So What's In Your... Closet

There is always some list for somebody. I found this one rather interesting. It is a list of ten things every man should have in their closet. My comments in bold.

10 Things You Need in Your Closet.

1) WHITE OXFORD BUTTON-DOWN SHIRT: The white button-down can be worn with a suit and tie, on its own with a pair of jeans, or underneath a sweater. May we suggest: Cotton button-down shirt ($40) by Izod. – Oxford shirt is one where you get a basket-weave look. There are two types of collars: pointed and wide. I prefer pointed collars but a wide collar works well if you’re going without a tie. You should always have a white or blue “power shirt” on hand.

2) LIGHTWEIGHT CASHMERE V-NECK SWEATER: A thin cashmere sweater can be worn every month save for August. Goes with jeans or underneath a suit jacket. May we suggest: Cashmere V-neck ($178) by Banana Republic. –
Hell to the naw. Not every can sport this look. In fact, if you can sport this look, you might want to find a secret place and reflect upon you metrosexualism.

3) SUNGLASSES: Obvious for their functionality (that whole sun-in-the-eyes thing), but also necessary as an accessory that adds the all-important final touch. May we suggest: Sunglasses ($174) by Persol. –
I wanted so bad to have a pair of sunglasses. I can finally sport a pair now that I were contacts.

4) A DARK PAIR OF JEANS: Make sure they are crisp and able to be worn with a T-shirt, button-down, or the jacket from your suit. May we suggest: Vintage "Capital E" jeans ($178) by Levi's. –
Why? And why would a man pay $178 for a pair of jeans? I don’t own a lot of pair but I do like the ones that I have. I also have some throw-away jeans for those times I’m working around the house.

5) ONE SET OF CEDAR SHOE TREES: You need only one pair, to keep your just-worn shoes in good shape. May we suggest: Cedar shoe trees ($60) by Zegna. –
If this isn’t up-selling at its finest. However, if you purchase a really good pair of dress shoes. A set of Cedar Shoe Trees may not be a bad investment. But if your shoes cost under $200, I wouldn’t worry much about it.

6) WHITE T-SHIRTS: Sleep in them, wear them to the gym, or use them underneath a shirt or sweater. May we suggest: Cotton T-shirts ($30 for a pack of three) by Calvin Klein. –
No brainer.

7) BLACK LACE-UPS: Clean, dressy black lace-up shoes will work with any color suit and still look at home at the foot of your jeans. May we suggest: Leather lace-up shoes ($495) by Tod's. –
Ok, raise your hands if you have a $500 pair of leather shoes in your closet. Raise your hands if you’ve contemplated on purchasing a $500 pair of shoes in the last 5 years. Go to the Men’s Warehouse and get a nice pair for about $100.

8) OVERNIGHT BAG: Because a man never knows when he might have to flee at a moment's notice, make sure it's big enough to carry two nights' worth of stuff. May we suggest: Taiga-leather Kendall bag ($1,510) by Louis Vuitton. –
This list was obviously made by some snob living in Connecticut. A duffle bag from Target will do just fine – thank you very much.

9) THREE-BUTTON NAVY SUIT: Navy is the most versatile color for a man's suit. Extend its life by wearing it with a shirt and tie, or wear just the jacket with jeans and a button-down. May we suggest: Three-button wool suit ($1,595) by Canali.-
Unlike women, men do not have the option of purchasing cheap suits. I’m an advocate for the Men’s Warehouse. You can get a very nice three-button suit for about $350. Toss in a shirt, tie, and shoes and you’ll have everything you need for less than $600. But they are correct, every man should have a dark suit.

10) MEDIUM-WIDTH TIE: If it's too skinny or too fat, you limit the types of shirts you can wear with it. A medium width, in a neutral color and pattern, has the most versatility. May we suggest: Silk tie ($95) by Jack Spade. –
I never pay more than $60 for a tie. Bachrach has the best selection of ties.

Talk About It

1. Describe you favorite outfit.

2. Define your fashion sense (e.g. chic, urban, conservative)

3. What celebrity's fashion style would you most want to emulate?


2 Responses to So What's In Your... Closet

  1. Bushwack Says:
    My fashion sense?? Shit James, you know me:
    I got two pairs of jeans one with holes in em, and one with out. thems my good ones.
    I got 2 pairs of overalls, same thing one with holes and one with out. good fer pullin out engines in.
    2 pairs of flannel shirts for when I go out to eat.
    I have a bout 35 baseball hats most of em have a john deere emblem on it the others have a big #3.
    My shoes are all brogans with the steele toe.
    Socks??? What are socks?

    Not really, my fashion sense is pretty basic, I own a couple of suits, I wear once a year if I'm lucky, Most of my clothes would classify as golf attire.
    I'd say very casual is my fashion sense.
  2. Bullfrog Says:
    1. Describe you favorite outfit.
    These days, with two kids, one 18 months, the other 3 months, I am lucky to get out of the house in any more than shorts and flip-flops (standard for San Diego, especially this time of year)

    2. Define your fashion sense (e.g. chic, urban, conservative)
    I have always kinda done my own thing, mostly jeans, t-shirts, and sneakers. The sneakers are the critical thing for me; always clean and never wear the same pair more than once in a week (I have 20 pairs). For work exchange the t-shirt with a polo, untucked.

    3. What celebrity's fashion style would you most want to emulate?
    Celebrities these days definitely don't reflect my taste, a little too metrosexual.