Football Chat

Football season official arrived yesterday with the opening of the Chicago Bears training camp. I would like to remind you that I do expect the Bears to win the Super Bowl this year – although if I had to bet a million bucks I’d put my money on the Steelers if Ben is ok or Seattle.

But to properly prepare you gents for the season, I just want to remind you of a couple of rules of engagement as it pertains to attending football functions and tailgate parties.

Rule #1: You are not allowed to eat or drink anything that 25% more expensive than what you brought to the party. For example, if you bring hotdogs, then you are not to eat steak. If you brought Grade A Angus beef, then pork chops and links are available. It is the same with the beverage.

Rule #2: It is perfectly acceptable to hate an individual that is a fan of a team that you hate. However, if a fan of you hated team offers you a beer, all hatred of said fan is to cease until you have paid your debt to society by offering that fan a beer.

Speaking of Hate

I was going to put this list out last week but I’ll do it now. The following is a list of football teams, college and professional, that I can’t stand.

1.Dallas Cowboys
2. Notre Dame Fighting Irish
3. Air Force
4. New York Jets
5. Oklahoma State
6. Florida Gators
7. BYU
8. Oakland Raiders
9. Colorado Buffalos

I still have to present my preseason power picks. And of course for you fantasy players, I’m going to give my top fantasy players.


14 Responses to Football Chat

  1. mark Says:
    Yo James I got no qualms about your list. Actually its a pretty accurtate. Especially the part about the cowboys no truer words have been spoken.
  2. Little Miss Chatterbox Says:
    Hey, I can't find your email anywhere. I wanted to know how you re-post an old post. My dashboard only has the last 5 posts in it. How do you get an old post into your dashboard to re-post? Thanks!!
  3. avery Says:
    I share your distaste for the cowgirls, but when my character on Madden got picked up by them, I had no choice but to make him represent. but i never let them beat the eagles in philly.
  4. jali Says:
    I just got my pre-season tickets for the Falcons/Patriots game - I ordered them on line about 1 1/2 months ago - Yay me!

    My hated teams:

    The Dallas Plowboys
    The Washington Darkskins
    The Philadelphia Paralegals (fired prime player for magazine statement - the idiots!)
    The Chicago Bores

    I am first and foremost a Giants fan - the Falcons and Ravens are my next loves. I root for SanFran sometimes too.
  5. Mr. Grey Ghost Says:
    First of all, the Bears suck and secondly you're going to have to explian why you dislike my Jets so much. What did we do to you, as if we dont have enough problems I'm still trying to get over Herm Edwards being let go, plus I got a QB controversy and my starting running back is still injured. Granted I'm in a weak division so I still got a chance.
  6. Bushwack Says:
    Thanks James, for not including the Panthers on the list, I know how hard it was after last years debacle.
    Carolina Panthers will win it all if they stay healthy, If they get hurt in the starting positions up front, trouble will follow.
    Good luck to all the Football fans, no matter what team you route for.
    (Except Raider fans)
  7. nikki Says:
    well damn, three of my teams are on that damn list and my number one team is the one you hate the most. i won't fault you for your poor taste. i'll just pray you get some sense. ;)
  8. Bloviating Zeppelin Says:
    I see that you do not have the Green Bay Packers on your Hate List. That is most wise of you and spectacularly excellent.

    There is a reason it is the Black and Blue Division.

  9. BigNewsDay Says:
    Damn everyone, what the heck did my Cowboys do to you? We can't help it that we have historically ruled the modern age of football.
  10. Bloviating Zeppelin Says:
    BigNewsDay: oh please!

    Who tromped Dallas in the first Freezer Bowl?

  11. BigNewsDay Says:
    OK BZ, the only two teams that historically can compar to the Cowboys are the Packers and the Steelers. Other teams may have had short periods of dominance such as the Patriots, the 'niners, and the Broncos, but no team has won as many Superbowls as THE COWBOYS!
  12. BigNewsDay Says:
    **sorry "compare"
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