Adventures In Jury Duty

I am off to perform my civic duty (sigh). I think it is wrong that the only people that have to do this are the ones who vote. Everyone should have an opportunity to take part in this day of hell.

Anyway, that's what I'm doing today so I won't blog. But hopefully something interesting will happen that I can share with you. If not, I'll make it up... ha.

Now that I think about it... what would happen if Howard Dean took George Bush to court and I was appointed the lawyer for Bush? Lets us this post to set the story up. If you have some good ideas, drop them here and I'll try to use them in the next story.

Have a good day folks - I'm off to my punishment for being an active member in out political structure.


3 Responses to Adventures In Jury Duty

  1. Rell Says:
    just decide their guilty before even hearing the case.
  2. stuffle Says:
    I was only on jury duty once, but it was in a town of just over 4000 people in a geographically huge county with only about 20000 people in it total.

    Never actually had to go in. Just needed to call each morning to see if there was a trial or not that day.

    I imagine things are just a little different where you are. Have fun... :)
  3. Little Miss Chatterbox Says:
    I just got something in the mail about having to do jury duty in October. I'm actually looking forward to it since I've never gotten to do it before. But ofcourse my luck I'll get some really boring case or with me having strong opinions I won't even make it on the jury.

    My concern is that most intelligent, rational people have opinions on things one way or another. So then by the time you weed everyone out for a jury you end up with idiotic people with no opinions and no lives.