A Rant: The Barbaric Nature of War

Warning: The following rant contains explicit language and is intended for mature audiences only. Literary discretion is advised.

I was reading the news report about our two young men that were killed in barbaric fashion in Iraq. It saddens me every time I read about one of our soldiers losing their life on the battlefield. First, because I don’t believe we should have been there in the first place. Second, because now that we their, I don’t believe our leadership in Washington provided a good plan for out troops.

We are fighting this war under the guise of a corporate philosophy of “Lean Management”, which I interpret as doing the most with the least amount of resources. That’s bull. If we want to win this thing then we should send 250,000 troops to Iraq. Establish security, wipe the insurgents off the face of the earth and get the reconstruction started in earnest.

The propaganda behind this war is sickening. “Eighty percent of Iraq of secure.” “We fight them over there so we don’t have to fight them here.” “The media is just reporting the bad news.” “The insurgency is in its last throes.” SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!

Fifty percent of Iraqis live in a battle zone. Who gives a shit how safe Death Valley is when Los Angeles is going to hell in a hand basket? Bush made a secret trip to Baghdad. The operative word is SECRET! It’s not safe enough for him to announce a trip. He stayed in the Green Zone. It’s not safe for journalist to venture outside of the Green Zone. You have to crush an insurgency not wait for it to fizzle out.

Then you have these politicians and talking heads on the left and right: “We need to set a date to bring our troops home.” “We need to stay the course.” “Bush doesn’t have plan to win the war.” “Liberals and the MSM embolden the enemy.” “This is a war against Islam.” SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!

The death of every single American soldier should piss us off. Every car bomb that kills innocent Iraqis should piss us off. Why? Because we know there is a way to win this and it’s called using overwhelming force. But punk ass politicians and their shit-faced political campaign managers want to divide the American people for their own political gains and we fall for this bullshit and meanwhile we have to continually count the number of fallen soldiers and feel that we honor them if we draped their coffins with flags sing fuckin’ patriot country songs. THAT’S BULLSHIT!!!!

And for all you Righties who think us Leftist don’t support our troops… FUCK YOU. I’m sick of reading about eighteen and nineteen year old kids coming home in body bags while neo-cons play “Risk” in bunkers. Half the righties that talk that shit dodged the draft when it was their turn to fight.

What is even sadder is that we show the pictures of these kids as they go off to war but are afraid to see them when they return. We scream how we want to honor their sacrifice – but that’s as long as we don’t have to see the coffin. PUNKS ASS HYPOCRITS!!!!

Why Is Bush Ashamed of This

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And We can't forget the fact that Bush has been to Iraq

Hoe Sit Down!!!

It's time to win this and bring our troops home!

Thank you. We now return you to your regularly friendly liberal blogger. Discussions about sports, cartoons and cats already in progress…


15 Responses to A Rant: The Barbaric Nature of War

  1. Bushwack Says:
    James, You know I agree with some of this. The left and right have fucked this thing up to the point of being ashamed.
    If we set a time line-They win
    If we don't use overwhelming force-they win
    if we tried to send more troops-the Left wing would make life unbearable for the Right wingers in Washington.
    If this all of the sudden turns around and flourishes the Right will make life unbearable for the left. (Odds ain't good)
    The problem is in order to win this thing we should do whatever it takes.
    Remove the Media from the battlefield, HAVE A PLAN TO DESTROY THE INSURGENCY, and get on with it.
    We have learned nothing from Vietnam.
  2. Timmer Says:
    nice, manning. nice.
  3. Bloviating Zeppelin Says:

    I'm with you a good percentile on this one. The caskets with American flags -- everyone needs to see that.

    We are reaping the history of Vietnam. Politically we were, for a combination of reasons, unable to pull the gloves off and let our troops do what they do best: break shit and kill people.

    And I am with you when you say: we need to make up our minds and do it. We are powerful; massively so. We could do it if we but have the POLITICAL WILL to do so.

    Hypocrites? Shamefully, I would have to say yes; hamstrung by those who feel that, somehow, the usage of naked power is, on its face, wrong.

    That's why I enjoy reading you and the other non-"I love the GOP all the time" blogs.


    Go Kings? Hey Cuban? How come you so pissed, bra?
  4. SmartBlkWoman Says:

    Yep, that about sums it up.

    I just want someone to come up with a coherent, intelligent, and timely plan to get us out of this mess in Iraq. Someone needs to come up with a plan and tell the American people what it is. I don't think I can take anymore of this "the troops will come home when the job is finished" stuff.
  5. Outside the Box Says:
    Hey James, I ran across a couple of videos that certainly pertain to your post, albeit not directly.

    I think you'll really appreciate them.

    This clip is 45 mins long and worth every minute.

    This one is from PBS and about 20 mins and is just as good.

    If you've seen them already, then shame on you for not sharing!
  6. chele Says:
    This whole situation brings me to tears. I know crying won't do any good but what else is there? We are being led by a man that needs to be bitch slapped ... daily. Stay the course? Kiss my ass.
  7. chele Says:
    Oh yeah ...

    good post
    great writing
    thanks for coming by my spot

  8. Cynthia Says:
    This is disturbing to say the least...
  9. mark Says:
    YO James good post. Mark
  10. Diane S. Says:
  11. James Manning Says:

    Welcome to the blog.


    Glad you approve.
  12. Dave Miller Says:
    Thanks James, I have been in Mexico as of late, but you are on the mark on this one!
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