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Last week I blogged about a long-term strategy for the Democrat Party. My feeling is that concentrating on the “Next” election is shortsighted and we could do ourselves a favor by moving away from the current political modus operandi and chart a new course.

There are many pundits predicting that the Democrats will return to power in November. I once felt this way myself, but today I am skeptical of this thinking. In fact, I’m almost certain that Republicans will retain control of the Senate and the House. The reason I feel this way is because the Republican machine is vastly superior to the Democrat machine when it comes to getting voters to the poll.

Politics is a game of partisanship and wedge issues are the force that drives it. Democrats get their butts beat every year on wedge issues. So, it would make sense to revise the platform to either make campaigning on wedge issues less effective or remove them from the landscape altogether.

The GOP governs like it campaigns; talking points, slogans and simplicity. This is perfect for a populous with the attention span of a moth, but it should be no surprise to anyone when applying this approach to policy the only thing we get are non-binding bills. We could easily take abortion, gay marriage, the role of religion and security off of the table by simply offering clarity on where we stand and how that stance jive with our democratic and moral principles.

We could deal with all of these issues and not compromise our core beliefs simply by taking a pragmatic stance to each. But because the system is rigged, the Republican machine strong and the incompetence of the Democrat Party too entrenched, we will not cover the spread in November. The irony of it all is that the Dem’s will lose in November because they are too afraid to say or do anything that could cost them in November.

I've said it before and I'll say it again. Only when the Democrats are willing to lose will they start winning elections in earnest.


The Iraqi government issued a vaguely worded document on amnesty for insurgents.

The 28-point plan, presented to parliament Sunday, includes amnesty "for those not proven involved in crimes, terrorist activities and war crimes against humanity,"

It also reads:

"it calls for releasing thousands of suspected insurgents who "pledge to condemn violence and vow to back" the government. It also advocates ending rules that keep some former members of the once-ruling Baath Party out of political life, provided they haven't committed crimes in the past."

Now, tell me if I’m wrong here, but if an insurgent killed an American soldier, has he not participated in a terrorist act? And how does one go about proving that an insurgent didn’t kill Iraqis or committed crimes against humanity? And if they did, then would it be amnesty if they were convicted for those crimes? If the amnesty is just for those that oppose the government but did not commit any terrorist or criminal acts, is there even a necessity for amnesty?


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  1. Roderick Says:
    I agree with you again that the Dems are afraid of their own shadows.

    I thought after losing seats in the Senate in 2004 the Dems would coalesce and come out more unified but alas it was not to be.

    On a positive note did you watch Feingold on Meet the Press yesterday?

    First he tore his fellow congressional Democrats new ones then he went on to articulate why we need to get out of Iraq in a clear concise point by point manner even the cave dwellers in fly-over country could understand.
  2. James Manning Says:
    I missed it but I will go to the web and check it out.
  3. mark Says:
    Yo James I first of all I want to say that you have got a great blog. In fact itis obvious to me that you are searchig for the truth no matter where it leads. This is something I believe black people need desperately, as we have been lied to and continue to exagerate some of those lies. Anyway I just got finish checking out your Articles and debates about intelligent design ( they were intellectually hot as shit). As for this post your are right the dems are going to loose until they learn how to stand up and get a spine, because Karl Rove (the evil political genuis) will have no mercy on the Dems asses. But I do believe the Repbubs are going to pay a price for all of this blatant hypocrysy they have been practicing. But for the imediate future I assume the dems are going to be the minority in the house and the senate. I put a lot of the blame for this on Congressman William Jefferson ( I could strangle him). As for Iraq we broke it now we own it, I can tolerate pulling out and redeploying somewhere close were can fast if some shit goes down. Those have folks beefs, ethinic, religous, and political some of which go back for almost a thousand years. I truly believe that if we leave them totally on thier own without support, thier will be serious, serious conflict if not civil war. Mark
    P.S James excellent point about the dems needing to build for the future rather than for upcomming elections. Peace
  4. James Manning Says:
    Thanks for the props Mark... glad you enjoy it.

    And you are right... I think the Dems should remove themselves from the political crap that is going on now and do something completely different.
  5. Bushwack Says:
    James, From a conservative point of view, being unable to risk losing is only part of the democrats problem.
    A plan that denotes change would be a welcome plan for those of us that don't vote along party lines. I vote for the candidate with the best ideas/plans that I feel is best for America.(Voted for Clinton) Don't like to admit it, but I did (The first time)
    If the Dem's could come up with a plan for securing our border along with a Desire to see this WOT end in a victory rather than us running away with our tail between our legs. they could lure a large number of voters away from the republican camp. All us conservatives see from the Dem's are "bash Bush, cut and run, more taxes and Bash Bush" Pelosi,Murtha,Boxer,Kennedy,feingold are killing the Democrats chances, not helping it.
  6. bold as love Says:

    It's not strategy per se that dooms the Dems, it's flawed ideals.

    Fatal flaw #1- tax increases- the Dems never saw one they didn't like.

    Fatal flaw #2- The punk factor- noboby respects a punk ass bitch, you have to be willing to fight for what you believe in- yeah that means war, and that means death- of other people and your people. This concept of being able to reconcile with a enemy that will not adhere to any rational dialouge or be willing to live in peace with infidels is idiotic and most people instinctivly know that.

    Fatal flaw#3- Anything goes lifestyle. Take away the large population centers of cities and America is basically a conservative animal. A animal that is not willing to go along with same-sex marriages, abortion on demand, dogs sleeping with cats, shit like that just won't fly.

    Fatal Flaw#4- When your base is incapable of getting out to vote on thier own without it's party leadership having to motivate them, provide transportation, and in some cases, pay them to vote- you are fucked as a party.

    That's my opinion- and I'm sticking with it.
  7. Cynthia Says:
    Your analysis has changed. I would rather that the Dems lose every single election than to take up false issues like the Republicans talking points. These things are distractions.
  8. MacMarv Says:
    Nice reading blog for me. I'll be back...
  9. Bloviating Zeppelin Says:
    You can never get any cohort of pols to agree unanimously on any issue save one: enhancements to their perks, benefits and wages.

    The Iraqi government, as do we, gets the equal chance to be as stupid as we are frequently.