Frozen Assets

I’ve been thinking about this Jefferson issue for a minute and it gets easier the more I think about. Now, as a liberal Democrat, I hate the see the brother go down, but damn, you can’t try to bribe someone and think it’s cool. Then have the audacity to put the loot in the freezer. That alone makes you guilty. I actually sat around thinking of some reasons why someone would have $90,000 in the freezer. I could come up with only two reasons.

Reason #1 why you would have $90,000 in the freezer:

The money was acquired by illegal means and a means to lauder the money is not available. So to hide it, you wrap it in aluminum foil and stick it freezer thinking it is the last place anyone would look for money.

Reason #2 why you would have $90,000 in the freezer:

The packages were there when you purchased the fridge and you never took the time to open them so you had no idea there was $90,000 freezing along side your chicken wings.

I’ll let you guys determine which scenario is more plausible. As for the leaders in Congress getting their panties in a knot over the FBI raiding Jefferson’s office – I say, that’s what you get.
For the past five years they’ve allowed the Executive office to trample over the rights of American citizens. Spying on our phone calls? Congress was cool with that. Locking away American citizens with no evidence or due process? “Sure,” they said. Offering no oversight on the Iraq war or the war on terror… “Who needs it,” they exclaimed. The FBI raids the office of a crooked Congressman who didn’t turn over subpoenaed records? “Well now the President has gone too far,” the shout.

Please, get out of here with that BS.


7 Responses to Frozen Assets

  1. Dave Miller Says:
    Great points James. However maybe he was just trying to make some "cold, hard, cash!"

    You have to find it wonderfully ironic that the "Law and Order" party is all conflicted about this. I am sure that if the police found $90,000.00 in yours or my freezer, Dennis Hastert, et al, would not be jumping to our defense.
  2. P Says:
    Um. Yeah.

    If something is too good to be true, it probably is. I just want to know why the brother did not think that they were not going to pull a "Marion Barry Video Expose" on him.

    PS: How old school was THAT, putting the money in ye old freezer? That's some country dirty south backwoods, icehouse, outhouse, sawmill, church doubling as a funeral home old school 19-fiddy kind of stuff right thuurre.
  3. Mahndisa S. Rigmaiden Says:
    06 02 06

    hahahahaha Last sentence is the kicker! ha!
  4. Little Miss Chatterbox Says:
    He's as guilty as sin and Hastert is an idiot for defending him.
  5. NEO, SOC Says:
    Thank you James for being honest enough to report the bad being bad. There are way too many liberal democrats out there not wanting this to through because it self-implicates them in the "culture of corruption" which is not solely a Republican thing.
  6. Bushwack Says:
    James, Why has it got be next to the chicken wings? couldn't it have been next to his Vanilla Ice cream?
    you are so insensitive. LOL

    Hey man, good to have you back. You ready to get to work on that project?
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