Football Week 4

Ok, it is week 4 and we're off to a good start. The Bears are 3-0 and are favored to win against the Seahawks. It will be a good game and I am going with my Bears.

As always, I have to pick a few upsets. My upset picks of the week are:

Minnesota over Buffalo
49ers over Kansas City
Detroit over St. Louis

I was dead wrong about Atlanta beating New Orleans. Man, the Saints came out fired up and never let the Falcons get anything going. I'll adjust my power rankings after this weekend. We'll see.

It was not a very good week for most folks. Robert won the week and a few people forgot to pick. Not to worry, there are 13 weeks still left so a lot of ground can still be made up. Just make sure you get your picks in. I may drop by their blogs to remind them.

Here are the standings thus far.

1 The Master (me) 259
2 Timmer the LieDowns Fan 242
3 Outside the Box 239
4 Panthers Rule 226
5 Unstoppable Flow (Rell) 213
6 indigo's winners 110
7 Big Cliff 85


Ok, get your picks in folks. I have a league set up and you can join or you can enter your picks in the comment area. You can join by going: HERE

The name of the group number is 32256 - and the password is: dabears


3 Responses to Football Week 4

  1. Bullfrog Says:
    I see you got my Chargers over Balitmore, wise choice!
  2. James Manning Says:

    I think B-more is very good but they will have to prove themselves before I go with them agaisnt a team like SD.
  3. Rell Says:
    I keep forgetting to make my picks!

    I'm still gonna come back and win though.