Football - Week One


I am. I’ve been waiting all summer for this moment. Come Sunday, breakfast will consist of hotdogs, chips, leftover beef stew and the Chicago Bears. I love it. There are a few games that I am interested in seeing outside of my Bears. The beauty of the NFL Ticket is that I actually get to watch any game that I want. It’s a wonderful.

The following are my highlight games of the week.

The Rivalry
vs. Packers: Two storied franchises start the season off and I suspect my Bears will prevail. What is interesting about this game is that I really don’t know the capabilities of the Bears offense. The preseason was a wash because the QB didn’t do much and the running backs were hurt. We will see.

The Future
vs San Francisco: Dennis Green is making some moves in Arizona and I think this year could be the one where the Cardinals elevate their status from laughing stock to respectability. With the addition of Edrin James, an up and coming QB and a receiving corps that is one of the best, Arizona could be just a defense away from the playoffs.
Does anyone care about San Francisco?

The Question Marks
Pittsburg vs Miami: What are the Steelers like without the Bus in the backfield and Big Ben under center? Can Daunte lead the Dolphins to the promise land? How much will the Steelers miss Antwaan Randle El? After Booker and Chambers, who is left to catch a pass?

The Pigskin Challenge.

Ok, get your picks in folks. I have a league set up and you can join or you can enter your picks in the comment area. You can join by going: HERE

The name of the group number is 32256 - and the password is: dabears

Talk About It
1. What games will you be watching and why?


9 Responses to Football - Week One

  1. Timmer Says:
    Yeah...I am greatly reconsidering my pick of Pittsburg with 16 confidence points after I heard that Big Ben is out. Maybe I should pick the Lions to lose at 16's a lock.
  2. James Manning Says:
    The Lions to lose is always a good choice.
  3. mark Says:
    The redskins suck. Thier is almost no reason for living when you are confident your beloved redskins can loose all 16 games. Dam, Dam, Dam!
  4. NEO, SOC Says:
    I have my no name Dolphins jersey with a Dolphins t-shirt underneath. I am completely wound up for this big game. Plus, I am excited that they will be in Indianapolis on New Years Eve!
  5. Mr. Grey Ghost Says:
    I cant get into yet, still in baseball mode especially with my Mets set to be in the playoffs. I actually like the Lions to do well tho with Mike Martz handling their offense, but I'll be watching the Jets game as I have to support my team.
  6. stuffle Says:
    We have a similar thing going here at work (pick the winner, straight up, and give each one confidence points, 1 through however many games, each number must be used exactly once, winner each week gets the pot...)

    Anyhow, I got 16 on the Bears. Not that I am that confident in them, but it does give me a 32 point swing against the true believers up here...

    OTOH, I don't really get into this whole football picking thing until after October. Baseball is still #1...
  7. James Manning Says:

    That's a good bet with the Bears.


    I'm glad you have seen the light. Get on that Bears bandwagon before it gets rolling.


    Hold ya horses, kid. Miami in the Super Bowl? I have to respect your enthusiasm.
  8. Anonymous Says:
    Da Fins by 3....20-17

  9. mark Says:
    Miami sold out. If they want to go anywhere Culpeper will have to stop throwing dumb interceptions also they cannot allow slow tight ends to run down the field and score touchdowns. Anyway life is good football is back.