Nevada's Beach Front Property Coming Soon

Experts say L.A. due for a massive quake.

I tell ya, there's never a bit of good news. The property value is too high now they're predicting that all of this overpriced property is going to end up on the bottom of the Pacific Ocean.


5 Responses to Nevada's Beach Front Property Coming Soon

  1. Bushwack Says:
    It might not get that far, Come to my neck of the woods james, we can sit on the patio and drink a cold one while looking out at the New Ocean....Riverside Beach front...
  2. YouToldHarpoTaBeatMe Says:
    I use to tease all my friends who ended up stationed in 29 Palms that they may as well go by some land in Vegas or on the Nevada border. Kinda wish I had kept that lil' tidbit to myself.

    Thanks for visiting my corner.
  3. Bloviating Zeppelin Says:
    Cooooool! I'd love to not only live in the mountains but, at the SAME DAMNED TIME, have beachfront property there!

    Go San Andreas!

  4. Cynthia Says:
    Since the Earth is a living organism and the surface structure has changed many times, it is inevitable that it will change again and again.
  5. James Manning Says:
    You Told Harpo To Beat Me...

    That's a funny name.