for them. They’ve at least graduated from being an automatic dog to dangerous.

OK, there it is. Of course I will watch the Bears smack the Lions around but I’ll keep my eyes open to what is going on around the league.

There are some great college football games on this weekend as well, most notably, USC vs. Nebraska, Michigan vs. Notre Dame, and LSU vs. Auburn. Head over the Dave Miller’s blog. He previews all of the college game and has his Top Ten selection.

The Pigskin Challenge

Ok, get your picks in folks. I have a league set up and you can join or you can enter your picks in the comment area. You can join by going: HERE

The name of the group number is 32256 - and the password is: dabears

Current Standings

1 Unstoppable Flow (Rell) 107
2 The Master (Me) 84
3 Outside the Box 75
4 Timmer the LieDowns Fan 71
5 Panthers Rule 62

Ok, have a good weekend of football.

Discussion Starters:

1. Talk about football
2. Open - talk about anything you want.


10 Responses to Football Talk: Week 2

  1. woodrow241 Says:
    I dont understand why you keep picking against the Steelers. Dont you know that Big Ben is 27-4 in his career as a starter? And oh yeah they won a super bowl a few months ago.
  2. James Manning Says:
    woodrow, I have big ben on my fantasy team. i'm not sure if he is playing this week. but someone has to get upset - why not the steelers. i didn't put a lot of points on that game.
  3. Bushwack Says:
    My season is starting a bit like Carolina's, in the dumps till the cob webs get knocked off.
  4. mark Says:
    YO James they are comparing reggie bush to barry sanders I have just view the footage, Ill wont comment other than to ask this if Reggie bush starts pulling barry type plays off do you think the NFL we feature New Orlean saints games more as showpieces.

    You just the Bush/Sanders issue for yourself.

    Barry Sanders is the greatest running back of all time no doubt anyone whos says different is delluding themselves.
  5. mark Says:
    I hate the steelers but Im glad they beat the sea hawks because they beat my beloved skins. Its all about the Redskins even if we lose all 16 games.
  6. James Manning Says:
    It is way too early to put Reggie Bush name with Barry Sanders. I'll see what he does by his second or third year.

    I'm not a fan of the Seahawks so I was down with the Steelers... but I've been a fan of the Steelers since the days of Lynn Swan.
  7. Timmer Says:
    Alright...I have the Lions beating the Bears...I only do this as a fan and because they actually looked somewhat, semi-, quasi-, a little like a football team last week. Aside from that, I think the Bears are going to be lazy after that big win over an incredibly old team.

    I will be wearing my Joey Harrington Lions jersey as I watch the magic...they just might do it Manning...they just might.

    Aside from that, my season is starting out like Bushwhack's...although I was in the lead for a whole two days!
  8. Timmer Says:
    Oh yeah, and Barry Sanders is the greatest running back of all time...sorry Walter Payton, but Barry takes it in my mind.
  9. mark Says:
    James is a chi-town ideolog when it comes to the bears and Walter Payton, yeah Ill tell the truth Sweetness the man, especially that stutter step.

    Much like religion ones allegiciance and to thier childhood football team is extremely powerful on a phycological level. Just check the highlitys James and let me know who is the best of all time.
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