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You may not be aware of this but one of the greatest events of the year will take place. That’s right, the Chicago Bears open training camp for the 2006 season.


Damn if I’m not excited about this upcoming season. The Chicago Bears will once again dominate on defense and we actually might put an offense together. The experts are having a hissy-fit because the Bears focused on defense in the draft. Bull! How many rookies actually make a difference on the offensive end? Very few rookies have been impact players and I’m sure the number is smaller if you narrow it down to offensive linemen.

I expect nothing short of the Super Bowl for my Bears. Check the schedule and you will see why. *Bold games are predicted wins

Sun., September 10 @ Packers 3:15 pm FOX
Sun., September 17 vs. Lions Noon FOX
Sun., September 24 @ Vikings Noon FOX

Sun., October 1 vs. Seahawks 7:15 pm NBC
Sun., October 8 vs. Bills Noon CBS
Mon., October 16 @ Cardinals 7:30 pm ESPN
Sun., October 29 vs. 49ers Noon FOX
Sun., November 5 vs. Dolphins Noon CBS
Sun., November 12 @ Giants Noon* FOX
Sun., November 19 @ Jets Noon* FOX
Sun., November 26 @ Patriots Noon* FOX
Sun., December 3 vs. Vikings Noon* FOX
Mon., December 11 @ Rams 7:30 pm ESPN
Sun., December 17 vs. Bucs Noon* FOX
Sun., December 24 @ Lions Noon FOX
Sun., December 31 vs. Packers Noon* FOX

I’m looking at my Bears to go 11-5. The Black and Blue division may turn out to be a competitive one but I have a feeling that the Vikings and Lions will struggle. The Vikings because – well, because they jacked their team to hell by not keeping Moss and Culpepper. The Lions will struggle because that’s just what the Lions do. Anything else would be uncivilized.

Here are my predictions for the winners in each division

AFC East: Miami Dolphins Dante - Culpepper, a running game and a weak division.

AFC North: Cincinnati Bengals – This rides on the health of the Steeler’s Big Ben.

AFC South: Indianapolis Colts – Giving up James was silly but their in a division with Tennessee and Houston

AFC West: Denver Bronco – This division will be interesting but I can’t expect too much for the Chargers and Oakland. But they may surprise me.

NFC East: Dallas Cowboys – It hurts but I have to keep it real. Philly had their chance now it’s ‘Hoe go sit down’ for them.

NFC North: Da Bears – Because they’re the Bears

NFC South: Carolina Panthers – These cats are going to wreck shop. Might even challenge my Bears for the Super Bowl.

NFC West: Seattle Seahawks – A very weak division but Arizona will be fun to watch.

Tomorrow, I’m doing my preseason power rankings. Politics, war and religion will be off the table for a few days as I plan to indulge myself with my love of the greatest sport man has created.


33 Responses to Football - Nuff Said

  1. Roderick Says:
    Thanks for shouting out my Cowboys, James. I may be able to stomach watching them this season. I think they will do ok as long as T.O. behaves himself and doesn't cause any distractions and no more of our defensive players take bullets while driving. Now that was BIZZARE.
  2. James Manning Says:

    I can't stand the damn cowboys and I hope your team loses every game. But I have to keep it real - they're building a pretty good team down there.
  3. James Manning Says:
    And I know Bushwhack is going to talk some crap about his panthers. Let me get this out of the way as well - to hell with you and your panthers too. Damn shame what Steve Smith did to my beloved Bears last year. Lovie Smith can kiss my grits too.
  4. mark Says:
    I hate the cowboys. I hate the cowboys. I hate the cowboys. Roderick you do realize that T.O is a clown dont you? He is subject to call anyone in the Cowboy orginization out at anytime for reason only T.O can figure out. Anyway worst wishes to your cowboys.

    Yo James what have you got against lovie?

    P.S How bout those REDSKINS
  5. Roderick Says:
    Thanks for the pre-season hate, James.

    I see that the Bears don't play the Cowboys during the regular season but maybe they will meet in the playoffs.

    Then we'll see who team can its
    sh!t up
  6. Roderick Says:
    mark:I hate the cowboys. I hate the cowboys. I hate the cowboys. Roderick you do realize that T.O is a clown dont you? He is subject to call anyone in the Cowboy orginization out at anytime for reason only T.O can figure out. Anyway worst wishes to your cowboys.

    E tu, Mark?

    I agree with you that T.O. could have a diva moment at any time and I think that aquiring him was a big mistake in the long term but we shall see.

    I haven't looked at the Cowboys' schedule but I'm sure the Cowboys will meet the Redskins at least twice this year so get back to me after the Cowboys scalp those injuns.
  7. James Manning Says:
    Mark -

    The Redskins suck. Sorry

    Lovie allowed Steve Smith to catch 273 yards in a playoff game. He stuck with the Tampa-2 defense when he should have put Tillman in a bump-n-run while rolling a safety over the top. he could have then blitz the hell out of the panthers and moved on to Seattle.

    T.O. will go diva at some point in the season. He can't help himself.

