It's Been A Long Time

I shouldn't have left you.

Sorry I've been MIA with the blog lately but you know real life can be a mother. The only thing that's been going on lately is the Middle East mess. Well, that's going to be there next decade so I see no reason to put a lot of thought into it.

The last few months have been very challenging for me and I suspect the next few months will pose even more challenges and I make further transitions in my personal and professional life. What I am finding is that my perspective is key to how I respond to all of these challenges.

Although I debate God, religion and the interpretation of the Bible, I'm a firm believer in God. I take nothing away from any religion but my path to God is through Jesus Christ. I believe this because throughout my entire life I have gone to God and requested His wisdom and requested that he makes a way - and I am here to tell you that He has yet to not hear me.

So today I have to battle through a very difficult issue and I prayed about it. I prayed for wisdom guidance. What I received from Him is that through this trial, there is a blessing. I just have to seek it out. That's what I am doing. You see, no problem has to bring about one's demise. The problem often occurs when we try to deny our feelings. I'm not going to do that.

Eventually I will share with you guys exactly what is taking place but for now, I'm going to find my secret place and talk with God.

My last post was just a reminder that we can debate the Bible until the cow comes home but when the rubber hits the road, none of those intellectual debates even matter.

So, I'll be back to football tomorrow considering that the Bears open training camp tomorrow. Rell, I'm still not sure where Bushwhack is with his sports blog. I'll have to hit him up.


11 Responses to It's Been A Long Time

  1. Mahndisa S. Rigmaiden Says:
    07 25 06

    Fair enough James, just know that we care and will pray for you too:)
  2. James Manning Says:
    Thanks Mahn,

    Long time no see. Glad to know you're still around and doing well.
  3. Mr. Grey Ghost Says:
    Hey man, as long as you keep your faith everything will be alright. God just needs to test us from time to time, make sure our loyalty is on point.
  4. mark Says:
    YO James I do believe in prayer and god just not religion, so keep your head up and keep praying. Gotcha back bro. Peace and God bless you
  5. James Manning Says:

    I think there is something to learn from every situation.
  6. Bushwack Says:
    James, I'm having a tough time with that sports blog, I got myself kind of tied up with the Absolute Zero cause and between that one and my own I'm not sure I'll be able to give the sports blog its due. Absolute Zero's cause is a good one and I really need to devote more time to that.
    The Sports Blog is a great Idea and I'll help you get the design done and even pay for it, but You and your friends are going to have to do the lions share of the posting....
    Email me and we can talk about it...
  7. Domite Says:
    Odly enough I just got to this post today and I was on the same shit in my post today...Good Luck and and my Godfather would say..."This too shall pass."
  8. Bloviating Zeppelin Says:
    Blessings on you with your struggle and I feel confident you shall triumph. You have a strong will.

  9. Diane S. Says:

    Sorry to have just read this post. Please know that I am agreeing with you in prayer, and will make special mention of you and yours each night.

    God bless you.
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