Spoken Word: Free At Last

He said free at last, but the last time I looked we were not free,
just barely making it to… I be.
let freedom ring, but it is not loud enough to be heard
over the words of hatred from men,
young brothers run from the sounds of sirens,

but I keep hearing let us be free,
from behind the bars in penitentiaries
there, these words are no cure and offer no peace,
when there is no joy for a laugh
when your best meal is your last
and freedom comes at the hands of gas.

and they that kill, wear a mask.
as not to see themselves as a part of the genocide,
but while we die they cry freedom
and march.
while we die…they march.
while we are being preyed upon by stalkers,
they are lacing their shoes up for walking.
then there is a multitude of talking…and no action.
when young men die there is no…reaction.

He said free at last while standing on the mountain top,
but the only time we see free, if there is 41 shots,
so how can I reach that mountain if I can’t leave my block.
how I can fly when I’m feeding myself rocks.

finding honor on a block, and respect in my sin.
when the color of a man’s jacket means more than his skin.
and he will kill…

revealing the chains of 400 years of oppression,
actions confessing that we are not free… just blinded
by false prosperity. Where we will liquidate our freedom
to be seated as chairmen… and dare us to speak
and then we become scared men… and once free men become…
their men.

speaking their words, following their mindset, and
don’t mind being a slave as long as there’s a paycheck.
we allow them to commercialize our culture and not find plot that suspect.

He said free at last, but the last time I looked, we were not free.
Just barely making it… to “I Be”.We’re…just barely making it.


4 Responses to Spoken Word: Free At Last

  1. brooklyn babe Says:
    Speaking of 41 shot... you should check the new indie flick out called "Gulliani Time" that speaks about his whole hand in that cookie jar and others.

    Great Piece.
  2. Diane S. Says:
    What I find amazing about Amadou Diallo is that the press kept the story alive for about 15 minutes, then it died. Have you seen a single follow up story on disciplinary action against the cops? Has their been any soul searching among the NYPD?

    No. There's just another black man dead on the streets. And that ain't news. It ain't news because it happens every day.
  3. Bushwack Says:
    All I ever hear about is the 41 shots.Is any one talking about the trauma to the white police officers? Pulling the trigger on another human is a very tough thing to do.
    These cops are going through tremendous phsycological shit right now and all you people can talk about is 41 shots.
    Sounds kind of liberalish don't it.
    (and before everyone starts bushwacking that was Sarcasm)
    This was a good poem, James.
    I remember when this was big news and I thought "Why would cops fire 41 shots at one person"
    trainning for law enforcement involves; if shots are required you shoot until the threat is gone. I would have to say the man being shot was a bad dude if it took 41 shots to eliminate the threat. Overkill to say the least.
    No one, either black or white deserves this.
    Again good read.
  4. Cynthia Says:
    Very nice...