    The AFC North is interesting because the Bengals and the Steelers have questions regarding their QB's. If both are healthy, look for some fireworks. If not - Damn, could Cleveland win the division?
  8. Johnnie Says:
    Somebody on espn ranked the 'Skins #3 in the Super Bowl race for this season. Seems a bit optimistic to me, and that's my home-town-team.
  9. mark Says:
    The Redskins suck. Sorry

    That may be true but Dallas and Chicago suck 10 times as much. Anyway I wont talk sh#t until I see the product on the field. The skins keep making dumb personell moves, letting Arrington will cause us bad Karma the dude was a true skin, Dan Snyder is still a prick.

    P.S How bout those Redskins!
  10. mark Says:
    James in someway religion is much like football. People usually follow thier hometown (or childhood) team. If that team gives thier fans a reason to believe in them that is.

    How bout those Redskins!
  11. James Manning Says:
    I think the Titans will get the worse when it comes to Karma. What they did to Steve McNair is uncivilized.

    Ok, Reggie Bush - what impact do you think he'll make?
  12. Stevin Says:
    Go Seahawks! You were correct in your prediction.
    I hate the Cowboys, too. Bill Parcells looks like he listens to the Art Bell show while driving a Safeway delivery truck.
  13. James Manning Says:

    Very true. Being from Chicago and the Bears having the history that they have, we're kind of fanatic about them. Of course, there was Walter Payton, the '85 Bears, the Super Bowl Shuffle - how can one not be a Chicago Bear fan is the question I ask?

    But I am a blind faith type of guy when it comes to DA BEARS!!!!
  14. James Manning Says:
    I changed my mind - tomorrow's post is on the top ten football teams (college and pro) that I love to hate.

    If you drop your list in the comment area, I'll add them to tomorrow's post.
  15. mark Says:
    Reggie bush is a pimp. He will pimp opposing football teams.

    What the titans did to mcnair was uncivilized, by the way where is mcnair
  16. mark Says:
    Oh and one more thing.
    Blessings to everyone who hates the Cowboys. Yuck. Yuck. Yuck
  17. mark Says:
    Yo James can the Duke "basketball" team be listed on gp
  18. James Manning Says:
    Just football teams on the list

    McNair is in Baltimore.
  19. mark Says:
    Sorry dog I really hate duke.
  20. James Manning Says:
    Yeah, but basketball season will be upon us real soon and we'll have plenty of time to hate Duke.
  21. Bloviating Zeppelin Says:
    Waitaminnit, waitaminnit, waitaminnit, waitaminnit!

    You think YOUR Bears are gonna beat MY Packers right outta the box?

    I'm sorry James, but that's just not gonna be a happening thing. My Packers are gonna set the tone for the rest of the season by handing the Bears a two-point defeat. It'll be close, but no cigar for you.

  22. Roderick Says:
    mark said
    Oh and one more thing.
    Blessings to everyone who hates the Cowboys. Yuck. Yuck. Yuck

    Roderick: Stop before you begin sounding childish like Grey Ghost, Mark. We don't want any of that over here.
  23. mark Says:
    Yo Rod Im head your head baby.
  24. James Manning Says:

    You have got to be kidding me. The Bears beat the Packers. Let's see - Favre running for his life, Mike Brown intercepting at least to passes. Green running... oh, wait, is Green ready to play? And when Bret actually gets the ball in the air - oh my, who is he throwing it to.

    Nope, Packers will not beat the Bears I'll put a six pack on that one.
  25. BigNewsDay Says:
    Damn, I can't believe that there are so many people out there that hate my Cowboys. No respect!
  26. mark Says:
    Curse Yee Cowbow's! Damn!Damn!Dam!

    Cowboys bad , Redskins
  27. Bushwack Says:
    James, Sorry I'm so late to the party, I am getting ready for the Superbowl party, And I've already put the victory banners up for the Panthers and our victim's
    Power rankings and all that mean little until the ball is snapped and we see how guys gell with eachother.
    I like the Carolina Panthers to take the championship on paper they look good, on the field?? We will see.
    I will be doing a little post my boys from Carolina too, As always I wish you and your team luck on the season.
  28. Roderick Says:
    Like I told Grey Ghost other day,Mark, don't flatter yourself.
  29. Rose Says:
    Where are the Rams in your line up? Haven't they made at least one visit a year to some championship?
  30. Naro% Says:
    Sweetness fo life!!!!
    But you know I got run with my cali teams San Diego, Oakland, SF, I dont care who just as long as one of them ho's makes it to the play offs!!!
    Peace and Stay up!!!
  31. mark Says:
    Right on Sweetness fo life.
    Although my personal oppinion is that barry sanders was no question the greatest running back of all time, simply because he had the Jordan effect. You would watch detroit if only to see Barry.
    Sweetness is # 2.......In my oppinion of course
  32. Bloviating Zeppelin Says:
    James: okay, that Canadian lager I like sure sounds good to me. Problem is, how we gonna pay off? Can you FedEx beer?

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